18 comments on “Will Italy get the 71st Miss Universe crown via Virginia Stablum?

  1. So, there now seems to be ‘mobilization’ to court favor with perceived ‘allies’ in this entire Ownership Change ‘fiasco’…


    Sige, do what you feel you need to do. Sa Resulta na, lang, tayo magtalo ulit. 🙂

  2. I would choose Aruba and South Africa over her
    Not impressed with the pics above so I may take her off my top 10 list

  3. I don’t understand the hype. There is something wrong in her facial bone structure, specifically between her eyes and ears. Besides, she lacks wow factor. If ever she performs well in the preliminaries, then she might enter the first cut. But, I doubt she’d advance further.

    She may also be intelligent, but remember Flora Coquerel, who has high IQ but was still outwit by our very own Pia Wurtzbach?

    That’s all.

    • Oh, which reminds me! I saw a video back then that Flora was either signed up by IMG afterwards, or was ALREADY an IMG model prior… If the latter is the case, then baka para hindi naman masyado’ng pa-obvious…

      2015 had France fresh off from the unfortunate incidents in their capital… She was riding high on a wave of global sentiment; maybe the 2022 equivalent would be @ jaretwrightlover’s Ukraine…

      France, Philippines, & Australia. 🙂

      Nonetheless, congratulations again to Pia! She had “… no problem with (that)”.

      Wasn’t that Australia’s most recent placement? Tama ba? She faltered when asked of legalizing m! in her country. Nag-‘safe answer’, na-Miriam Quiambao si ganda.

  4. The well-educated Miss Italy actually has a huge chance of making it to the Top 5.. She is articulate in 5 languages… and let’s not forget that Yamamay is an Italian brand…

    My possible Top 5 combos:

    Philippines, USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Italy

    Philippines, USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, South Africa

    Philippines, USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Thailand

    Philippines, USA, Venezuela, Italy, South Africa

    Philippines, USA, Puerto Rico, Italy, South Africa

    My possible Top 20 in Random Order

    Puerto Rico
    South Africa




    • ‘Ah. So, it would be MUO’s way of expressing gratitude to YAMAMAY for the sponsorship.

      I L-I-K-E HER! I got a Saubier x Obenita vibe of ultra-feminine frequency. ❤

      Roberta Capua's benchmark now has one to exceed it.

      Virginia Stablum will be my 'come-from-behind' to complete my Top 3 with USA (I'm now getting 2nd RU vibe & EXTENSIVE travel in ASEAN post-NOLA c/o Mdme. AJKN) & the Latina whom TELEMUNDO will anoint (could still be Alicia Faubel…).

  5. “Transformational leadership.” You hit the nail in the head, Sir Norman. That’s the attribute of a “Beautifully Confident” woman that MU is looking for the wearer of its Force for Good crown. Such quality can only come from a woman of high intellect, solid core values, and effective articulacy that makes her relatable to the fans in the grassroots, to the industry captains in corporate boardrooms as well as to the leaders and decision makers in the government and civil societies. Along this criteria, only a handful bets fit the bill. Everyone seem to be “confidently beautiful” and the outward manifestation of their inner beauty is not brought to the table. It must be borne in mind that pageantry has to come to grips with the changing market landscape dominated by Millenials and GenZ who consciously spend their money on businesses that reflect their values, among them is diversity and inclusiveness.

    • I think the ideal MU spokesperson should be able to proactively help the New MU reach out to the Millennial and GenZ markets, recapture the lost European markets, crack open frontier markets in the Middle East and Central Asia, and continue to energize the Asian and the American markets– while establishing a healthy financial lifeline with corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Who can she be?

  6. Another stunning beauty but it is a no for me.

    In fairness, other countries are also bucking the trend of sending beauties that reflect their own. I think Filipino fans need to be more open-minded when it comes to diversity and the fact that love does transcend color and ethnicity.

    • Remember : Karen Galman, Maureen Montagne, Karla Henry, Jamie Herrell, Megan Young, Pia Wurtzbach , Catriona Gray , even Margie Moran (large Spanish lineage from both mother and father) , and I believe also Aurora Pijuan (Spanish mix)

  7. The photo at the very bottom is a winner ! Denny Mendez 1997 is not even close to Virginia’s beauty …

  8. P.S.
    I do believe Virginia is not Italy’s first rep of African descent. Correct me if I’m wrong, Norman.

    Thank you.

  9. A stunning African-Italian rep for Italy.

    Again, what is the new owner of the MUO about?

    I pray that it does not go the way of Miss World where the winner is predetermined. Worse yet, that it doesn’t become an international Miss America “competition” where physical beauty has no bearing in choosing the winner.

    That said, Italy is most definitely a top 10 contender and a potential winner for the country’s first crown.

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