16 comments on “Viktoria Apanasenko: A Doll-like Beauty for the 71st Miss Universe

  1. Hmmmm…. She is gorgeous..
    Credentials are not bad…. looks like she will be favored… possible Top 10 or maybe even Top 5… which may explain why the Russian org is not sending their rep who could become a wasted beauty since Americans are currently brainwashed by media to hate Russia…

    My current TOP 20:


    Puerto Rico
    South Africa



  2. N-A-T-C-O-S!

    I hope Lesia Patoka gets PLENTY of commissions as a result of this exposure. May this not be the only time we will see a creation of hers (I will assume the designer is female…?).

  3. I hope she wll surpassed the achievement of Miss Ukraine Olesya Stefanko 2011, she placed First- Runner-up at the Miss Universe 2011. If she will be given the opportunity to win the crown, her victory will be the most historical moment in the beauty pageant history. Inspite on ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine decided to send their representative, they want to tell the whole world , the universe rather that Ukraine still alive. Good luck Miss Ukraine.

  4. I’m sorry but her pics look like she’s heavily made up to the point that her face looks like she went through a lot of enhancements.

    I’m still placing my bet on USA to be the anointed one. RBoney has the perfect resume- sustainable fashion line, hardworking, great speaker, multi racial, and gorgeous.

    I can’t wait to see Cheleste and RBonney holding hands at the end. Hihihi

    • Two half-Pinays in the top two is a pipe dream ….
      I support Celeste to be in the final three rather than Miss USA

  5. I agree Jarewrightlover.
    But people love watching MU because it is and will always be a beauty pageant first.

    May the most qualified and impactful woman, that night, win. Thank you for your input.


    • thanks and to your point, I hope that the panel of judges this year will not be all-women lineup which to most audience appears political … politics of gender … I hope they have 11 to 13 members , variety of people , not just women …

  6. I am convinced that she will be the most interviewed candidate at MU 2022 …. and a question about the war will be asked during the Finale night., I am sure …

    My Top 1 winner ! Ukraine – MU 2022 it is about time !
    the right timing and the most deserving delegate from her nation

  7. She really is stunningly gorgeous.

    Donald Trump would be proud. Aside from the sarcasm I hope she is not crowned for sentimental reasons.

    It’s like Julia Morley crowning Jamaica, Miss World, in 2019. MU, Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Teen USA all crowned black beauties. IMO, it was obviously predetermined even to stay politically relevant and to keep up with the Jones’.

    Keep politics out of it.


    • war is crime , and the aggressor should always be prosecuted , without any regard to politics … ( & this war does not even have a sensible political reason , it’s from the mind of a deranged relic from the past )

  8. The world’s current sentimental favorite— Ukraine! Having a peace Ambassador of the UN Global Compact Ukraine as an MU spokesperson will be a boost to the MU brand that recently underwent a beauty paradigm shift.

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