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  1. MIss Toursim World 2022 Vietnam Edition

    Miss Toursim World 2022 Japan
    1st Runner-up Philippines
    2nd Runner-up Vietnam
    3rd Runner-up Russia
    4th Runner-up Nigeria

    Congratulations Justine!

    • Based on their glam shots I think
      Miss Poland
      Miss Philippines
      Miss Colombia
      Miss Costa Rica &
      Miss Cuba
      are strongest delegates

  2. Parang hindi naman ganyan ang hitsura nila sa mga pictures.
    Karamihan sa kanil mukhang “motherly” mga lima lang yata ang talagang maganda

  3. JawzKuh 😱
    Ang daming puedeng koronahan. Umaarivah Ang mga Latina. Parang puro latina na Lang Ang Nasa Top 3. Magkakatalo na Lang sa performance from day 1 until the final question during coronation night 👑

  4. Bad news first. THE FONT. I hardly can read the country names! 😦

    Good news. Compliments on the Holiday~Yuletide theme!

    Questions :
    1. Is that Italy between Indonesia & Jamaica?…
    2. Who among us, here in the blog, is (currently) Japan-based? Reportage, din, sana.
    3. What are foreign pageant fans saying about this shoot? Naalala ko, tuloy, nu’ng Mr. Saldana did the Supra guys back in 2018. Gifting theme by the fireplace. ❤

    My 12-Cut (Speech Round na 'to, no?) consist of USA, South Africa, Peru, Mauritius, Jamaica, Norway, Malaysia, Green Cape, Costa Rica, Germany, Philippines, & India.

    Of the three continental queens I voted for in the Choicely App, I'd safely reserve a slot for India in the Final 5. Philippines, of course… Either Mauritius or Jamaica. NORWAY & MALAYSIA WILL BATTLE FOR THE CROWN.

    Notes :
    1. A Latina looks like what Cat might become in her later years.
    2. Another Latina looks like a softened/less angular Mariam Habach.
    3. Can Costa Rica, Peru, or USA join the inaugural Mutya International next year? 🙂

    (PS. Guys, nagpaparamdam si Batchelor! Ano na, ba'ng, ganaps sa kanila? Na-OT ako, sorry.)

    • Speaking of Ivan Batchelor, parang nawala yung youthfulness nya based sa mga latest posts nya sa Insta.

    • (Cont.)

      To add to @ bong700’s comment (above) on Performance as vital criterion, also the say of the SPONSORS. Recall, kaya binawi ‘yun’g age ceiling na 29 (ibinalik sa 28), said Mr. Steven Diaz, the sponsors… So, sino-sino, ba, sponsors ng MI every year?

      1. The Miss PARIS Group – a beauty & wellness spa in the Ginza district of Tokyo, no? Sila, ‘yun’g, sa previous post, facade ng building nila? They’ll probably have a handful of other contestants to join the winner & Runners-up as ambassadors; maybe they want to position themselves to expatriate women as THE ‘beauty-&-wellness-go-to’ when in Japan. I wonder if they approve of my suggestion to have more Africans…? Not a race thing, but I find skin the color of warm~rich earth timeless! I think there’s three (3) in my 12-Pick. Cabo Verde is/was Portuguese territory in Africa, right? Didn’t @ Scorg mention the country when ME was happening?…

      2. Panasonic – is into mostly consumer electronics, so they’re probably using the pageant to introduce new products to the ladies. One of us said South Africa is a doctor. Maybe she’ll get insights on the stuff/gadgets.

      3. The local governments of the host cities – Dito, malamang, papasok ‘yun’g UGALI. 🙂

    • (Cont.1)

      I reckon the photo editing – ‘retouching’ – is an AI thing with the new equipment. On the one hand, data security so that not just any online Tom-Dick-or-Harry can steal identity.

      It’s so prevalent now – ‘photoshopping’. There must be a valid reason! 🙂

  5. Check Laos. The angle of the face and the body doesn’t seem to align. Anyare. Hehe

  6. Still banking on Hanna’s personality to set her apart from the rest . Hoping she gives a moving message on finals night

  7. the lovely ones kinf of have the same look in these glam shots … but some stood out…. Spain, Slovakia, Philippines ….

  8. Hannah seems to losing that winning glow. Daming magaganda this year. Sana bumawi siya sa advocacy niya. Dapat rin maging a bit aggressive naman hindi pa w effect lagi. Feel ko Europe or South America ang winner this year. Sayang kasi Hannah and her team had more than enough time to prepare and make bongga her presence ala Kylie Versoza when she competed in her year.

  9. I thought they were so gorgeous… until I saw Hannah, who doesn’t look like Hannah at all.

    The photos were overdone.

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