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  1. They should have made USA and Canada as roommates … both North American countries sent Asian Americans to the MU , probably has not happened ever … historic !

  2. Looks like Italy is actually being favored here by the org for being paired with the country that has the most social-media active followers… And both Girls are proffesional Top models… and both exceed what the other is lacking… Does this mean that Miss Italy would also be in the Top 5? hmmm I really wonder how this would turn out?!

  3. Is the pairing of Miss Philippines with Miss Italy a case of rubbing in the fact that Miss Philippines is half Italian? Why of all the many possible productive combinations, as were done on other contestants paired on continental basis, the Philippines was paired with the country of the other half of her ethnicity? No, it’s not overthinking but a valid observation. A small matter it may be, but definitely not insignificant!

    • 2010 – Venus with India
      2013 – Ariella with Canada (full-Pinay)

      It’s not new.

      • Venus is not roommate with India like miss India. However, she was roommate with miss Malaysia which by the way is a Malaysian Indian.

      • Venus’ roommate is a fellow Asian. Ariella’s roommate is a pure-blooded Filipino who lives and works in Canada. Venus and Ariella were not confronted then with the issue of being “not Filipino enough” because they both lived their entire life in the Philippines and speaks the native language prolifically. For Celeste to be paired with the rep of the country associated with the issues she wants eclipsed as much as possible, is like rubbing in to her vulnerabilities.

  4. Overthinking:

    I’m worried that MUO sees Celeste more as Italian than Filipino, hence the pairing. (Unless they want someone with wider reach.) But really, I would have had more peace of mind if she was paired with Spain courtesy of the Filipino connection.

    • If Celeste is paired with Spain then she would look less Filipino since the Española is more fluent in Tagalog than her thus highlighting her only flaw. She could also be more prone to sabotage since Miss Spain would surely be close to the Latinas…

      Pairing her with Miss Italy who speaks 5-6 languages would make her more relaxed since the mullata is not much of a threat in the top 3/5… plus allowing her to make more European and African friends since Miss Italy could act as interpreter…

    • overthinker….hihihihih…

      At the end of the day, they are looking for someone to represent the Universe, not the country. hihihihi

      • If the number of languages spoken & understood is the criterion for universality, does Virginia trump Celeste?… Essentially, they’re both models with now well-stamped passports; I guess the wealth of wisdom & street cred will be gleaned in the Preliminary Interview. I’m certain eyes & ears will be there to assess, so we will know the answer to this issue.

  5. Dafat Yung kanilang mga roommate ay magkasalungat Ang race, culture and traditions para magkaalaman Ang tunay na ugali at pagkatao. Dyan Makikita kung karafatdafat syang maging miss U. divahhh🙂

  6. Kazakhstan will not be joining so Finland will be roommate-free !

    Mu2019 90 candidates Mu2020 75 candidates Mu2021 80 candidates
    ……. Mu2022 85 candidates …. I hope Mu2023 back up to 90 candidates , and …
    Mu2024 95 candidates Mu2025 100 candidates !

  7. why is telemundo not listed as international broadcaster ?

    Confirmed : sisters in Italy roommates !

    • Wasn’t the arrangement with IMG exclusively for the Latin American audience lang naman?… I mean, maybe they still get to that now & this begins the ROKU transition, too…

      IKAW nga nagsabi’ng, “… they were pulling their hair out at T”. 🙂

      Look. This is probably unethical given that the post & platform is of another pageant, but why not they propose to air (other) emerging contests as a new business direction & their contribution towards growing these brands~titles in their neck of the woods? Why should life end simply becuase the MU telecast license is no longer with you? ‘Eh, ‘di humanap ng iba! New alliances, new friends, new links, new trails.

    • Roku is video-streaming company where you could customize your preference for TV networks (NBC, Telemundo, TFC, FETV, etc) including Netflix, Hulu and others. The advantage of Roku is one’s ability to pay only for your preferred channels. And that is their selling point compared to Cable Networks/companies who will charge more even if you don’t watch their channel lineups.

      And definitely, Telemundo will still have their own Spanish-speaking hosts for this January 14, Miss Universe.

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