8 comments on “Cristina Gonzalez Romualdez is crowned Noble Queen of the Universe 2022

  1. I wish everyone could win para wla nang bitter… Napaka simpleng beauty pageant di pa rin mag kaisa… Ano’t ano man, Queen pa rin si Christina…

  2. Just meeting Cristina in person, you know she’s already a winner. I’m just curious– a 2-day pageant? Is it like hi, hello and then crowning ceremony already? A quickie pageant? What if there is no contestant like Cristina?

  3. Amazing !
    Cristina was hard to beat with her pretty face and very feminine vibe , great comm skills, and strong experience on stage

  4. I am really confused , is this a beauty pageant or recognition day for their hardwork? The way I understand, the founder of the Noble Queen Universe who happened to be a Filipino wants to promote respect to every women in the universe. Do they really need to travel to Japan to get the crown? Anyway, Congratulations Ms. Christina Romualdez and to all the winners.

  5. Omedatou gozaimashita!

    O’, kitams? HAPON (PM) ang Finale nila, parang MI… Or, is this a Japan protocol~custom?

    (I was anticipating this for tonight, para blog entry bukas… I’ve been thinking these past days. WHY NOT A CHRISTMAS-THEMED BEAUTY CONTEST? It’s a universal time of merriment, & the pageant duration would find the contestants spend the Yuletide in the host country. Puwede’ng ‘Queen & King of Christmastime’; Norman’s Blog reserves exclusive rights to any & all material/content in perpetuity in both physical & virtual realms!)

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