12 comments on “So how did we do in 2022?

  1. Norman is super strict
    So I believe the Philippine team got a C minus from him .

    • May ganu’n? Doesn’t ‘F’ come right after ‘C’?

      Or, is that your way of saying he just stopped short of putting the blog in the freezer?… NANANAWAGAN SA WORDPRESS.COM. What’s going on, Mdmes/Sirs?

  2. Happy New Year!!

    Wow seems like only yesterday we were celebrating 2010, when the Philippine pageant Renaissance began.

    From that point on, the country has been blessed celebrating multiple Big 4 crowns;
    MU 2015, 2018
    MW 2013
    MI 2013, 2016
    ME 2014, 2015, 2017

    Thankful for the past, grateful for the present. Above all, we are reminded of our mortality in that tomorrow is not promised and just one heartbeat away to eternity.


  3. Miss Cruz is the real winner here. Bongga Ang prize kung totoo man Ang prize na yon. Parang nagretire na sya at young age. Any video after her winning confirming the prize on hand and working contract, etc.
    Happy New year mga vecks 😊🎉🎆
    Be kind to everyone 😱😆 cherette.

  4. Congratulations to ALL the girls, boys and gays who represented The Philippines this 2022! As well as their handlers and trainers. Supporters, reporters, critics, bloggers and vloggers. Everyone had a role to play. You did us proud. There are no losers. You are all winners.

    Happy New Year and indeed, World Peace!

  5. I think our candidates are great beauty athletes. They are very competitive. We have a good set of winners. Despite being the readiest, we may not win, because we need to change the winners. If the face of the pageants stays stagnant, it will lose the appeal of being inclusive.

  6. If I rate the achievements of our representatives this year. It would be very satisfactory. I agree with Norman. Fate always has the final say.

  7. Let us be honest, one of many contributing factors why our representatives are succesful in their own competitions is because of Norman’s blog. Tito Norman rallied behind every candidates by encouraging his thousand loyal supporters in his blog to support them in their journey to success. I believe Tito Norman really deserved an accolade also.

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