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  1. So when will Montenegro compete at Miss Eco 2022 ? Best wishes for one step up improvement from 1st ru ( Eco Teen ) to the crown & title ! Great Job, McLelland !

  2. First Runner-up and Best in Resort Wear is good enough. Congratulations Miss Philippines! Hindi pa naipapanganak ang susunod sa yapak ni Roberta Tamondong Miss Eco Teen 2020.

  3. Congratulations to Ms. India and Ms. Philippines.

    Let us be magnanimous in Victory but also be gracious in Defeat.

    Q&A is really a dicey segment. On one hand we want spontaneity (or at LEAST sounding spontaneous and natural) but on the other hand (which is left. Lol), we want someone who is cohesive, with substance, and with all the formulaic world peace spiel (remember Sandra Bullock’s answer about stricter parole violation answer, receiving luke warm response). As Ate Vi would say, “damaged you and damaged if you don’t”. Lol.

    So far, bar none, the only Filipina queen who was able to capture candidness, fluency and substance was Catriona Gray. All other queens’ answers were clearly rehearsed answers. Not that it is bad, just an observation that Ms. Gray embodies that balance and should be the peg or standard for all other aspiring queens.

    World Peace.

    • Cat’s answer at MW sounded very rehearsed
      And so was her answer at MU. Didn’t Nicole say she knew what Cat was going to say word for word at MU? It just didn’t sound rehearsed as English was her first language

      • Agreed Fabian. I am sure all beauty queens have standard, go-to, stock answers. Lahat naman ng answers will eventually lead to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. That’s why I said they should “AT LEAST” sound candid. And Catriona perfected the use conversational / filler phrases or gestures to pepper her “rehearsed answers” that made her sound so natural..

        You know what Steve….

        Are you happy to see me Steve?

        I represent 110 million Filipinos …(spoken with so much glee and enthusiasm)

        I don’t know if that Nicole really said what you claimed she said about Catriona’s speech. Nicole, she for me is one rehearsed, trying hard candidate who never gets tired riding on her runner up finish on a third class beauty pageant in a year with very weak batch of candidates. She, I find so fake and pa sosyal. She is not worthy to hold a candle to Catriona.

        World Peace.

  4. Topic: Mental Health

    Philippines: During the pandemic I myself have been a victim of anxiety. I experience a lot of anxiety throughout the pandemic and I’ve found the importance in taking our health especially our mental health. Today I stand here today not only representive of my country but also the representative of the youth who struggled throughout the pandemic, who experience the same stress and anxiety that I’ve had and I stand her today and I tried for them and I speak here today infront of you today spreading awareness and I hope to change the world and bring positive change not only our present today but for the generations to come.

    Topic Climate Change
    India: Thank you for the topic and Good evening ladies and gentleman. Climate change is very big issues these days. We as human are the cause of the climate change, We can’t blame anyone else, we are the cause and we have to change it. Nowadays , temperature are rising, just because of us. The Glaciers are melting, the species are dying they’re getting extinct. It is us who have to change this. So let’s come together and make this decision today. Let’s come together to change the world for a better generations. Thank you so much

    Philippines tried her best but she was obvious nervous as she discuss about her topic. Until next time Philippines.

    • Ganyan, din, ‘yun’g DALOY ng sagot ni Felizarta….

      REDUNDANT. SAME POINT regurgitated enough, so as to consume the allotted time.

      Guys, HUWAG UBUSIN ‘YUN’G ORAS. C-O-N-C-I-S-E. And choose just one (1) aspect, ‘di kailangan’g isuka lahat ng sentimiento.

      This ‘tsunami’ style of Q&A attack needs to be corrected~addressed. It’s now evident it will be the brake that will stop us in our tracks, just within a hair width of the crown. 😦

      • I wouldn’t over-analyze it. Both Philippines and India were redundant in their answers and neither provided any insight on how they plan to contribute towards any change of some kind. I think what we’ve learned in all these pageants is that despite what is said in the Q&A, no one really knows what will appeal to the judges in the panel. Even the commenters on this blog each have a different set of winners. So, different judges, different winner.

      • THEN, I thought, kung ganito’ng attack mode ang nag-a-assure ng Runner-up placement at the very least, then yeah, let’s use it for the time being… 🙂

        Naalala ko ‘yun’g sinabi nina Resham nu’ng na-feature sila sa CNN Philippines (there was a post on this, too!). When you’re up there, your mind goes blank, you can’t see anything (or the audience, for that matter, because the spotlights are directed straight at you), & you don’t even hear yourself because the sound system is oriented AWAY FROM YOU (towards the audience/judges, no?)… Nerves.

        Maybe the redundancy is a way to ‘refresh’ the mind when it is overloaded… Like ‘yun’g training sa (BEEP!) na i-di-nescribe ni Nicole Cordovez, na they deliberately distract~disturb you.

        Oh, well. We will have to trust the Q&A coaches. They will implement what they deem necessary. Thanks, @ Lily!

  5. Congratulations!

    Bibo si Hostess. “… Who is the lady in (the) black (dress)? India?… OK. (Now), join me in announcing the winner…”. 🙂

    Naalala ko, tuloy, ‘yun’g hosting ni Toni Gonzaga sa BBP… ❤

    Natural blond, pala, si Dr. Rezk…? Right? I mean, I haven't seen her hair any other hue.

    (At this rate, I would not be surprised if Mr. I launches Miss Grand Teen.)

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