7 comments on “Happy New Year everyone!

  1. The analytics indicate… That which is better left unsaid. That’s it, isn’t it?


    It’s a FORMIDABLE BODY OF WORK, now spanning +20 jahr, no? If this were some obscure museum I stumbled into while in search of something to amuse myself in the dea_ of Winter, I’d never leave. So, I hope there’s a cafe kiosk to keep visitors well-watered.


  2. Happy new year Norman and to all the commenters here. My day is not complete without visiting this blog

  3. Happy New Year everyone! So you confirmed what I have suspected all along: “that the engagements in this site cradle an older demographic”. That’s why most of my progressive views on concepts of beauty, and my constant mention of market-driven shifts in beauty paradigm, get a lot of thumbs downs. Obviously, the traditional ideologies and myths on beauty is still very much pervasive in the comment section of this blog. I also noticed my comments sideswiping some government policies do not get posted. And that one on the death of Nelia Sancho in Sept this year and on Maita Gomez’ two years ago (I think) extolling their inner beauty did not see print. I accept that it is within the editorial prerogative of this blog, but it makes me think the fear of red-tagging very much defines the editorial policy. At any rate, this blog definitely immensely contributes to the uplift of global pageantry. Many more years to come.

    • If I must add, this blog also cradles a relatively more intellectual discourse, not the pedestrian tabloid-gossip variety.

  4. Happy new year Norm.

    I think the other pageant bloggers should respect and look up to you with the experience and wisdom you possess. Also, some should express some depth of gratitude since the like of Titas of Pageantry used to be just like everyone else here- lurkers, keyboard warriors and anonymous contributors.

    I hope they include u in fun collaborations steady gigs in the future.

    Happy new year!

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