12 comments on “Will Anna Sueangam-Iam be favored in the 71st Miss Universe?

  1. This year’s group is saturated with Catriona wannabes.
    Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam are some examples.

  2. Kailangan pa ba imemorize yan? Siyempre hindi naman pababayaan yan ng sariling kababayan nila. USA often place in the top 10 under American ownership kahit not deserving ang delegate. Top 20 siya for sure.

  3. Based on these pics she is a catriona copycat so she may not go that far. semis for sure.

  4. NO WAY ! !

    I am sure that Miss Philippines and Miss Italy will become very very good friends and pageant sisters. It would be a wonderful sight to see Miss Philippines and Miss Italy as the last two standing on Finals night ! !

    • Which would be more wonderfull to see: Miss Philippines & Miss Italy as the last two standing OR Miss Philippines and Miss USA??

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