21 comments on “Ndavi Nokeri: Aiming for South Africa’s 4th in the 71st Miss Universe

  1. She is a very strong contender. She’ll be in the top 5 at least. Can eventually win it all.

  2. Let’s face it… If there is one country we are strongly fighting against for the Miss Universe crown in the last five years, it is South Africa.

    Pero ang mga baklitang faney sa ibang social media sites, nakikipag-away sa mga Indo, Taytay at Viet fans. They don’t know where to stand! As oppose to these three countries, we have nothing to prove because we are miles ahead of them. Kaya itigil n’yo ng makipagbardagulan sa mga co-SEA faneys na ‘yan. Huwag ng patulan, kung hindi, pagkukurutin ko ng nail cutter ang mga maiitim n’yong kuyukot. Kalokah!

    As to this girl… She is not facially strong, but we don’t know if the new MU ownership continues the IMG legacy of choosing the full-packaged lady or they would rather have a girl with a remarkable beauty. Nonetheless, we better watch out for this girl. If the MSAO team hones and transforms this girl a la Lalela when the latter was Supra-bound, then mahihirapan si Cheleste. Baka ang mag-last two women standing pa n’yan ay sina Ndavi at R’bonney. Jawskelerd.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, I agree that our main competitor in the last several years have always been MSA. Their main competitive edge? Eloquence. Articulate expression of insightful ideas. Now that MU is shifting its beauty paradigm towards “confidence”, or the outward manifestation of inner beauty, all the more MSA has the upper hand over reps who specialized in pasarela, body contouring, and styling. That’s why I strongly suspect that the battle for the Force for Good Crown will be between MSA and MUSA, and other bets that may not yet be under the radar

      • MSAO always chooses a girl with strong educational background and outstanding communication skills. The look is only a secondary priority. After all, they can transform a girl into a winning rep. But, MSAO failed with Natasha Joubert, and I don’t know what went wrong.

        That’s all.

      • MSA’s strategy of choosing titlists with strong educational credentials and high communication skills– placing the looks seemingly a second priority– is I think their secret formula. After all, physical beauty nowadays can be manufactured and/or technologically enhanced/styled, but intelligence and core values may take years or decades to develop.

    • (Mademoiselle, I think I know who you are, po.)

      I hope this gets through…

      The fate of MSA’s rep to Hollywood (Florida, 2020 edition) may have been an internal issue between MSAO & MUO following ZT’s 2019 win… A similar strand of discussion occurred, here, when Catriona won in 2018, essentially that Gazini’s prospects were ‘difficult’ following 2 wins in Philippines’ favor in just 4 years & the former franchise holder’s reluctance to ‘cooperate’… If you are, indeed, who you are, I know you get my drift.

      Ako kasi, maiba lang ang ihip ng hangin! Kung, as one if us said in the MI results post that ‘they’ are getting tired of Philippines always being in the Top5, ‘pag dating sa MU I’d have no second thoughts applying that ‘exhaustion’ to SA. One of us may have to lie low for the short-term. ‘EH, ‘DI SILA NA!

      • Hi Flor! No, I am not the one in your head. Unfortunately.

        A back-to-back win is really tough to pull through, especially in MU. It takes a year-long preparation, a more determined Osmel Souza, a superbeauty candidate, before one can replicate the Venezuela’s history in MU.

        Natasha Joubert lacked the quintessential South African charm. That’s it. Demi and Sozi had all the qualities MU is looking for. Luck was on their side in their respective competitions. But, for me, Tamaryn is a lot more pretty and charming than Demi and Sozi, but luck was not on her side in 2018, because a well-prepared and -determined Catriona came to Thailand to win.

        In our country’s case, we had pretty successors of Pia and Catriona, but they lacked eloquence.

        Having said the foregoing, it’s not the “sawa” factor that makes a country with sash factor fail to maintain, if not prolong, the winning streak in pageantry.

        That’s all.

      • Ms. Ana, dito na, lang, ha…

        So, the ‘sawa~umay’ factor doesn’t hold water? Kung sa bagay, si @ C2F nga, ibinabandera si Amanda Dudamel… And this is the new MVO, no longer with the shadow of Osmel cast on it. He has now offered his services~expertise to neighboring Argentina, no?

        (Argentina, kaya? Kailan sila mag-ra-rally? I recall Maya Wanvisa Goldman. Emy Stewart, too, but she’s a different blood mix. I DIGRESS.)

        Cannot be denied, though, that a New Ownership not only would explore new markets & territories but ALSO advance THEIR (own) business contacts/circle! It will be interesting to see how this will affect the Podium. Will we see new sashes wearing the Force for Good?

        Nalihis na lang, but a good example is the latest post. That country’s bet is from an IMG competitor (agency). Yes, the NOLA edition would be the last under their care. But, I hope Mdme.AJKN can level this playing field… Wala, naman, siya’ng modelling agency, no? I mean, how is TPN taking all this in? Rhetorical question. No need to answer. Thanks again!

    • Kung substance at substance lang ang labanan, jusko milya2 lamang ng MSA sa atin. Dito sa atin aminin most of the girls joining just either wants to be a starlet in the local showbiz scene after the reign.

      • TBH, there are two countries that always send eloquent girls in beauty pageants, especially MU: South Africa and India. Their girls seem to have swallowed the wisdom of their great philosophers, such that when they open their mouth, they blow up with fantastic words.

        Filipinas are great English speakers. They have to study and memorize the formulaic QnA. So, it’s a hit or miss for them once asked in a pageant.

        That’s all.

      • @Lymaraina, I observed that the winning formula of MSA is to choose superior intellect plus great communication skills plus an inspirational back story. Physical beauty enhancement can be attended to later after the crowning. The reverse is true in the Philippines: choose physical beauty (with Caucasian features preferably) and while waiting for the international contest, undergo pasarela training, body enhancement procedures, and a training on handling interviews. Of course, intellect cannot be acquired via a crash Q&A course. That’s why we fumble most times during the final Q&A segment.

    • don’t know what you mean but all I can say is that she is below Zozi in comm skills and way way below Tamryn in beauty … her advantage is where she comes from and possibly the composition of who the panel of judges will be who will decide her fate from the prelims to the finals …

  3. Yes. South Africa appears to have a top contender again entering yet another stunning, articulate and exotic beauty.

    Given a new MU owner I’m still very curious how the staple of pageant-power countries will fare in this edition of MU; Philippines, India, South Africa, Colombia, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

    Just have a gut feeling a rep under the radar will emerge, peak at the right time and win out of nowhere.


  4. Top 5 for sure along with USA PR Venezuela and Colombia . Then there is Aruba Italy Philippines Curaçao and Peru
    Wow , it’s a very tight race

    • Akala ko, ba, “… no V & C…”?

      We keep saying every year, that hope if you will, of a come-from-behind country to stun everyone, as @ Really said (your top, above).

      SA is another country na medyo umay na rin. We haven’t seen a new ‘direction’ since ZT. I know you know what I’m trying to drive at. But we’ll let Mr. WW figure it out.

      But in your selection here & now, sounds nice-y is… Curacao! I’m feeling a Top 3 of USA, a Latina (the one to whom TELEMUNDO will give its blessings), & @ Really’s wish/hope.

  5. still cannot decide if So Africa is still bubbling up or should already be in my top 20 … ….verdict: too close to call, we’ll have to wait and see more of her pics and videos

  6. Beautifully confident! I have a strong feeling MSA and MUSA will be the last two women standing in this MU edition.

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