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  1. The half Filipina Myleene Klass was host when Megan Young won Miss World 2013. I think the hosts’ ethnic backgrounds are clues who would be part of the TOP 5… a South East Asian, Filipina bi-Racial, Black, American & part European/Italian.. no Latina? But if ever… Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Italy, Miss USA, Miss Philippines & Miss Thailand are some of the few delegates who fit at least 2 of those Categories…

    Could the Top 5 be???:
    Puerto Rico

    Hmmmmmmm???????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. A Filipina host/commentator in an international pageant is usually a bad omen that the Philippine rep may not win.
    Crossing my fingers that Celeste wins and breaks the cycle 🤞

  3. Has anyone noticed the latest pics and videos in NOLA of Miss Equatorial Guinea ? … hmmm … it would be a breath of fresh air if a candidate like her becomes the top scorer from the Africas group instead of So Africa or Angola …

    • ‘Yan’g FRESHNESS na ‘yan, naalala ko nito’ng huli’ng MUP, si Franceska Dadivas ang ginawan ni Mr. Blogger ng post… Roxas City, Capiz ang sash niya, no? Just basing on whatever I see here…

      Sa mga na-feature na’ng MU 2022 candidates dito, thus far no one beats ICELAND in my eyes! Ta’s, nu’ng sa MW nito’ng huli (Tracy Perez’s batch), MALTA. ❤

      Can we expect EUROPE to deliver the 'clean air' at NOLA? 'Yun ba'ng masarap lang titigan buo'ng maghapon?… 🙂

      • I have not seen any pics of Portugal yet … I would like to see Celeste reunite with her like in a breakfast setting taking about their memories from ME 2018 …

        Iceland and Ukraine and Germany are looking beautiful … Italy and Spain are meeting the challenge but they have been quiet so far but I am waiting for their explosive pics and videos in the days to come … Malta & Switzerland are looking great too, Belgium is disappointing & the non-participation of Denmark and Sweden is disappointing too…

      • I now have a strange feeling a non-hyped European might surprise in the First Cut. Like when CHINA did in 2017 (a come-from-nowhere; was that their most recent placement?).

        Si Russia, daw, sabi ni Manong @C2F, “… will compete after all”. I was about to say, roomies sina Ukraine at Switzerland, right? Sipatin mo kung OKS si Russia… 🙂

  4. With an all- female line- up for the selection committee, the candidates with the vavavoom personality and vampy packaging better tone it down. They shouldn’t come across as threatening to the selection committee. They should exude an effortless winsome charm with a hint of self- assuredness and confidence. The last four Miss U winners (Catriona, Zozi, Andrea and Harnaaz ) had those qualities.

    Here are my initial picks: Aruba, India, Spain, USA, Venezuela, Australia, Colombia, Mauritius and Philippines

    • Naalala ko ‘yun’g Preliminary Interview nu’ng isa’ng ASEAN Nationals. An all-woman Panel, it was. Not a few front-runners emerged with teary eyes, including the eventual winner. Guess which it was… And which year.

      Nito lang huli’ng edition nila! Their reigning queen at the time (who didn’t place at her international assignment) bluntly told one of the aspirants, to wit, “… because I don’t see the determination in your eyes”.

      But if I’m correct, THAT one won, too.

    • If you are a female member of the selection committee for MU, who definitely have some degree of accomplishment in your field, who would you choose? Wouldn’t your choice be someone who mirrors your own aspired self-image? Wouldn’t she be someone who possesses above-average intellect, communication skills, leadership ability and relatability to fans, corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Wouldn’t the following considerations play secondary to your choice– vavavoom body, jaw-dropping face, superb pasarela?

      • @scorg. Exactly, that’s why the vampy beauties better tone down their act. On the other hand, since this is still a pageant, they would sure go for the aspirational leaders and eloquent speakers who are beautiful yet relatable.

      • And given the sharper branding focus of MU towards “confidence” as the essence of beauty, there is a greater impetus for an all-women selection panel to look for social intelligence and transformative leadership among the bevy of beautiful bodies and faces. What I see so far from the candidates and the fans is too much “sweatin’ the small stuff” on styling, facial beauty, body contours, signature walk, not the more important concerns about the outward manifestation of inner beauty.

  5. I lost my interest to watch Miss Universe in New Orleans when I found out the hostesses. I guess the MUO has no budget to hire more talented people to be the host of the beauty pageant.

  6. I think the reason why Pia was not selected is because she has a detectable accent … Pia , however , is perfect for MUP host and I hope she hosts every year and be joined by Pauline Amelincx whose voice is perfect for hosting… !

  7. Grabe body proportion ni Celeste
    Parang Budol si Thailand , tumaba
    PR has a great body but in terms of facial beauty , I’d rather have SA or Aruba Budol din si Italy

    • ‘Ay, nakoh. Aruba na lang… Si South Africa, mag-Mi-MW pa.

      Si Italy, if you recall, kaya na-mention kasi pinakamahusay, daw, na pasarela… Maka-First Cut man lang at makita kung justified ang hype.

      So for you at least, Perfect Body will be between PR & Phl. Perfect Body would/should at the very least make Top 5/6… Recall Keysi Sayago (Venezuela, 2017)? This is a crucial accolade; if the New Ownership will put out an entire range of body-conscious products to complement ‘Miss Universe Drinking Water’ (you recall the previous post, costing ~0,35USD), 🙂

  8. Try to bring a Kumot and Unan Olivia is in town😂 Mai doesn’t like Filipino.

  9. Is the MUO going full circle by having Olivia Culpo crown R’bonney ?
    Amazed at Celeste so far

  10. I hope Pia gets a chance to host as well . I think she’ll be fine if I am to base my opinion on her MUP 2022 hosting performance

  11. I hope Olivia Culpo is taking some hosting classes so she can host with energy, enthusiasm and bit more sponteneity….

  12. All-female hosts. All-female judges. These are clear statements from the new MUO that women are better arbiters and presenters of the “beautifully confident” person than men, who may most likely have a more suitable eye for “confidently beautiful”. In other words, per MUO, the universal beauty that a woman sees is more of the inner beauty; that of a man is more of the physical.

  13. I am excited that Jeannie “Yellow is the color of joy” Mai is back in Miss Universe as one of the main hosts this time. I think putting Olivia as her co-host makes sense. They will compliment each other very well.

    I have been telling this since Cat won MU. She can deliver well as TV Host (or presenter if you will). That is her forté. I just hope that her hosting stint at MU would giver her a big break in Hollywood.

    Nonetheless, I wish MUO gets Ryan Seacrest as its MU Host. I believe this guy is better than Steve Harvey.

    That’s all.

  14. Why OLIVIA????? SHE IS SUPER BORING HOST, we have already experienced her hosting.

  15. Culpo’s not a good choice. Watch her upstage the candidates with ‘avant garde’ (baduy really) outfits.

    Jeannie would be a good host, but would it kill the pageant to sprinkle some testosterone on finals night? Ricky Martin’s at a career stage where he’s available to host.

  16. I mentioned before in this blog that I’d love to see Jeannie Mai hosting again this coming edition of MU. But a non-energetic Olivia Culpo should be the backstage commentator. She should not be assigned as main host.

  17. So it was not fake news … Cat will be a roving behind the scenes host !

    I love the return of Jeannie Mai but I wished Thomas Roberts’ return too

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