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  1. Celeste’s edge over the other delegates (specially our SEA shupitbalers) is her authentic, truthful, real self. She is uniquely & effortlessly beautiful inside out w/o having to channel her over-all packaging similar to previous popular Ms. U winners- She Is NOT a copycat of anyone. Aside from her stunning looks, she has this pleasant demeanor and speaking characteristics that is endearing to the listeners. She may not be as deep and soulful as Lara, Sushmita, Zozibini and Catriona in answering questions, her spontaneity, wit and sincerity is enough to traverse through the heart & soul of anyone asking her questions. Anyone can be inspired and relate to her. Win or loose she is Miss Universe 2022!

  2. She speaks well.

    It is an stylist issue. Mejo nagkamali sa judgment. They let Celeste wear shorts without a middle part. Nahurt ang classiness ni Celeste on this blunder.

    I expect to see Celeste showing her own brand of surprises just like Pia and Catriona na maraming pakulo.

  3. A lot of contestants are “confidently beautiful”. But are they “beautifully confident”? With the MU now shifting its focus on “confidence” rather than the original emphasis on “beauty”, expect intellect and leadership values to become major criteria in the search for its spokesperson. Confidence is a feeling or consciousness of one’s power or ability. It is the feeling that turns thoughts to action. When that feeling radiates from someone’s persona, that’s when people see the so-called inner beauty. At this juncture in the corporate life of MUO, the new governance would need a spokesperson that can jumpstart its upward business trajectory. I think intellectual depth and leadership qualities will provide the competitive edge in this edition.

  4. That skirt is too short that only street hookers in the Bronx wear it.
    Whoever styled should be crucified.
    Tama pala si Leila Lopes kala ko nagmamaldita lang.
    That outfit is trashy

  5. We already know she is beautiful. But what I am pleasantly surprised of is her being articulate and natural sounding. The Italian accent while speaking English is quite charming for me. Babawiin nya na lang siguro ang pagiging “Filipino looking” via her everyday attire and accessories. I like the white and blue terno cocktail dress she was wearing.

    I have never followed or heard of Celested during her Miss Earth days, but if we would believe what she is saying that just five years ago she can hardly speak English, then she indeed has come a long way.

    My biggest question about this interview though was “who the hell was that who appeared at about 2:26?” Lol.

    World Peace.

  6. In support of Nunyabiz’s view below, I would say that R’bonney has that Miss Universe glow which is at par with Celeste’s. While Celeste is facially ahead of and more marketable than R’bonney, the latter has good backstory and genuine advocacy which is timely and relevant to the global warming issue.

    If the final question will be something to which R’bonney can easily relate her advocacy, then the crown is hers to lose.

    Thus, the last three women standing would be: USA, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

    That’s all.

    • Zuleyka was PR’s last win, right? And Maddison Berios just barely to ZT (2019)…

      (I recall ‘yun’g sinabi dati nu’ng isa’ng pageant vlogger about Maddison, “… good S-curves”.)

      Is it justified~fair to have this impression of over-baked reps? Kasi, parang endearing ‘yun’g innocence ni Yari. The ones who spent life between the island & the Mainland (USA, some of them might have even tried their luck at MUSA), are they not what MU necessarily is looking for?

      (With the possible exception of that former MTUSA na napag-usapan dito dati… I forgot her name.)

  7. Heading into the competition, R’Bonney Gabriel is the woman to beat.

    She’s not as facially beautiful as Celeste but she has the X factor and an iron-clad personality.

    Celeste’s “relatability” card could be her edge. Best of luck to both ladies! ❤️

    • I really don’t get the “relatibility” thing. Wala akong nakikitang karelate-relate sa kanya, tbh. To me, she is just like another halfie trying to make a name for herself in showbiz.

      • She’s more open about her upbringing and her impoverished background.

        She did not grow up as a privileged child like Cat.

        Maybe that’s a source of her insecurity coming to the Philippines 5 years ago.

        And to your point, would you not desire fame and fortune if you’re blessed with physical beauty?

        And of course she’s not joining MU for her advocacy. No one is. She’s doing this for herself (and maybe for her family).

  8. If there is Lady Libra out there or up there in charge of Justice , the last three standing must be the three most deserving , and Lady must make it come true on Jan 14th for … Italy, Ukraine & Philippines !

