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  1. I like the nude lips.. its subdued and classy.. She looks like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie had a grunge baby… I don’t mind that she and her team are saving the Racoon eyes and Clown lips for the stage…

  2. Celeste is undeniably gorgeous overall and her elegant styling so far is on point. My main concern is if she has the credentials and confident communication skills to outshine the competition in a field where so many of the stunners are also accomplished in their chosen careers. With talks of JKN radicalizing the image of a Miss Universe titleholder as an upgrade from the expected cookie cutter winner, one cannot help but wonder if our very own has got what it takes.

    • @Ken: Exactly my concern too. Given the sharper branding focus of the new MU towards “confidence” as the essence of beauty, there is a great impetus for the all-women selection panel to look for social intelligence and transformative leadership among the bevy of beautiful bodies and refreshing faces. I am positive the crown will be won in this edition in the arena of intellect, articulateness and capacity for translating ideas into action. What I see so far from the candidates and the fans is too much “sweatin’ the small stuff” on styling, facial beauty, body contours, signature walk, not the more important concerns about the outward manifestation of inner beauty.

      • We all know what happened to Celeste In miss earth when asked tough questions. I hope she’ll improve.

      • If that is the case then you are reffering to Miss USA… BUT a Miss Universe should be readily available to be swooped out of the country and travel regularly for a whole year while doing glamourous things models & influencers do… Hence, someone tied down by
        her own business and personaly micromanages it would be a liability for the MissU org.

      • @scorg, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a new country steal the thunder from the powerhouses? The last time it happened was Angola back in 2011. It’s going to be a nail biter for the selection committee as the new winner will have the daunting task of being a transformational leader as you aptly describe her. She has to be a powerful speaker, relatable and can bring in the ROI

      • @Cool Brew, a new country to steal the thunder from the powerhouses is a big possibility. This edition has so many articulate cerebral beauties from practically all continents.

  3. What are these interviews going on with the candidates , is this already the preliminary interview competition ? or something else … like for show segments … I have not seen an official schedule of activities …

  4. Celeste’s styling in the uppermost photo is on point. Credit goes to her stylists

  5. Undeniably she is confidently gorgeous. I will give an score of perfect 10 on her outfit and accessories and of course her make-up. I will give credit also the professional make-up artist.

  6. Unlike most of the candidates, Virginia Stablum is a real supermodel. She looks lovely in both stills and motion.

    R’Bonney Gabriel is in top fighting form.

    Celeste appears subdued in the majority of the videos. But she was the same way during the MUPH, and she still won. She should do her own makeup for the prelims and finals.

  7. Bakit ganyan ang eye make up?

    Pareho sila ng make up ni Italy pero bumagay kay Miss Italy

    Yung group photo ni Venezuela kasama si Celeste mejo literal na nag fade sya

    Lets hope sa Day 3 iba


  8. Just so you know…

    Sumabog ang isang FB Page dahil sa galit ng mga badet sa MUBA. Obviously, hindi nila nagustuhan ang make up ni Cheleste at ng ibang Asian and European delegates. They also think na MUBA make up artists are playing favorites, specifically favoring Latina delegates dahil ang gaganda daw ng mga make up nina Colombia, Venezuela, etc.

    I also do think na that kind of make up does not look good on Celeste. While she looks fierce on the up do, sumobra naman sa katapangan ang kanyang mga mata. Her lips are her assets as well, so dapat huwag masyadong nude ang kanyang lippie.

    Buti na lang, bumawi sa kanyang style si Cheleste. She looks highly fashionable sa kanyang dress today. Pero, gays and gals, I am closely monitoring the black barbies in this pageant. They are Equitorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa. I have gut-feel na isang black beauty ang kakabog sa mga frontrunner sa pageant.

    That’s all.

    • Nigeria will do a Flaviana matata I think. Hmm interesting she looks really gorgeous. Miss Aruba is a very pleasant beauty. Miss Venezuela is an all natural beauty walang pinagawa sa Mukha (aside sa teeth) siguro. Maganda ang laban. Colombia as usual maganda

      • Yas, grabe ang wow factor ni Nigeria sa isang photo. Nanlalamon! I have yet to see Aruba’s look in motion and in one frame. So far, she’s not in my radar. On Venezuela, hmnnn, I’d love to think that she looks natural, pero she’s the Venezuela prototype who undergoes the knife na hindi halata. Magagaling kasi ang aesthetics and surgeons sa Venezuela. As for Colombia, she looks beautiful naman but still lacks the oomph factor that previous Colombians had. As at this time, sina Celeste at R’bonney ang malalakas, hindi lang sa mga pageant fans, but also sa mga pageant experts. Si Celeste silent killer, just like her MUP days. Pero si USA talaga has all the essentials. Ang lakas talaga ng winning aura n’ya.

        That’s all.

    • Ana, there was a throwback photo of miss Venezuela when she was 8/9 with Gabriela isler she looked the same. She came from a wealthy family too and she speaks Italian as well (maybe she’s italo-venezuelan) too.

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