18 comments on “Why should I be the next Miss Universe – Celeste Cortesi weighs in on the question

  1. Last year , Miss Brazil was trumpeted as the face to beat.. and for sure she will be in the top 3 on Finale Night … but alas, at the preliminaries , she faded away

    Who will be the heir apparent to Brazll this year ?
    Colombia yes/no
    Venezuela yes/no

  2. Celeste’s edge over the other delegates (specially our SEA shupitbalers) is her authentic, real self. She is uniquely beautiful inside out w/o having to channel her over-all packaging similar to previous popular Ms. U winners- She Is NOT a copycat of anyone. Aside from her stunning looks, she has this pleasant demeanor and speaking characteristics that is endearing to the listeners. She may not be as deep and soulful as Lara, Sushmita, Zozibini and Catriona in answering questions, her spontaneity and sincerity is enough to traverse through the heart & soul of anyone asking her questions. Anyone can be inspired and relate to her. Win or loose she is Miss Universe 2022!

  3. basta wag lang po i-overhype na parang kay HA…kung si Karen M ang inilaban malamang pasok sa banga sa taste ng mga hapon. ❤

  4. Im not a fan of Ms Cortesi but her look today I believe is enough to land her in top 5.

  5. Di pa nga umpisa yun laban sa January 2023 , eh may nanalo na!
    Nagka-goosebumps ako sa yo, Celeste!
    Grabe talaga, parang nakikita ko si Ate Cat sa yo.
    Now you really speak with clarity and most importantly, I can feel your sincerity (from the heart and not delivering a declamation piece)
    Maintain positive vibes and energy until the Finals!
    Crown or no crown – we are sending you our prayers and moral support!

  6. And I believe in your answer, Celeste (Cheleste)! Moreover, I believe that you can win the MU crown👑👏🇵🇭

  7. Djusko nakikinig sa kin!!!!! She said the R- word…. Relatable…..hihihihihi cherettttt!

    I think she reads this blog and finds wisdom from us…

  8. Amazing body
    Her face has improved a lot . Wala nang fakeness
    Pero bakit hukot????

  9. Arriving early , destination : New Orleans
    Be careful in New Orleans … I hate to say but they are the crime capital of US dethroning St. Louis, Missouri … and coincidentally, St. Louis played host to MU too back in 1983 ( Lorraine Downes , Rosita Capuyon )

    Best wishes and congrats in advance !

    • Speaking of Cita Capuyon who was Best in Swimsuit in her 1983 Bb batch, she placed 13th in the swimsuit preliminary. That was the last MU batch that had the top 12, then top 5 format and the first year of the Little Sisters. If my memory serves me right, the first ever semifinalist in Miss U history to sashay onstage with a little sister was Lorraine the eventual winner for 1983. Coincidentally, the last semidinalist in the 13 esitions of the Little Sisters’s appearance was the late Chelsi Smith of Texas who was named Miss Universe 1995

      • yes to all … Pinas should have been in top 12 in 1983 instead of the Norway delegate who looks like a giant blonde amazona , and she was not even good in Q&A as a ‘could have been’ redeeming factor …

        I think of Iceland in 1992 when I think of Pinas in 1983 , both of them almost made the semis and more deserving than at least one of the ones who made it ( in 1992 , Sweden was kind of tied with Iceland for the 10th slot but Sweden was ‘preferred’ ? )

      • @jaret, yes they were tied when the numbers were rounded off. But I think Sweden pulled through coz she had a higher interview score. The memories have dimmed haha

      • avid MU fans watch youtube of old MU pageants over and over again especially during MU season like soccer fans watch old videos of past World Cups … !

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