      • OFF TOPIC : Pres. Zelensky is now in the Capitol to speak to a Joint session of Congress , first ever trip outside of his country in 10 mo.! Ukraine ! Ukraine ! go go go !

  9. Ako ay bahagyang gutom sa kanyang pagbangit ng kanyang pagiging kababayan natin.. Sana ay huwag manatiling salat ang kanyan pagsabi na sya ay isang Kadugo at Kapamilya ng ating mga mamamayan. Ang kanyang pagsali sa ating kababayan sa kanyang layunin ang maghihimok sa lahat para sya ay mas bigyang pahahalaga at tulong-bayanihan. Sana ay alam ito ng kanyang lupon. Dahil ang kanyang pagiging makabayan ang magpapa-panalo sa kanya sa huli.

    • because of this I will strike out Angola from my current Top 20 list … or could this be from a “big mother faker ” ? …

      • Si Evlin Khalifa, Miss U Bahrain, 2nd cousin daw ni Dwight Ramos (PBA Player), bet mo ba?

      • I doubt Leila Lopes has any link to Swelia, who is Angolan-Dutch. Why not ask Sgt. Pajares for feedback on their time together in Poland?…

        The former MU (2011) holds a dual Angolan-British passport, right?

      • I do not know who he is but Bahrain is in my bubbling up group … 21 – 25

    • LOL.. people don’t understand that Leila did that intentionaly so trigger aa many Filipinos to bully her and the current Miss Angola as retaliation, thus actually increasing Miss Angola’s chances at this year’s Miss U competion while lessening Celeste’s chances of winning due to Pinoy fan’s butt hurt & vengefull behaviour that would look bad in the eyes of the audience, sponsors and judges.

    • But the outfit is really hideous lol
      The skirt is too short that only street hookers in the Bronx wear that

  10. Just a wild thinking…

    Celeste is highly marketable and we’ve seen several events, endorsements, appearances and the like she has engaged in as MUP. It means MUPO gets good returns in her. If Celeste wins Miss Universe, that means she’s gonna be out of the MUPO loop. Ergo, MUPO would earn no more. And, Jonas Gaffud’s Empire.ph can’t have Celeste in his ward as his model/talent.

    It now begs this question — do MUPO and Jonas Gaffud really aim for Celeste’s victory in Miss Universe, considering the revenue they may lose if Celeste wins the crown?

    Anyway, the way Celeste gets styled in the snaps above, she’s ready to become Miss Universe.

    That’s all.

    • what silliness is this? Of course they want her to win, otherwise, those who criticize him will continue to bash him for losing.

      also- dear, think long term, an MU win will ensures that after her reign, Lola Jonas will likely be the prime beneficiary of her popularity like Pia was earlier until she started doing her own thing.

      • @4M, while your defense sounds okay, only Jonas can confirm or deny that hypothetical situation and question.

        That’s all.

      • then what is the point of you hypothesizing if only Jonas can confirm your own haka haka hihihihi chos ka!

    • There must be a reason they’re early… Including, at least, Dudamel of Venezuela.

      Naalala, ko, tuloy na the Finale won’t reach Mardi Gras, which is February ‘ata… Baka ang aviso ng USA Immigration sa mga ND, go now habang Winter rates at medyo sleepy.

  11. @ Closer2Fame … Manong, ayaw niyo kay Cambodia/Hang Manita…?

    @ jaretwrightlover I remember ‘yun’g na-mention dati’ng puwede’ng i-stretch ang limbs at spine habang bata. Or, in Celeste’s case, can a highly-skilled chiropractor do that?

    Love this interview! Our bet is precisely what Ms. Nepales said – tough yet cool. I reckon it’s a sample of their Q&A drills – smoothly address ~10 questions in ~10 minutes. Parang brain conditioning, to make it subconsciously aware na tumatakbo ang oras pero may hangganan. I’m sure this kind of practice is what makes for winners in whichever field.

    (Like a blade forged repeatedly. Fired, beaten into shape, then cooled, repeat… Gets denser & stronger. But overdone, the weapon can become brittle. The experienced blacksmith knows…)

    • Like ko naman.. but kung palakasan.. dami mas malakas sa Kanya… Asia palang baka maligwak na sya sa frontliners…

  12. My current Miss Universe Top 20 favorites
    in random order:

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa



  13. legs legs galore ! It looks like she grew taller from 2018 ( Miss Earth 5’8 ) …to today 2022 ( Miss Universe 5’9 1/2 ) … !!!

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