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  1. Personally, I still prefer the Miss Universe crown that was worn from 1973 through 2001.

    • So, 2002 pumasok sa eksena ‘yun’g Phoenix; Fedorova Oksana was the first Mikimoto MU!

      Si Denise Quinonez, ba, ‘yun’g 2001 winner? From Puerto Rico, ba? 1999 was Mpule Kwelagobe. 2000 was… Lara Dutta? O, Brooke Lee? Gosh, ‘di ko memorize.

  2. Grabe mag analyze talaga ang mga bading. Left and right brain hemispheres gumagana.

    Anyway, I felt the crown became masculine. Furthermore, I am not sure how it will apear on the winner’s head; it can be dark instead of bright and shiny.

    • I actually found the DIC ‘Empire’ on the mannish side… It had but one (central) stone; the rest was a rather cold metallic finish. But yeah, we’ll need to see this new one in motion!

      (For those who dig a Minimalist look, the ‘Empire’ will be timeless. But, I saw a video on YouTube suggesting that with the new year 2023 we might see a return to the ORNATE.)

    • Red, puwede din.

      It will offset (dark) blue very nicely.

      Huwag puti. Magmumukha’ng ‘sky-&-clouds’ o ‘sea-&-surf’.

      Huwag, din’g, itim. Lalo’ng didilim.

      GREEN, puwede!

      Huwag dilaw. Magmumukha’ng kendi o laruan.

  3. The crown is OK, it does not have the wow factor but it’s just a crown.

    It’s like the BBP alambre crown with more expensive jewels…hihihihi

  4. Meh on the design–I just hope this is taller than the first Mouawad crown (but by the looks of it, parang ka-size lang nya or even smaller). Di ko talaga bet pag maliit ang crown kasi parang kulang? idk. Ok na yung height ng Mikimoto, DIC or MUT crowns. I also hope this lasts more than 3 years para may legacy naman sya.

  5. I noticed the branding tagline change from “Confidently beautiful” to “Beautifully confident”. This is significant. In the former, the adjective is “beautiful” and the modifier is “confidently”. In the latter, the adjective is “confident” and the modifier is “beautifully”. It appears that the MU focus now is confidence, a feeling or consciousness of one’s power or ability. As it is the feeling that turns thoughts to action, it is life’s enabler, therefore a form of inner beauty that has the power to touch lives. Hence, the signature affixing the MU name, the crown, is aptly bylined “Force for Good”. The branding message is clear: beauty is a force for good.

    • If the new brand essence of MU is confidence, the focus is now on the ability to turn thoughts to action. The trailblazing object of the search will then center on intellect and leadership values– the inner yet more powerful and relevant dimensions of beauty.

    • if writers say the pen is mightier than the sword, MU is now saying the crown is mightier than the sword. The byline “Force for Good” that reinforces the branding tagline “Beautifully confident” boldly declares the power of beauty to transform the world. The design of the crown I think is less important than the power the wearers will ascribe to it through the years.

  6. Looking at the crown, I thought the design was unimpressive. But when I looked at it again, it was fantastic. Sometimes, we cannot appreciate things at first glance. We need a revisit in order to be amazed by such creations.

    The Force for Good crown is not unique, but it is beautifully crafted. It does not show flamboyance, but I am sure the next MU will shine once the crown is put on her head. After all, it is not the crown that defines a queen. It’s the other way around.

    That’s all.

  7. What are they trying to convey with “Force for Good”? Is there really something deep with that tagline or is it a Thai phrase directly translated into English perpetuated by a Thai branding company?
    I’m afraid that MU will go down the cheap lane that MGI has been traversing in pageantry.
    JKN personality and reputation is questionable. Remember her in a video screaming “no more Philippines”

  8. If it is an omen, then the color looks CELESTial. Lol.

    The look is bordering the Miss World Crown though. Parang copy cat.

    What is that “force for good – force for good” ek ek na yan? Di ba mas okay ang “A Force for Good”?

    Calling all branding experts in the room, please enlighten me:
    1) Why do they keep on changing the crown?
    2) Why do they keep on changing the tag line of MU?

    World Peace.

    • Baka kasi po it’s now under a new ownership?
      Therefore, new crown – new tag line

    • The tranquil sumptuousness of the Blue World is aided in no small part by the milky/opaque-blue stones (the semi-precious type).

