9 comments on “Manita Hang: Will she give a first-ever placement for Cambodia in Miss Universe?

    • Well, all footwear go through the X-ray machine… And that was how long ago I last traveled.

  1. She has the vibe of “bitch, don’t ignore me”. Malakas ang dating nya so as long as she knows how to keep herself visible and her has a bubbly and coversant personality then I can see her making it like Singapore or Bahamas did last year.

    Many compare her beauty to Megan which I can totally see. Now we see if KF’s training translates into placement.

  2. bubbling up in my chart … there is something there but still not quite enough , being dominated by the others …

    • PHYSICALLY dominated. It may be that because they’re petite (the reps they send), ‘ta’s may ASEAN modesty pa. ‘Eh, ‘di ba ang kasabihan, “‘pag maliit ka, kailangan maingay para hindi ka matapakan”…

      Recall ‘yun’g nakaraan’g Cambodian rep na fluent in French? Ta’s, ‘yun’g ka-batch ni Rabiya na ganda’ng-ganda tayo dito (was she half-Dutch)?

      Cambodia & Laos are Thailand’s regional ‘buddies-of-sorts’. Lao & Thai are mutually intelligible; I recall Thailand’s bet to Mr. World when Manila hosted, the kind dude took it upon himself to translate his Lao pageant brother’s response to questions into English. And we all know how the ancient capital of Ayutthaya has remains of Khmer architecture.

      My point : if Mdme. AnneJKN wants to develop this segment of Far Eastern pageantry, there is (historical) precedence.

      Bon success, Mademoiselle Manita! (I will go ahead & assume she also knows a bit.)

      • if they sacrifice Miss Thailand for Miss Cambodia to enter the top 20 , that would be remarkable ! … the new owner will have my admiration

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