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  1. Hope she doesn’t veer away from the goal of winning crown #5
    I don’t understand why she had to come too early

  2. Nate enjoy si Cheleste sa almighty ng simoy ng hangin dito sa california wag kayong mag alala Papatabain. Muna namin sya bago Isa lang sa Miss Universe. Okay lang Pastor naman😂

  3. @AWL, unfortunately this forthcoming edition will most likely look for a spokesperson who should, could and would jumpstart the MU brand under a new ownership. Physical beauty will most likely be not as prime a consideration as intellect and character. After all, physical beauty in this day and age can be manufactured, and appreciation varies from culture to culture. The more universal beauty, and that will most likely be the spotlight in this year’s search, are intellect and character. The inner glow that these beauty dimensions radiates is largely innate and hardly attainable through crash training. Relatable is a quality that is seen with respect to both the pageant fans on one hand and corporate sponsors and institutional partners on the other hand. These two markets will be crucial in the New MU’s upward business trajectory. I think this is now the new context of MU’s “Confidently beautiful” tagline.

    • If the political economy of beauty pageants is factored in, as it will most likely be a consideration in this period of one-upmanship between branded pageants, gone are the hypes on physical beauty and pasarela. The pageantry map this year is drawn with Western Europe as stalked by MI, Asia by ME and Africa by MS. Leading the charge for each pageant brands are eloquent, knowledgeable and engaging spokespersons. Who is the MU queen who could upend this? Business-wise, MUO may well pivot this time to the Americas, Eastern Europe or Middle East.

  4. Kung mukhaan ang laban, sila ang mga nangunguna:
    1. Philippines
    2. Colombia
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. Peru
    5. Guatemala

    Kung overall naman ang labanan:
    1. USA
    2. Philippines
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. Venezuela
    5. South Africa

    Ewan ko kung saan nanggagaling ang hype kay Thailand. Facially, mukha s’yang binasag na mukha. Para s’yang nakangarat. Ditto with Indonesia. Neither do these countries have sash factor naman, ah! Mas naniniwala pa akong makakapasok seamlessly sina Cambodia at Vietnam.

    Anyway, nasa LA na pala ang MUP Team, at ang dami nila, huh! Kanya-kanyang bitbit ng menchu ang mga mamang natin. Mamaya, may gagawa na naman ng chi chi na nagpi-PG sila sa tinutuluyan nila doon. Hindi kaya dahil sa maaga nilang pagb’yahe, eh, doon napupunta ang budget ng MUPO kaya kapag national pageant na, eh, ang chaka ng pageant production ng MUP?

    Sana huwag masyadong magpaka-bakasyonera ang Cheleste doon. Baka mamaya, sa sobrang enjoy n’ya, mega lafang ng fudang dito at doon ang hitad! Baka makalimutan na n’yang mag-planking n’yan, eh, ni hindi ko pa s’ya nakitang may abs in her pictorials. Ang siste kamo, eh, baka maging Rabiya 2.0 s’ya na lumubo kaya naging mukhang punggok! Kaya ang ending, lotlot sa swimsuit round, at naging mega-matet sa bashers! Saan ang himala? Kalokah.

    Two weeks before the pageant is very crucial, especially kapag body physique ang pinag-uusapan. Ang mahirap n’yan, baka months before, todo-gym si Cheleste, tapos biglang huminto ng gym routine n’ya before the pageant, magiging beefy talaga s’ya n’yan. Hindi naman beefcake hunter ang lalabasan n’ya, noh? Kalokah.

    That’s all.

    • Kung mukhaan? Celeste looks like any other Italian woman. Not even Monica belluci level. Mas maganda si Miss Italy sa kanya 🙄. Syempre sasabihin mo mukhaan since mahilig ka lang siguro sa mestiza.

      • Ha??? di hamak na mas maganda si Celeste sa kay Miss Italy noh. I know, sa Pinas gandang ganda sila kay Anne Curtis or Liza Soberano pero dito sa US regular lang mga ganda nila. Ang ganda ni Celeste pwede beauty queen and high end supermodel. Si Italy parang womens basketball player lang ang peg. Sa mukha pa lang benta na kaagad si Celeste. si Miss Italy, kailangan pang ilagay sa lugar at pag debatehan pa kung saan sya nababagay. Si Celeste maganda talaga kahit itanong mo pa sa lahat ng continents sa buong mundo. Si Miss Italy, sa asia palang marami ng tataas ang kilay.

    • Ana, someone commented ( apparently a well traveled person) that Celeste looks like a European escort in the middle east. What can you say about that?

