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  1. Stop diminishing Justine’s performance by saying her answer was rehearsed . Gazini was rehearsed when she obviously did a recitation of her fake advocacy
    Justine , on the other hand , answered the question directly ,
    As for Catriona, Nicole said she knew exactly what Catriona was going to say word for word during the final Q&A .

  2. If Japan is part-Pinay , then go after her to join and most likely win the crown for BbP International , a lovely rep of Pinas in a Japan-based beauty pageant ! …

  3. Japan is beautiful too so congrats to her.

    What I like about Japan’s answer is the overall simplicity of it.

  4. Congratulations to the two ladies, Japan & Philippines! ❤ ❤

    We can expect a tourism blitz of Vietnam, the host country, as part of Ms. Hanawa's post-win responsibilities. Was this at Phu Coq, which hosted MGI (Clenci's batch, 2017?) & is the site of that pearl farm company which designed the 'peach blossom' pink pearl crown for MI recently (past post with Mr. Stephen & Queen Bint)?… 🙂

    Anyway, since this is a MWP franchise, too, I'm currently watching an ad production hosted by a former MWP Princess (2016, co-Princess of Lemonon) for a pharmacy store chain… Ano'ng age ceiling dito? Baka puwede'ng i-appoint!

  5. Oten tih cityyyy.

    Yes, it’s Japan’s authenticity which made her win the pageant and blocked Justine’s chance for the crown. Stepping on to the shoes of the audience and the judges, I would appreciate the simple yet come-from-the-heart answer of Japan. Justine’s answer sounds rehearsed, which I already anticipated, considering her years of practicing pageant QnA.

    Congratulations, Miss Japan! Also, thanks Justine for representing the Philippines.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, is this another case of overtraining, to the point that the authenticity is lost? Or is this another case of packaging our rep based on an unfortunate misreading of the specs of the search?

      Time now for Philippine pageantry to learn how to unlearn?

      • @scorg, we have been churning them out by the dozen.. I would go for simple conversational English that resonates over the rehearsed responses that include motherhood statements and allusion to Mother Theresa

      • St. Teresa. Mayroon pa, ba’ng, nag-i-invoke sa kanya?… The last I heard was Edymar ‘s speech in 2015.

        “… Who does not live to serve has not lived”.

        About our wordy~dizzying style at the Question Round, I thought all along the MANY occasions in which pageant candidates engage in casual chat with online pageant media personalities would constitute sufficient rehearsal in that regard.

        Or, is it simply a matter of mastering when to just zip it? May content, naman, tayo kahit paano… We’re like a tsunami; we just keep coming. How to be concise? Grammarly?

        (At, take note. ‘… ACTUALLY…’ strikes again! This has to be our single biggest flop as a sash.)

      • Or you’re just over analyzing? If Justine came unprepared based on your standards, surely she’ll get bashed.🤣😂. Naka 1st runner up na nga, sisihin pa rin dahil sa sobrang preparation?hahha.

      • It’s overtraining on the QnA aspect, Scorg Dear. If the answer to the question is formulaic, it becomes a recitation. I’d love to hear from a candidate an extemporaneous answer that comes from the heart.

        That’s all.

    • Ana Winter, you have always been antagonistic against Justine – DON’T FOOL US! You called her hipon, remember? And now you are looking to diminish her feat by blaming this and that. Your unsolicited advices are cringy and reek with a know-it-all air of stupidity.

  6. Kasi naman si Justine Felizarta. Nahiya pang itodo yung pagpaparetoke niya. Sana dinagdagan pa niya yung surgical enhancements para nanalo siya.

    Yung photoshoots niya pati masyadong conservative. Dapat mas naging daring pa siya. Haha.

  7. I am glad that Miss Tourism World 2022 is over. It is time to move on and hopefully in 2023 will be a better year for the Philippines. Congratulations to the Filipino Japanese Erina for winning the crown and Justine for being the First Runner-up.

  8. Japan deserved it. Hindi talaga pwedeng Philippines palaging manalo kahit best in Q&A pa.

  9. Congrats to Ms Japan.
    Congrats to Ms Philippines as well.
    The only concern is that there are still a lot of Pinoy pageant fans who do not know the meaning of being graceful in defeat kaya ayan puro pintas agad kay Ms Japan sa mga pageant sites and pages. These are the Failipinos who cheapen the image of the Filipino pageant fans 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • What we should instead do is reflect back on why despite the superior Q&A performance our bet still did not measure up. Perhaps her packaging did not consistently highlight her high intellect yet engaging personality. What we saw were photoshoots portraying her as a sizzling calendar girl, not your amiable tourism poster girl who can talk about the cultural, historical and sociological context in promoting a place and a people. The winner looks and sounds like your friendly next-door neighbor who, despite halting English, speaks from the heart how she appreciates you and how she intends to tell others about you. This winning glow may have consistently been projected throughout the competition.

