7 comments on “Hrafnhildur Haraldsdóttir puts fire in Iceland’s bid for the 71st Miss Universe

  1. Enchanting eyes and downright charming. Watching these one-on-one videos makes you want to truly root for them. And that name alone … Hrafnhildur Haraldsdóttir … is Miss Universe-worthy! It’s so Harnaz ! But so is C(h)eleste.

  2. Hangat wala pang Judges…
    I can’t tell kung sino Final Top 20..
    So far… Top 20 is possible for her… but definitely not Top 10..

  3. Aaawww… Ano, daw, ‘anyari du’n sa Icelandic vlogger?… 😦

    I digressed.


    Kung ayaw niyo kay Italy – hindi kayo nagagandahan – ‘ETO na lang pamalit! Para may ‘I-group’ naman tayo.

    (India, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, ‘Ilippines… Ano pa? Ivory Coast, kaya lang ‘pag sa MF, Cote D’ivoire. Weren’t they a French possession/territory?)

    Ano’ng year si Birta Porhalsdottir? Ka-batch ni Gazini, no? She, also, caught attention Pre-arrival.

  4. She spells freshness, and youth, unlike Miss Ukraine. I’d like to see her penetrate the semis.

  5. she is a sleeper threat from the Europe group … would love to see her zoom up !

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