5 comments on “Amanda Dudamel and her departure photos for the US

  1. The new MU crown is sapphire blue ! … better than the last year’s crown… but my nostalgic impulse still craves for the old crown that was last worn by MU2001 … they could have just upgraded the jewels on it but kept the crown’s shape which is elegant and very recognizable as Miss Universe !

  2. arriving early also … I wonder if they have ‘secret’ stopovers in US or if they are going to stay in New Orleans for almost a month for real … kind of hard to imagine the latter …

    She does not look good on the lower photo … this one is on the No. 1 spot in almost everybody’s MU prediction , I hope she does not turn into a ‘Miss Brazil Universe 2021’

    • Whatever happened to the Swim cape assignment?… Any chicha as to what Celeste drew on hers?

      I, too, am not overly sold on Amanda Dudamel. I’ll be cool (meaning, I won’t go & damage something) for them to be waylaid this year; hopefully, Amazonas won MVUniverso 2022 & next year (after the January pageant), she will vindicate my adoration (of her).

      (Also, that Venezuela is able to travel to the USA means the embargo is no more?… Has President Maduro negotiated for some concessions? Or, dahil Democrat ang USA Prez ngayon?)

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