      Force for Good is FULL BLING. Not copycat, probably (blue) blood relation…

      The omission of the preposition ‘A’, let’s bear in mind not everyone is particular on stellar English. Basta nagkakaintiendehan, mas importante!

      I am no branding (s)expert. I only want to attempt answering your questions.

      1. Remember the fiasco with the Czech-made DIC ‘French fries’ (first worn by Paulina Vega in 2014)? Baka may leksiyon’g napulot ang MUO sa pangyayari’ng ‘yun.

      2. Feng-shui.

    • veks, change is the most common strategy by leaders who want to make a quick mark in the organization. For MU, it is the crown and its tagline that are more recognizable by the supporters, hence your question about changing them…hihihihi

  9. Kung totoong US$6M yang crown 👑 Bongga 😱😊
    Hindi cya Fake news 😀
    Ikaw na JKN👍
    Huwag ka lang sumigaw Ng “no more Philippines, no more Philippines”😱😆 LoL

  10. The design is so common, just like the crown of the other pageants. It doesn’t look like USD6m. Crown must have distinct identity just like the blue crown of MIss World. I prefer the Mikimoto crown rather than this one. Just my opinion!

    • ‘Ay, oo! The Phoenix was PURE FANTASY.

      Not surprisingly, its time coincided with & adorned the widely-regarded ‘most beautiful MU’s of all time’ such as Amelia Vega, Fedorova Oksana, Glebova Natalia, Sophie Hawkins… Also looked lovely on Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Of course, Ms. Gray holds the distinction of ‘job-related-injury’ on it.

      (I remember our Asia-Pacific Sales Manager schooling us on treating our Product Manual so immaculately. Said she, if the pages don’t end up frayed, folded, even soiled, then it only meant we were not doing our jobs. So, I guess Catriona showed all how seriously she took her role.)

      Speaking of Mikimoto, it’s curious what its pageant presence will be next following the launch of the Long Beach (pink H-U-G-E pearl!). Abangan… (Mutya kaya? Watchutink?)

  11. The new MU crown is sapphire blue ! … better than the last year’s crown… but my nostalgic impulse still craves for the old crown that was last worn by MU2001 … they could have just upgraded the jewels on it but kept the crown’s shape which is elegant and very recognizable as Miss Universe !

    • The blue looks eerily intense~deep… I doubt any natural sapphire… I will assume this was a lab-grown gem, like the synthetic diamonds (labelled as ‘ethical/conflict-free’) nowadays.

      Do you realize the kind of technology at our hands?! It’s now possible to customize stones.

      • yes the MU crown from 2009 – 2013 was kind of artificial jewel crown , ‘environmentally friendly’ in a sense , stones were not from mining … ( 2008 ‘Vietnam crown’ short-lived )

        then it was followed by ‘Empire crown’ from Czech Rep 2014 – 2016
        Mikimoto came back , grand pearls from the Pacific 2017 – 2018
        Then, the old Mouad 2019 – 2021

        Bring back the old design crown shape 1963-2001 !!!

      • ‘Ah. ‘Empire’, pala. Kasi emulating the ESB… ‘Yun’g inakyat ni Kong King.

        We need more of these synthetic stones!

        1. … Though I wonder if it can/will pose a serious challenge to the mining industry, which is global & provides livelihood… But it cannot be denied, the damage to the landscape of their activity.
        2. It can simplify the life of jewelers, they who actually make the gems. Kasi, ang napapatubo lang, ‘ata, is the raw stone, ta’s halimbawa you want a certain color their chemists add specific impurities. So, ‘yun. I-cu-cut, facet, at polish pa rin! Pero at least, they don’t have to use stones larger than what the client wants, tipid sa materyales, mas mumura.
        3. Consistency in quality… Will this reduce any black market trading? Faux stones are always a risk~problem.

        I like what Mouawad has done for MUT! The first was, of course, worn by Paweesuda (crowned by Ms. Gray)… White gold, ba, setting nu’n? Ta’s, ‘eto’ng sumunod na kay Anchilee, with orange gems… ‘Power’ series. Very Thai, had I not known it was MUT I’d have guessed it were, just by the appearance.

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