    • When I saw Justine’s photo releases portraying a her as a sexy sizzler, I thought right away her handlers may have misread the tourism advocacy of the pageant. And it was a sad disservice to the real Justine that I knew in her pageantry journey– the eloquent speaker, the engaging conversationalist.

      • @ scorg…agree aq sa assessment mo, especially re: “ill conceived poster.” Kung yun ang dahilan why she didn’t win (packaging), I guess we’ll never know.

        That said, if the winner will “tour” the world as part of her reign, I’m sure she will highlight the beaches,etc. Anong isusuot nya? So in a way, in my opinion, may slight connection din yung pictorial nya.

  10. What you have learned in your journey in Vietnam that you could take back in your country?

    Japan: Xin Chao Vietnam. I love Vietnam people and this experience is so amazing for me and I want to share my country Japan how Vietnam people take care of me and how Vietnam people so nice and I am so happy, thank you, I love my time.

    Philippines: Xin Chao everyone and Mabuhay.Travelling to Vietnam is very especial to me beacause this is actually my first time in Vietnam and it’s also my first time to travel after the pandemic and I must say that it’s mades me open my eyes to travelling again because I was able to witness the Heritage sites such as Trang An which is a Unesco Heritage site here and what I’ve learned is that the beauty in a place is in it’s culture, historical places, tradition amd most of all the warm and hospitality of all you people because you made us feel like it is home and I hope that when I share my experiences to the Filipino people they would love to be here in Vietnam as well as and use tourism to connect with others. Thank you!

    • I know right?

      Ang theory ko nga… if your judges have limited English understanding, the best strategy is to go the Japan way with her limited English vocabulary. In short, nag kaka intindihan sila. Lol. Si Justine may mga open my eyes, open my eyes at culture, historical, tradition eme eme. Hahaha.

      Susme naman kung ganyan ang Tourism Queen, anong tour ang gagawin nya? Sya ang tour guide for field trip ng grade 2 students ?

      In all aspects, face, Q&A, pasarela, taob kay Justine e. Si Japan, parang constipated mag lakad..tama ang name nya…Eri na, parang na iiri. Lol. Haranawa pa tubayan sya. Lol.

      World Peace.

  11. Hmmm. I only saw this clip of the Q&A and based on that, the runaway winner should’ve been Justine — in answer, beauty and poise. Perhaps Japan was super outstanding in the other categories (whatever else there were) but based on that Q&A, I would’ve placed her in last place. I can’t imagine a pageant, as small as it is, and with the pretense of having the promotion of tourism as its main goal, have someone like Japan win. Oh well. Congratulations to all the winners.

  12. Justine is definitely the most articulate among the Top 5. I hope that gift of gab was consistently projected all throughout the competition. The basic imagery of a tourism spokesperson is that of an engaging conversationalist with a touch of intellectual depth, not the sizzling body beautiful calendar girl image that even got an entry in this blog. Congrats just the same.

  13. Injustice.

    Not sour graping here but if the only basis in determining the placements of the top five was the Q&A, susme naman… milya milya ang lamang ni Ms. Philippines or even Ms. Russia for that matter.

    This is a classic example when fluency in English became a disadvantage.

    My theory is, the Vietnamese judges with their limited English understanding, understood more Ms. Japan with her limited English vocabulary. Lol. In short, mas nag connect si Japan with I LOVE VIETNAM PEOPLE spiel than Justine’s speech about tradition, culture ek ek. Yung answer ni Ms. Vietnam, parang mag to tour guide sya sa elementary students. Lol.

    More than the Q&A, when Justine descended the stage in that beautiful yellow gown, I thought the game was over. Congratulations Justine.

    And congratulations too, Ms. . Japan, Kakai Bautista! Lol.

    World Peace.

  14. Japan is cute and ‘at-the-moment’ , no pretensions … but I think the crown should be Justine’s … Supra is on the horizon !

    • Congratulations! Justine is definitely the most articulate among the Top 5. I hope that gift of gab was consistently projected all throughout the competition. The basic imagery of a tourism spokesperson is that of an engaging conversationalist, not the sizzling body beautiful calendar girl image that even got an entry in this blog.

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