12 comments on “The new Miss Universe sash: Sashaying onstage soon!

  1. Western oligarchs have already started gaslighting against Miss Universe/Miss USA through American media for some unknown reason/s.. Is it because of the new Asian ownership? or the potential threat of sustainability which could break their control over their monopolized industries?… Regardless of that, As I predicted in 2018, Catriona would be asked a Canabis related question.. This year, I expect a lot of the girls bringing up Canabis or the org itself will ask about it’s legalization… A European win is also possible this year…

    • The West most probably has not yet accepted that an American (and Western) icon like MU is now in the hands of an Asian and a transgender. Pageants traditionally is a form of the West’s hegemonic gaze on global beauty for commercial and political purposes. Now that the arbiters of women’s beauty are Third World countries, and leading the pacesetting pageantry brand is a transgender, is a stark reality that the macho business world may not yet be ready to live with.

    • My current possible TOP 10 in Random Order:

      Puerto Rico

      South Africa

  2. Miss Earth copy
    Sustainable sash, pati trimmings Miss Earth
    They hate but immitate lol

  3. Cat will be a host at MU2022 ! … more like a roving host behind the scenes off stage …( I hope this is not fake news )

  4. Time for a Ms U.S.A. to win MU
    R’bonney is very MIss Universe . She has great personality and speaks really well . She is in great shape and if she goes back to her look at Miss Texas U.S.A. , I don’t see any reason why the org won’t giver give her the crown . She has gravitas . You can’t say the same about the pretty but really petty candidates from Colombia and Venezuela .

  5. So I hope they do not change the sashes to the candidates … they only changed the one above for the winner… ( the candidate sashes in Miss Earth are hideous ; I hope the new owner does not copy these ME shashes )

    • Since the sashes are keepsakes, minsan pa nga for fundraising auctions, shouldn’t these be of virgin-grade materials for longevity? This development sounds like putting in all that dedication & sacrifice & all they give you is a recycled/re-purposed/up-cycled piece of 2nd-hand fabric… CHEAP.

      (‘Ay, bago tayo magpalitan ng kuro-kuro any further guys, merry xmas in advance, ha.)

      OK. “… One SMALL step of many (they) hope to make in the future” means we can look forward to the more meaningful/substantial-if-sweeping changes.

      (PS. And speaking of Tierra, kasi naman, UMAGA na kayo mag-Finale. H’wag na ipagpilitan ‘yun’g venue’ng obviously wasn’t intended for night events. UNLESS they want to highlight nocturnal wildlife next time – moths, fireflies, bats, all sorts of night-blooming flowers, owls, coral that spawn en masse to the light of a full moon, etc. MADILIM, kasi!)

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