21 comments on “Ashley Ann Cariño: Is she the one to beat in the 71st Miss Universe?

  1. Sure TOP 10.. Very Possible TOP5
    and maybe even Top 3

    My current possible Top 15:
    (in random order)

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa


    • ‘Ay. Tuluyan na’ng linaglag sina Swelia (Angola) at Telma (Portugal).

      Only Batchelor (Guatemala) remains as your cross-over (from Grand). Tama po, ba? Or, I missed someone?…

    • Imagine that.

      Kung ~70+ in all sila, that bottom 10 or so would be the equivalent of the first round of elimination at MUP when they went from 100… Should fans choose whom NOT to advance? THAT would be a novel kind of Poll, wouldn’t it? If somewhat disheartening/brutal.

      Parang reality TV show serie, the viewers vote whom to give the boot. Pero sigurado ‘to, tiba-tiba ang org sa Poll earnings! Sino ba’ng in charge this time sa Voting app?

  2. Aside from being tall 6′ 0″ and over achiever, one thing that I believe that makes her stand out from other candidates is that she suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I am not expert but it is mental health disorder. I am just wondering how she is going to handle the hectic schedules if she will win Miss Universe.

  3. sleeper threats

    Asia Group : Vietnam
    Europe Group : Iceland
    Americas Group : Jamaica
    The Islands : Mauritius

    • Recall those comments in the post when it was announced that NOLA would host? Ta’s, may mga dahil ay majority black Americans ang tagaroon, malabo’ng magpanalo ng I’m-not-going-to-say-it-kasi-magagalit-na-naman-si-Admin-sa-akin.

      Do you share that view? Anyway,…

      ‘Pag ‘sleeper’, you mean that these countries could nab a Top3 placement? Jamaica, well, Jamaica is Jamaica… Vietnam, at least mas maruno’ng, ‘ata, kay H’Hen Nie mag-Ingles & if she is liked by the locals, ba’t nga, ba, hinde. 🙂

      PARANG FEEL KO Mdme. AJKN will crown an islands-nation rep as her first queen (meaning, the 2023 edition later this year)! In any case, I see her immediate role as akin to that of Gov. Sinsgon when he had first dibs on the 2018 winner, giving her the first official activity post-Finale. This, too, is exciting; I wonder where in Thailand this month’s queen will go.

      • yes she may become popular with the NOLA natives but they are not the judges on Finale night … I’m not sure if it’s overconfidence in her , or being too assuming , I just see the crown fluttering around her head but not landing …

      • by Sleeper I mean, not too noticed but ‘can actually win the crown that night on the 14th’

  4. Oh, I liked Elle Smith! ❤

    As for AA, here, KATRINA DIMARANAN. 'Yun na.

    (Mister Blogger, our Ashley nga pala… March-ish sila no, po? Lagi ba'ng dapat sa Ehipto 'to? Why not suggest to the Circle Boss to host eventually?…)

  5. I don’t know much about Ashley until I’ve watched the video clip attached to this blog post. Now, I think R’bonney has met her match in intelligence, articulacy, advocacy and physique. Her styling is strikingly Asian for an African-American– notice the doe-eye look!

  6. Is she the one to beat ? Absolutely not
    She is too fierce
    Pang kontravida ang dating
    However , she will be top 5

    • So, contra vida, pala, ang basa ko kay Dimaranan…. Aaawww. 😦

      I could not be more wrong!

      BUT, yeah. The Rich Port might NOT be the first Force for Good. Kung siya ang may basbas ng TELEMUNDO, then USA & Iceland will complete my TOP 3 for now.

      (Sir, si BELIZE nagpaparamdam. Pa-assess naman, po. Para, daw, may ‘kapatid’ si Destiny Wagner.)

    • She resembles Miss Colombia 2021 ng very slight. Nakakashokot din to pag pumasok ng top 5. Kaya lihwakin khit cnu. HNY

  7. there’s something in there that tells me she will not win the MU title
    The judges at the MUSA2021 saw it and she only landed 3rd and she was also the heavy favorite at the MUSA2021 … so , MU22 crown is safe , happy 2023 new year !

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