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  1. Norman,
    You just mentioned NOLA for New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Is this just a coincidence or a premonition that R’Bonney Nola will be the next Miss Universe?
    If the new owner is business savvy, USA should be the best choice heaping the best of both worlds in pageantry considering RBonney is Filipino-American.

    • @JustPassingBy, with the branded pageants ME, MI and MS crowning titlists from countries within major continental spheres of influence (Asia for ME, Western Europe for MI, and Africa for MS), what is not taken yet? The Americas, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and as @Edible Flower volunteered, Central Asia. On political economy considerations however, the USA is the most strategic country to pluck from the next MU queen. The reigning Miss USA is half-Filipino whose long-time advocacy project in Texas directly benefits the Hispanic community. In terms of fan base therefore, the potential sphere of influence already counts two continents with the most formidable number of followers– the Americas and Asia. Her track record in community organizing and leadership could easily spill over to corporate boardrooms, government halls, and the academe, in securing sponsorships and partnerships.

      • If MU is to crown a spokesperson who can jumpstart its business under a new ownership, that person may yet be Miss USA.

      • If I may butt in, …. 🙂

        Regardless of who wins, another vital factor that has repeatedly been discussed here over the last few years – & in particular just as Pia won also on a December – is the OWNER of the organization. Hers was the first under IMG. If I’m correct, the 2023 January NOLA edition will be the last under their helm…

        Pia, Iris, Demi-Leigh, Catriona, Zozibini, Andrea, Haarnaz..

        ‘Andami’ng napag-usapan dito about IMG, versus Trump era, the dynamics with TELEMUNDO. And I just thought how Mr. Trump, under his care, crowned a Russian & certainly through his business connections was able to bring the pageant to Crocus City. Then just recently, how IMG being owned by Jewish-Americans surely paved the way for the Eilat hosting despite a raging pandemic, leading to an awkward situation with Islamic participants (like two ASEAN neighbors)… Even Venezuela had to get approval to join!

        Is this what you were referring to as POLITICAL ECONOMY?

        I’m very excited to see where JKN will take this brand. I’ve always seen~considered Thailand neutral, so I hope that will mean a much more broad & diverse business circle.

        Then, I suddenly feel very naive, as though I completely missed something basic… ❤

      • @Edible Flower, political economy of beauty contests simply refers to how a pageant organization is managed or governed, taking into account its political and economic environment. Pageantry is a business. Just like any business that aspires for growth and stability, how do you think it should behave in a political and economic environment? Isn’t transactional politics pretty much the norm? Haven’t you in the past sniffed some instances of countries being awarded the title because “it can do something for our business”?

      • @Edible Flower, it is from this political economy perspective that I think the New MU is better served if it bestows the title to Miss USA. An alternative scenario could be Miss Bahrain, or any of the well-spoken reps from the debuting Middle East. While the fan base may presently be very thin, the corporate sponsorship base could be hefty. Besides, she could provide the “silk road” to the huge frontier, albeit Muslim, pageantry territories in Central Asia.

      • So, essentially it’s about BEHAVING… Kahit ano pa ‘yun’g ecosystem na pinadparan mo.

        I can agree with some of the readers that an American win is the most logical~sensible short-term gesture~’solution’… Anyway, 10 years ago, na, ‘yun’g huli nila’ng panalo. At the very least, kailangan ma-restore~rejuvenate kahit paano ang interes ng America kasi, after all, we agree that the American character of this brand be preserved~upheld.

        Then, it will be up to the New Ownership to sell it to that new frontier, saan man ‘yun.

        Ngayo’t pahupa na ang pandemya, sana naman maka-viaje ng todo-todo ang mananalo!

        If ever, would that be the first time an American wins on home soil?

      • @Edible Flower, glad you mentioned about the need for the “American character” of MU brand to be sustained. That is a very important point from the branding perspective! Add to this patently American brand personality the Millenial and GenZ spirit of supporting companies that reflect their values on societal change and you have the makings of a superbrand.

  2. Her bf is such a hunkie cutie…hihiihihihi

    Celeste, mag ingat ka at susulutin yan nii choltaire!!!! hihihihihi

  3. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Celeste has a very good chance of winning the MU crown

  4. Rabiya 2.0
    Sorry to say but Celeste reminds me of those aging Russian escorts in Europe and in the Middle East. Hope her aura will change during the competition.

    • @JustPassingBy, although I’m not as brutally frank as you, I see the point from someone well-travelled as you. Our halfie beauty queens will not be noticed in a mostly white community because she looks just like them– unless maybe they walk like a duck the pasarela way. But when they talk sensibly in an engaging tone like Pia and Cat, that’s when you see their commanding presence. Unfortunately, much of the training our reps receive is on the physical side. While we produce experts in walking like a duck, we also produce nice-to-gawk-at humans who talk like an intelligent duck.

      • Scorg, looking at Pia she clearly looks Eurasian. Catriona not so much. Rachel looks very Filipina na mestiza? She is a carbon copy of her mother. Gazini is racially ambiguous. MJ looks obviously Arabian. Venus looks like South Indian pretty much. Lol

  5. Donning MU 2002 Oxana Fedorova (dubbed as the most beautiful MU). ❤️

    She’s more confident and relaxed. I think that’s very important.

  6. From this day onward, our daily prayer shall be that all the stars constellate in Celeste’s favor.

    Celeste’s total look is screaming Universe. Her aura says that she will go to New Orleans to win the Universe. I just hope that she will keep the momentum from Day 1 ’til the end, and let no other take that away from her. We all know that R’bonney Gabriel can play her magic charm so well, and in a snap can shake Celeste. So, Celeste should be aware of that.

    Best of luck, Celeste.

    That’s all.

    • Oh, and oh…

      Pauline Amelinckx is back. She is getting slimmer. I hope she’s up for another try because she deserves something big than national. The Philippine sash across her torso is emanating. Pauline, please try Binibining Pilipinas. International is waiving, dear.

      That’s all.

      • Nope. Forgettable. Nothing spectacular. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Wala.
        Beauty is bland and very typical. Not something you will turn your head the second or third time. Just like the Borongan lass.

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