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  1. I’m rooting for Celeste, but I must agree with some of the other comments here — this outfit’s a bit over the top.

  2. I don’t know what the stylists are trying to ejaculate (hindi ko alam kung ano ang gusto nila palabasin. Lol).

    Celeste is made to look like some 2-bit hooker or pimp plying her trade along Pasay with this attire. Lol.

    Is the coat made of leatherette? Is it plastic? Is it teflon? It’s too shiny and kinda cheap looking. What is the climate now in New Orleans? Is it safe to wear heels and knee-high boots in an aircraft? What is with the color red? Is her underwear red? Is it the time of the month? Is Valentines celebrated as early as January in the Philippines? Why am I asking these stupid questions? Lol.

    World Peace.

  3. I just saw recent departure/arrival pics and read bio snippets of Miss Aruba , and I am impressed … I am afraid that she can dislodge one of my previous choices from the Americas in my top 20 …

    If the final three are destined to be all Americas, I would not be sad if they are Peru, Aruba and USA with Aruba as winner or perhaps , Peru , & with USA as no. 3 only

    Peru has been trending upwards in the Pageant World … Peru was 2nd ru for MU2020 and was the favorite to win … Peru was 2nd ru for MI2021 and was the favorite to win

    • I must agree re: Kiara, Miss Aruba. She’s an underdog, but a contender. Watch out for her!

  4. Dapat talaga ganito ang post, naka-focus lang sa kandidata natin, at hindi ‘yung may nakaposing din na dalawang julalay na naka-emote ang mga fezlak. Umay na umay na akong makita ang mga picture na kasama sila na nakatayo at nakikiawrahan with Cheleste. Si Lola Choltaire ba may bosyo? Grabe huh, luwa na ang mata. Nakangiti na nga pero ngarat pa rin ang mga mata. Kakalowka at nakakatakot. Si Mama Chownas naman, parang jumonda.

    That’s all.

  5. Grabe yung Miss Thailand, nag check in lang sa hotel may dalang dalawang Banda at nag parade sa lobby. Di ko kinaya


  6. It is now all about destiny , but your best foot forward every day during these few days before Jan 14th can help a lot ! Do one better than Bea Lui and go for that top Three !

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