      • That’s just an opinion. You can say the same thing kay ZZ tonzi or any other girls. It doesn’t change the fact na magandang walang flaw. Yung mga nagsasabi jan ng nega.. nitpicking na lang dahil wala na talagang masabi

    • @Yna, that’s your opinion. But, why do many pageant fans and sites pick Celeste as one of the frontrunners, if not their top choice? Does that mean you have poor taste than the rest of us? If that is so, why do you insist your unpopular opinion?

      Girl, I have also met several Italian and European girls in the past. While they do have very pointed nose, rosy white skin and hazel eyes, they are not as appealing as Celeste. Celeste’s face is Hollywoodish, full of X Factor.

      That’s all.

    • Nalokah ako sa ‘beefcake hunter’, Madame… Ang alam ko, lang, along those lines, ‘Beefeater’ (a brand of Scotch, no?).

      MARAMI na ‘sila’ du’n? Akala ko, as per previous post, Celeste traveled alone & Mrs. Jonas & Voltaire will follow AFTER the New Year… Madali, ba, makakuha ng USA visa ngayon?

      And as per concerns of post-Yuletide bloating, I suppose included in that entourage is a dietician, or at the very least a health professional (no, I’m not implying she’s sickly or anything like that). Guys, let her enjoy the time there. Allow her the freedom & prerogative to make what she feels are the appropriate choices for her. She’s with people she trusts.

  5. Let’s hope MUP will not experiment with Celeste, the way they did with Rabiya.
    From amateur hideous wardrobe designers, to lackluster preliminary and final performances, the overtly done visits to Pinoy households, the bosom enlargements,
    the preoccupations with media postings, and just plain disorganized, disjointed presentation and overall packaging. #MUP

  6. Andito na sa aking state si cheleste .hays Medco maiinis kayo sa national costume 😂 pero ang gown bonga day.

  7. There are high expectations from many, including myself, that the final two standing is Philippines and USA.

    However, with the untested and new ownership of MUO the element of the unexpected and surprise factor looms large in my thoughts. Enjoy the journey Celeste.


  8. USA and Felepens for tough 2 is going to make everyone’s brain explode…hihihi

    Advantage- Philippines!!! Hihihihiu

  9. Uyyy gusto ko ito. Bakit nga ba need magsuot ng napakagarang damit kung hindi pa naman diretso sa venue.

    Good luck, Celeste!

  10. Nagkakatalo lang c Celeste at USA sa interview. The clear winner is USA 😊 unless mas gusto MUO Ng tahimik at okay lang. Then, Cortesi wins😆😱😊
    Pero kung gusto Ng MUO Ng full-charged battery. Then, USA wins😊 cherette lungs.

  11. Palusot, ka, pa… Very clever. ❤

    I tried pulling this exact same diversion in elementary school. But my delivery wasn't as seamless as yours.

    (Anyway, we welcome the return of the TV talk show host to — . It is now OK for all of us, here, to be not OK.)

  12. Love the Hoodie & No Make Up look for an Airport Send Off

    Ground Breaking ka Celeste!


  13. Celeste’s facial beauty, well-proportioned figure, wit, and composure make her a strong contender for the crown. Celeste has all the goods already. It takes only the stars to align for her on the coronation night to make her our country’s 5th MU.

  14. What “further training” could be had in the USA this holiday season? Nothing much perhaps, especially if the requirement for competitive edge in this MU edition is quick-wit and track record of community leadership, attributes no crash course can draw in or enhance on anyone. I agree with @AWL that Celeste’s strongest rival for the crown is Miss USA, a fellow Filipino halfie. With such a formidable contender, I hope MUP is able to give her an intense training beyond simple “acclimatization”. So, good luck!

    • I was thinking the same thing when it comes to what “further training” there could be. Perhaps a good part of it is to get Celeste acclimated so that she will not be jetlagged when the competition begins.

  15. Sylvia Celeste, as you leave the country for your MU journey, I wish that the MUP Team have provided you with a fabulous training. I expect a signature walk, at least, something that would put your name on the MU map. I also hope for an outstanding evening gown from our local designer. Others say powder blue gown suits you, but I say color red compliments your skin tone.

    You deserve a legacy, a footprint, a stamp in this MU journey, Celeste.

    When Catriona was just crowned Miss Universe Philippines, many Filipino pageant fans thought she could easily bring home the MU crown, until Tamaryn Green bagged the Miss Universe South Africa crown. I believed Team Catriona prepared well for her greatest competition in the pageant, Tamaryn. And the rest, they say, is history.

    So far, Celeste’s strongest MU crown contender is Miss USA. I believe that they will be the last two women standing come January 15, 2023.

    That’s all.

      • ‘Ah, laglagan na! 😦


        Anybody in need of some ‘enchantment’ can anonymously (hidden/encrypted) comment to it. I won’t see it, of course.

        Be quick. Once it clots, it’s game over. While fresca.

        (I just concluded a thunderstorm. I’m REALLY UPSET right now!!!)

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