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      • With all due respects, & I am unaware in which part of the world you are, but not every where are they living high on the hog… My point is, lahat naman ng lahi, iba-iba sila…

        My concern with India, & this may be why they somewhat dipped in the BIG’s in the last few years, is, well, just look at that resume… OVERACHIEVING.

        It may be nice to simply mention one aspect (of yourself), instead of unleashing a torrent of credential as if it would matter every time. For instance, specify which musical genre instead of the blanket statement, “… listening to music”. It’s more focused-if-somewhat-authentic. Allow the other attributes to reveal in time, as a way for fans to know you better with time. Parang, ano, kasi. May blank sa Job Application for ‘Hobbies/Pastimes’, ‘tas inilista lahat… For all we know, that may have been a ‘trick’ by the HRD to make an applicant screw up sa simula pa lang.

      • Ayan… Na-doble tuloy. ‘With time’ at ‘in time’.

        CR_P! No wonder I always screwed up at Job Interviews/Applications. 😦

  1. Sure TOP 20.. possible Top 15
    highest is Top 10

    My current possible Top 20:
    (in random order)

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa



  2. India accomplished that feat at MW in 1999 and 2000.

    It would be something else if somehow wins the MU crown…

    All the best India.


    • OMG hahahaha……kinda true and I’m conflicted by it. I appreciate the positivity people try to put on body-image issues, but at the same time, I believe that there should be a threshhold as to how far a pageant organisation should take it. I know that Harnaaz has celiac disease, but if it’s something that can be managed, then why hasn’t she?? And yet prior to winning, she maintained a slim physique from Femina Ms India Punjab all the way to Israel.

      This is in contrast to how Zuleyka Rivera got treated by the organisation when she gained weight after winning the title. But now you have political correctness- mostly virtue signalling really if we’re being honest here- which has somehow protected Harnaaz from the full-force of unpopular opinion.

      But unpopular or not, the fact is, she’s fat and there’s literally no hiding that.

      • Zuleyka Rivera was not the reigning Miss Universe who got controversial weight gain. It was Alicia Machado of Venezuela, Miss Universe 1996.

      • @ XYZ Thank goodness!

        You mentioned the kind of Latina we could all use again. An effervescent~warm bubbly. Spontaneous wit, nothing overly staged.

  3. no X factor here … she will follow in the footsteps of South Africa 2020 and Mexico 2021

    • Aside from some few Miss India rabid fans, nobody is talking about her. A moderator of Misso, an Indian himself, manipulated a poll posted in the website by making India topped that poll, hence the poll was cancelled. Yes this girl can talk, but there are so many stunners this year who can talk as well. India last year was on everybody’s radar even b4 her arrival in Israel. A top 20 finish will be enough for her or she may indeed end up like Miss SA 2020, who was appointed just like India 22.

    • I think first cut, or second. Definitely not unplace. And Anne JKN ang Rami nyan business interest in India lol. She buys Indian contents like shows tapos pinapashow nya in Thailand tapos dubbed na. Indian movies television shows etc.

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