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  1. Never smiles. Sad eyes. But that’s not the sad part. It’s that her org is still doing this Regal films story of transformation. Lol.

  2. Maganda siya’ng BARE… Meaning, if MUP brought back the Casting Challenge (or MPE’s ‘Beauty of Face’ na ideally wala’ng make-up) & with THAT face, GANADORA.

    (Pero, may slight ‘sakang’, no?…)

    Practice walk with The Team seems slower than the BLISTERING pace she set in the Runway Challenge, crossing a street in the searing sun, in black. WE WANT THAT BURN, BABY. 🙂

    I’m not, at all, worried about all this Pre-arrival ‘paandar’ & sponsor acknowledgment posts. What the judges & organizers witness from Day 1 is key!

    Our abundant thanks, once more, to Jewelmer. ‘La Mer En Majeste’ holds its own; the onslaught of new crowns cannot put a dent on its easy sophistication. ❤

    • @edible

      Same bone structure ng legs with Janine and Catriona… mas halata lang ng slight kay Celeste cause mas payat legs…

    • I still want her to be in the Final 3 , a step improvement from Beatrice
      Else, I think she is safely into the top 10 which will be a step improvement from Rabiya

      • I’m getting Amanda Obdam vibe from CC now; baka HINDI paabutin sa Question Round. Not because she has nothing to say. But,… Basta!

        In any case, congratulations once more to The Camp. They set a goal to put a ward in MU. Here she is! And a consistent Top 3 placement since MUP began, with Bella & VVV beforehand.

      • I noticed this too … back in the day, this is a major deduction from the swimsuit points of the candidate … ( e.g. watch Miss So Africa in MU1982, a top fave losing to Canada)

  3. Let’s face it , she’s not gonna win MU
    I mean walking on the streets of LA in sunglasses ? She is too sedate… like some bipolar patient on med . Ang hirap nyang arukin
    Hope I’m wrong !!

  4. I want to see more refreshing youthful confident smile ! … final3, final3, final3 ! ! !

  5. The first photo borderline our MUP in a dress rehearsal for Esquire magazine.

    The second photo appears the MU frontrunner is at the early stages if pregnancy.



  6. Looking matronly. There goes the team’s Rabiya-ish transformation.
    Nothing fresh. Not even worth a second look.
    Come on #MUP, you can do better. Much better than this.

  7. I actually can’t find the words to describe Celeste.
    I don’t know, I really don’t know.
    Habang mga kapwa nya frontrunners eh ang fresh ng mga latest pasabog, kay Celeste naman eto? Mukha syang stressed, over-trained and over-prepared kung tama ba ang description ko.
    Si Voltaire ba ang may kagagawan neto?
    As I’ve said meron syang dating na parang aging Russian escort tapos eto pa ang ipapasuot sa kanya? At ano tong sencond look nya para syang naging cheap.

  8. Someone with a face, physique and stage presence, that can captivate and turn heads anywhere, Celeste really does not need attire to half-way display her “business” to impress. It diminishes her natural quality value.

    I agree with @JustPassingBy. The biggest fear from a fan’s perspective is turning her into a Rabiya part 2.

    All the best, nonetheless Celeste and to your team.


  9. Her packaging reminds me of Rabiya’s.
    What’s with the cleavage?
    Parang di yata maganda yung early departure parang ginawa nila kay Rabiya dati.
    Nung nangyari? So disappointed

  10. I like her when I saw her mom and know a bit about their life. Kaya may preno Ang negative comments ko. I love those kindhearted people like her mom and Celeste as well😊
    I just wish Celeste the best of herself and confident enough kahit Top 3 ay Masaya na ako. What about USA, Philippines and Venezuela sa Top 3. Ahihihihihi. Cherette lungs 🫁.

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