16 comments on “Hannah Arnold: Glam Video and Preliminaries for Miss International 2022

  1. My Top 10 in random Order:

    Cape Verde

    Dominican Republic

  2. Mabenta, talaga, Hong Kong sa MI. Lagi’ng included sa Promotions… I guess expats skipping back & forth between Tokyo & there are the intended audience. 🙂

    (Did I see correctly? Hasn’t snowed in the capital yet?… Or, it’s typically not snowy?)

    Mr. Blogger, konnichiwa! Kailan, po, ang NatCos showcase at Evening Dress Prelims?

    Kinakabahan, ako, kay Peru. Baka ma-Paraguay (MU 2021) ‘to’ng bata, super-hype maipanalo, ta’s… 😦

    Indonesia is interesting. She looks different in her Saldana Xmas glam photo as her turn in the hotel video (where she reminded me of Tracy Maureen Perez). Is THAT what’s meant by ‘looking different in motion’? I swear, it’s two totally different people!

    Czecha is a natural ‘carrot top’? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME AN ALPHA PAGEANT CROWNED A REDHEAD?! ❤

  3. Hannah’s beauty is an MI beauty type … Peru the apparent leader however has a beauty and body that is greatly suited for MU and can really fight well for that crown.

    Be that as it may, Peru will be Hannah’ spoiler and in my top 9 (10th spot rsvd4 Japan)
    Costa Rica
    Cape Verde
    El Salvador

  4. Hannah must win or at least be the first runner-up! Peru is the most favored to win. If not lahat ng Bb.Pilipinas Queens ay zero for at least a podium finish this 2022. Mas magwawala ang mga HINDI makamove on na self declared pageant analysts and gurus sa pagiwan sa BPCI ng mga alpha pageants. If ever this happens, magiging official na kalevel na ng Mutya ng Pilipinas at Miss Earth ang BPCI as just a minor national pageant serving as a training ground for future major or alpha pageant beauty queens. And with the rumor Catriona becoming the host of Miss Universe, iiwan na rin ba nya ang BPCI? Wala ng panghatak ang Binibini para makapagingay, hindi na talaga siya the “MOST prestigious”. Kaya dapat Hannah must win (or 1sr ru), otherwise….. hahahahaha!

    • Madame, buy for us, @ Throwbakla & myself, that new variegated Plumeria at Jatujak!

      Get, for me, the one with plum~mulberry flowers… I don’t know which color TB prefers…?


      Just for a chat, if Ms. Arnold finishes as a Runner-up, the 2022 Class will be like the 2019, where only Konsehala Bautista managed… At least, lahat nag-place : Gazini, Patch, Emma, Resham, &…

      (Ay, hindi pala… Si Sam Lo.)

      But that means 2022 would have done better. Let’s be positive thinking, please! Nagbabadya, ‘to’ng, results ng Eco-Teen International (A&Q si McLelland, right po?). Buhay pa, pala, ‘to’ng Bandicam.com! When I watched MI 2016 live, it was the bandicam feed/stream I was following… ❤

      (OK na 'ko'ng nakasalita sa Speech Round si Kylie. Nu'ng in-announce na'ng 1st RU si Australia, sabi ko sa sarili ko, "mananalo si P-group…". Then, "… Meeeesss… PEEELEEPINS"! I was shocked & delighted in equal measure. I muttered to myself, "… 'ay, (BEEP!) nanalo. I was rooting for Poland, si Magdalena Bienkozwscka….".)

  5. Very best wishes to Hannah !

    To Justine , Congrats and maybe next stop is going to be Supra which increased the age limit for candidates

  6. Congratulations Maria Angelica Pantaliano for your award Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2022 at the Miss Tourism International 2022 beauty pageant. Mabuhay Philippines

  7. Dapat kay Hannah iwasan nya ang masyadong straight hair kasi mas nagiging bland ang beauty nya. Dapat may konting volume.
    Diosmio yan ba ang prelims ng MI? Que mas horror! Nasan si Anna Winter-L?

  8. MIss Toursim World 2022 Vietnam Edition

    Miss Toursim World 2022 Japan
    1st Runner-up Philippines
    2nd Runner-up Vietnam
    3rd Runner-up Russia
    4th Runner-up Nigeria

    Congratulations Justine! Mabuhay Philippines

  9. Anu na mga camatchile? Mukang naglaho yung kinang ni mare. Anyhow atlwast nag enjoy sya sa Japan. Better luck next time. Yung next naman wala rin suplada tignan yung mukha 😂

    • 3 things…

      1. Better mag-alaVivian Urdeneta look si Hannah s Finals… feeling ko bagay sa kanya.

      2. Their photoshoot was way too much edited pero hindi nila kasalanan un. Naging malaLars Pacheco na itsura jan ni Hannah.

      3. People are all pointing to Miss Peru as malakas pero feeling ko mas papaboran pa ng MIO si Miss France.

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