9 comments on “Celeste Cortesi: Touchdown NOLA

  1. I cannot get over the look of these sashes on the delegates… they do not look like Miss Universe candidates , they look like Miss Intercontinental candidates or Miss Globe … it’s so third-rate … nobody has explained yet why the prior sashes are not sustainable but these new ones are … why change the look of the sashes just because a new sponsor is making the sashes … the new sponsor could have easily made the same look on the sashes and claim it to be sustainable if that’s what they want people to hear

    • Hhhmmmm…. 🙂

      (Interesting. I hope no less than the Blogger is censuring my comments in real time. Para naman may claim-to-fame ako. Puso!)

      No worries, dear. We will use the blog to reach out to Mutya International organization. LAHAT NG TINALIKURAN NA NG MUO NA MAHALAGA PA RIN SA ‘TIN, SILA NA ANG MAGPATULOY. If MUO no longer needs Pinoy support we’ll give that to our very own.

      Let part paths that no longer sing to the same tune. To let go is to embrace freedom.

  2. The mindset should be competitively fun and I think she’s doing a good job so far.

    Much improvement from the team in terms of she’s prepped psychologically. So far so good.

  3. She’s not outshone. Interesting. Yes. We have a good fight this year.

    Kwela na rin si Celeste. That made her more of an “accessible beauty” thus making her more popular. Way to go Celeste. Keep it up.

  4. I take it back. I initially found the all-red ensemble of Celeste tacky. But if only because she stood out among the arrivals, okay na rin yung outfit nya. Looking how horrendous and cliche the others look like, Celeste and team made the right decision. Even the Latino reporters gushed at her.

    And surprisingly articulate.

    Philippines, I think we will give a good fight this year.

    World Peace.

  5. Oh, my gosh. Nagtabi sina Puerto Rico at Italy… Guys, parang nu’ng BBP na nagsabay nina Patrizia Garcia at Justine Felizarta! Ashley is to the former as Virginia is to the latter. No?

    I think I know why Celeste wore red. It has to do with the story of the miracle attributed to an Italian saint… Kayo, na, mag-Google. 🙂

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