17 comments on “R’Bonney Gabriel: Will she bring the US back on top in the 71st Miss Universe?

  1. I’ve given it more thought…

    Spain, win or lose, placement or none, bumalik lang siya sa ‘Pinas, ANYTIME, celeb ‘yan.

    (TELEMUNDO will probably push for another Latina for the Top 3. I don’t know that they get plenty of business from Madrid.)

    Kung ayaw natin kay Thailand, ostensibly ay para maiwaksi ang anuman’g paghihinala’ng JKN will railroad her, I’m pretty sure mahahanapan, din, nila ng butas si CC… My point – Go ahead, give Filipinos this #DreamTOP3 of theirs (Faubel, Cortesi, & Gabriel) & might never again see their 5th MU crown within plain sight. Kahit ano pa’ng ‘Force’ ‘yan.

    Put another way, guys, ‘wag masyado’ng pa-desperate ang drama. CLASSY lang, pls.

    Mr. Blogger ‘dropped’ a hint~clue in the text (above) : “… at least not for the next FIVE (5) years”… What this may mean is that Mdme. Anne is giving herself at least that much time to ‘tinker’ with the cockpit. MUPO, Inc. will need to plan for at least that long.

    (I used ‘at least’ thrice…)

    I stick to my position that R’Bonney stands the best chance of the three to finish strong while aiding to fortify the American roots of the brand. Strategic too, yes!

    PS. She typifies the ‘Fil-Am’ beauty queen ‘balikbayan’. Now, we understand a bit better the ‘Fil-Comm’ sash of another National – to highlight THIS PERSONA, which may or may not necessarily be the best to represent the Parentland (gender-neutral, lolz!) internationally but definitely a CHARACTER. ‘Di, pa, required ang residency; simple as pie!

  2. The transition from the branding tagline “confidently beautiful” to “beautifully confident” just shifted the beauty paradigm at MU. The focus on “confidence”– the feeling or consciousness of one’s power or ability– shifted the concept of beauty to the more relevant dimensions of intellect and values. That feeling that turns thoughts to action certainly involves intellect, organizing abilities and leadership values– basically the outward manifestation of inner beauty! I believe this is how the Force for Good Crown will be won.

    • From the business perspective, this paradigm shift is obviously an attempt to align MUO to the preferences of the world’s biggest market, the Millenials and GenZ, the generation that researches reveal as making a conscious effort to ensure that they spend their money on companies that reflect their values and demand that companies and governments do their part in building a better future for everyone. who can embody the new MU brand spirit that aligns and reaches out to the vast Millenial and GenZ market? In terms of intellectual depth, community organizing skills and leadership record, it is Miss USA who fits the bill.

      • Mr. Blogger, naalala ko, just before SARS-CoV2 lock downs, NEPAL was eyeing to host MU; dapat, nga, 2022 tatapat… Nag-ZOOM, pa, sina Mr. Jonas with his Nepali ND counterpart. There was even a post here!

        What of that?… Why didn’t IMG pick up on that? Would JKN pursue it now?

      • @Edible Flour, could the reason for that aborted plan be connected with the rumored co-ownership talks of Miss World by a wealthy British businessman of Nepali ethnicity?

  3. Asian beauty with a western upbringing + intelligence = MU crown 👑 ahihihihihi.
    Napatumba nga Nya Yung mga dyosa at matatalinong American ladies, magagawa Rin Nya Yan Kay Celeste. Ahahahahahaha 😱😀
    JawzKuh, nanggagalaiti na nman sa Galit c Fake news vacklah 😆
    Spokesperson Ang hinahanap Ngayon. Nagkamali nga lang Sila Kay Dabiana India. Cherette lungs 🫁

  4. Top 10 easy … maybe but not very likely top 5 , will definitely be a very very good sister to Celeste in New Orleans

  5. Same wish for top 3: Philippines, USA and Spain, in that order, respectively for the crown, 1st and 2nd RUps.

    • It will not happen to have two half-Filipinas in the top 3 … for my own , I would prefer to have the half-Filipina half-Italian in the top 3 rather than the half-Filipina and half-American …

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