18 comments on “Ivana Batchelor: Will she give a Grand-er performance in the 71st Miss Universe?

  1. Fuedeng Taft 5👑
    Dafat nga cya Yung winner kung di lang ginawang trifol tie sa MGI😊kaloka talaga c Angkol Nawat 😠

  2. Hindi sya ang problema kundi yung napaka iksing skirt ni Celeste
    How dare kung sino mang ugly gay ang nag suggest nun
    Now I need therapy sessions to get that image of her with thag hideous outfit out of already fragile psyche lol. I’m traumatized!

  3. They have changed the crown and now they are changing the sashes too? ( legit news )

    I’m now disliking this new owner , destroying all iconic symbols and turning into a B*tch!

  4. I am fed up with all the gimmicks of MU. First they allowed, transgendered candidates, then raised the age limit, then mothers…

    Now, they have allowed a BATCHELOR?! Come on. Lol.

    (At least this is something different. IVA NA!). Lol.

    World Peace.

  5. My current Miss Universe Top 20 favorites
    in random order:

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa



  6. Similar trajectory as Janick. Sumali, muna, sa lower-tier (I say ‘lower’ simply that it has not been around as long as MU), nag-Runner-up (to Porxild). Then, sumali sa MUNationals, nanalo at ngayo’y ‘asa mas malaki’ng entablado.

    Buenas suerte!

  7. Wow! She’s gorgeous..

    However, this is what Central America, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines have in common when sending MU reps. The white/mestza beauties do not look like the majority of the population, which are primarily brown Malay, brown indigenous and black mulatto. However it is somewhat accepted due to its century filled colonization and affiliation with Spain.

    Which is why I have a difficult time accepting Japan, Thailand, Vietnam or any east Asian rep – for that matter – of sending halfies when they did not encounter western colonization to its fullest.

    Just an observation and thinking out loud.

    All the best Guatemala.

  8. Her style needs some updating. She looks very “Tita” in these pics. Especially in the 2nd one.

  9. Peru Venezuela Colombia and Guatemala donot look manufactured
    They donot look gaunt either
    Alam na

    • Sir, I remember you said of Ivana’s co-Runner-up at MGI, “… MU caliber”.

      (ASEAN neighbor… I wonder if she can still join PI. Kung siya, ba, kakatawan sa bansa niya, OK kayo’ng they get their first MU win?)

  10. It is going to be a tough competition at the Miss Universe 2022 beauty pageant. All the participating women are gorgeous, talented, and great communicator. I am sure everybody wants to become the next Miss Universe. I think it is about time a Guatamelan to win the crown. Will Ivana Elizabeth Batchelor be the first Miss Universe from Guatemela? Ivana has all qualities, beautiful, talented, fluent in English and Spanish and very tall at 5′ 11″.

  11. Her facial expressions, hand movements and the way her hair is done, are very Catriona Gray. Tweenies indeed. Gorgeous. Top contender!

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