11 comments on “Let the battle for the 71st Miss Universe begin!

  1. I hope she picks a color that is bold like black to contrast her milky white skin…. Black would look amazing on her based on her OOTDS at previous functions.

    • … Like the latest post with the Seven Baretto dress? Plum-ish, like the Swim of Mariem Velazco (MI 2018).

      Black’s OK on Celeste, too, I agree. Huwag lang makuhanan against black background. Or, a shimmery-velvety-satiny-shiny-glossy finish, parang stealth aircraft! Not matte.

  2. Pang-matrona yung mga opening number dresses. Why not bring back yung mga opening number dress na isang cut, design at Isang kulay lang gaya ng old MU editions na napapanood ko sa YouTube.

  3. Not a fan of these new sashes — not as readable from afar compared to the previous style.

    To the new owner of the organization: DON’T FIX WHAT AIN’T BROKE!

  4. these look like sashes at Miss International … MU sashes has block bold letters and readable from afar … the above are just not as first class as the previous original MU sashes …

  5. Purple swim will probably look good on her, but I have this feeling she will pick blue.

  6. I am not liking these sashes , it is so easy to make the same style and font as before …

    just because there is new sponsor and new owner , you change the sashes ?… bullsh*t!

    • ‘Yan, na, ‘Yun’g sustainable sash!.. ‘Kala, natin, sa winner lang.

      I was scanning… Laid out like that, my poor noggin thought ‘Bolivia’ was ‘Bohol’. That being said, I see no reason why Amelinckx shouldn’t be front & center when MU comes to her part of the universe… Puwede na kaya sila by… 2027? 🙂

      The ‘C’-Group, my gosh… After ng ‘Costa Rica’, ano pa? Crimea, Cote D’Ivoire, Czech Republic, what else did I miss?

      @ Nakakalurker Celeste will get from THIS rack – #4!

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