14 comments on “Hanna Kim: Will she take inspiration from Korea’s win in Miss Earth?

  1. My top 2 favorite ‘sash factors’

    My top 2 favorite ‘wild cards’

    solid four in my current Top 20 … four more to go …to complete my current Top 20 !

    • I have fervent wish that these two will make the semifinals cut

      I need to present two more in order to complete my current Top 20 !

  2. She can answer in a heartbeat. She needs to polish the make up. Prettier than current ms earth coz Hanna Kim looks feminine .
    Buti nakakapag ballet sya .Tall girls usually not reach top potential in ballet

  3. My top 2 favorite ‘the Islands’
    Puerto Rico

    My top 2 favorite Africa

    My top 2 for favorite by Internet

    These 6 are again solid in my current top 20

  4. Will she be the first Miss Universe from Korea? So far the highest placement was in 1963 when Kim Myoung-ja placed 4th Runner-up, in 2007 when Lee Ha-nui placed 3rd Runner-up and in 1988 when Jang Yoon-jeong placed 1st Runner-up.
    Miss Hanna Kim was Miss Queen Korea 2021 First Runner up and appointed to represent Korea in Miss Universe 2022. Let us wait and see what this beautiful Korean model, ballet dancer and English teacher will bring to the pageant and how she will convince the judges that she deserve to be the next Miss Universe.

    • Madame, 1) the 1963 was with (our) Lalaine Bennett & 2) the 1988 was the year Bui (Pornthip Nakhirunkhanok) won, no? Tama, po, ba?

      (I got a Jennifer Pingree vibe… She got the BBP-International assignment & Gem Padilla went to MU, right?)

      Tucayo, niya, ‘yun’g Korean clarinetist! ❤

    • Ba’t ganun ang order … iisa lang naman ang highest PLACEMENT; yung sa 1988.

  5. Kudos to Mina Sue Choi for winning one of the Alphas and the greatest pageant on Earth – Miss Earth.
    I doubt Hannah Kim can even make it to the semis of Miss Universe though.
    This year, I am looking at Vietnam, Italy and USA. No to Thailand chaka sya
    Someone commented that most of the pageant pages predict Celeste as the winner and implied that she is the one to beat based on this predictions. Remember these are mostly Filipino-owned pages. Hannah Arnold?
    I can see Celeste to reach top 10 though, better than Rabiya

  6. My top 2 favorite Asians:
    USA ( Asian American)

    My top 2 favorite Latinas

    My top 2 favorite Europeeps

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