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  1. What is the purpose of this baklaaaaah pageant? Wow I miss the old Kring-kring circa mid 1990’s sex symbol Kring-kring!!!

  2. She’s lovely. All the best.

    So, ladies her age and marriage status are now able to compete at MUP?

    So, theoretically, a mother aged 36 will be able to compete against her 18 year old daughter if both are representing two different cities? I guess so.


    • STRICTLY speaking & going by the pronouncement, “… single mothers & married women”. The latter, probably to mean ladies who agreed (with their husbands, of course) to remain childless. The former, well, probably what it sounds like… The intent was probably to take into consideration that there are NOW MANY women who are like this &… Basta, no less than Mdme. Paula Shugart said, “… there is still a chance for them”. Ngayon, kung Mdme. AJKN is, herself, an advocate of empowering women, the two ladies are clearly resonant.

      Nalihis ako. My point : No, I don’t think Mdme. CGR is either… At 27, lang, ang age ceiling sa MUP. 28 sa MU; see the one-year allowance?

      • Thank you, Edible.

        Truly enjoy reading your posts, by the way.

        Happy New Year and be well.

  3. It’s freezing cold in Japan now…mghahabol k ng mga pharmacy sa bawat kanto just to be warm hehe. Good luck ate Kring kring..i stayed in the same hotel in my last Japan trip 4 years ago ❤

  4. Great opportunity to ring in the New Year in Japan!

    (How to say, ‘Good luck’, in Nihon-go?… ‘Luzon’ & ‘Mindanao’ are NOT connected with KF, I suppose.)

    @ THOMAS Patricia Javier was ‘Genesis…’, gosh I forgot her surname. Didn’t she also win this title before?

  5. Wait, is this a two-day event only and they can already determine the winner? Or do preliminary requirements been submitted before the pageant? (Ex. Advocacy, accomplishments, projects, etc).

    I think Kring-kring will represent us well. I used to think she was a light weight in terms of intelligence but I have been proven wrong. She has aged gracefully compared to the likes of Gretchen , Kris and Sharon who always call attention to themselves and perpetually experience midlife crises. Her face still looks natural compared to Gretchen (again), Ruffa and Pops.

    If Kring kring’s predecessors were Patricia Javier and Giselle Sanchez, then this is definitely an upgrade. I am even wondering what convinced her to join this unknown pageant. All the while I thought this was a pageant for transgenders in Thailand. Only to realize it was not noble queen, but no balls queen. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • It is usual for pageants for married women to run a short period of time. Typically, 5 days are the longest. This one is shorter than most.

      • Is it because married women of certain age have “shorter period”. Lol. Thanks Norman and Happy New Year.

        You should come up with year-end awards or citations:

        > Most read blog entry
        > Lease read
        > The girl who gathered so much negative comments
        > The commenter with highest number of likes (for any specific post).
        > Highest number of dislikes
        > The commenter/s with many aliases
        > The post you regret posting
        > The comment that spawned the most feedback replies.


        World Peace.

  6. Isn’t she a little too old for this ?
    She fits the bill.
    Very pretty and very articulate . I’m sure she knows how to handle the stage
    Just worried abt the age … and the body

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