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    • Well, maybe the Viet host/venue can use a change in paradigm… The quintessential Viet queen has always been on the soft~delicate side. Can they warm to the ‘fit woman’ image? Think of Lala Guedes… ❤

  1. Baka magalit iba dito. Maganda si Justine sexy pero mukha syang late 30s early 40s sa picas na yan. Ibalik ang freshness please

  2. I hope Justine has more time and opportunity to project her real beauty– her intellectual prowess. Her personal brand in previous national pageants projects a very articulate conversationalist. It’s disheartening to see her being portrayed as a liquor calendar girl when she could be the human parallel of “Intel Inside” tagline. I think she’s a person who can competently talk about the economics, sociology, technology and even politics of tourism, even of ecology and medical tourism. She should not sizzle; she should soothe and cheer.

  3. I am excited for the two gorgeous Philippine representative competing the crown, the same title but in different countries. Jem Videl Triviño Arias for Miss Tourism World 2022 in Sri Lanka and Justine Beatrice Dellosa Felizarta for Miss Tourism World 2022 in Vietnam.

    *Justine Beatrice Dellosa Felizarta
    Bb. Plipinas 2015 – Top 15
    Miss Universe Canada 2017 – Top 10
    Bb. Pilpinas 2021 – Unplaced
    Miss World Philippines 2022 – First Princess / Appointed Miss Tourism Philippines 2022

    *Jem Videl Triviño Arias
    Miss Tourism Philippines 2021 – Miss Tourism Philippines – World 2021

    Successful Philippine Representatives at Miss Tourism World
    Suzanne Park Fahling – Miss Tourism World 1995
    Michelle Reyes – Miss Tourism World 2002
    Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz – Miss Tourism World -Asia 2013
    Marian Angelu Alcantara – Miss Tourism World -Asia 2017

  4. She is beautiful. To those who are mocking her face – show your face so we can also judge it ha ha. I bet you that Justine’s face is 1,000,000 times prettier than yours even on her worst days!!!

    • Isa pa tong gagong bakla na to – kala mo kung sinong guwapo haha! Mukha namang butete!

  5. I’m wondering bakit sa isang photo ang laswa ng projection ni Ms Felizarta. Who ever coached her to do that should resign. Its confusing and alarming what she tries to convey. In my opinion, Tourism delegates should project an aura of innocence, sweetness, youthful, and decency.

  6. Nice body pero hindi sya kagandahan na mejo tanders ang itsura.
    Sana magandahan ang mga judges sa kanya. Yun lang.

  7. the crown is hers as long as she keeps it together … another feather in the cap of the minor worldwide pageants for Pinas !

  8. I have to be honest she looks way better when she was candidate in Miss Universe Canada 2017. I know she went under the knife a countless times but she needs to know that her doctor botched her plastic surgery.

    • Madame, I’ve been stalking, here, for now seven (7) years (chanced upon it December 2015), WALA pa, ako’ng, nabasa’ng kabayan natin, woman or man, na maayos ang ‘pagkakagawa’… Kahit ‘yun’g mga ‘nagpaayos’ sa (State of the USA, south, the one with the other ‘Hollywood’ & hosted MU 2000).

      What, exactly, are we doing wrong, or not doing, that we seem to always end up looking worse?… 😦

      • Commonly botched cosmetic enhancements ng mga pinay BQ
        – overly done nose bridge (basta tumaas at magkanoseline lang)
        – no alar trimming (galit na galit alar flaring pero matangos pa din daw ex. Maggie W.)
        – no fixing of nose tip (bulbous, too long parang Marian Rivera)
        – no refinement of bridge angle (hook nose, or Pia W. na inverted arrow ang nose sabi ng mga Latina)
        – addictive yata talaga kaya once ipagawa more more more fillers kahit di na proportion (Kylie V)
        – sobrang laki ng veneers (MJ L.)
        – sa sobrang laki ng veneers naiiba na lapat ng muscles ng cheeks
        – uneven veneers kaya bumabagsak isang side ng face (Roberta T.)

        in the case of Justine Felizarta, parang botox and filler issue kaya parang lukot lukot ang muscles same kay Vicky Belo.

      • (Cont.)

        Sa mga hari natin, naman, very obvious the nose procedure & the skin whitening… Glutathione lang, ba, ang tangi’ng ‘fast method’ to clear up a guy’s skin, pronto?

        Anyway,… All the best to Justine tonight! ❤

  9. I don’t know what kind of “tourism” this pageant is promoting. Lol. Is it sex tourism? I just love how the letter “N” in “FILIPINAS” neatly swaks her groin.

    And yes, nice body but the face kinda promotes an exotic type of tourism. Pang Cafe Havana ang beauty nya. Lol.

    World Peace.

  10. Gosh, Huwebes na pala… ‘Di, ko, namalayan ang mga araw. 😦

    Nakatag si Mr. ALV. That means this is (also) a license in his portfolio! All along, I thought ikinuha rin lang, din, ng (two-letter-pageant-camp-sans-ampersand) for another one of their veterans… 🙂

    (I guess it won’t matter whether or not a sash will be given come Finale. Basta hawak mo ang prangkisa, appoint. Congratulations again, Justine!)

    • Ang weird, lang, talaga.

      Everyone was up in arms when Justine got none of the titles at the MWP 2022. Ngayon, in-appoint para, finally, magkaroon ng pagkakataon sumabak sa Pandaigdigan, bigla’ng nagbago ihip ng hangin… Why didn’t we hear this back then?! 😦

      (‘Yun’g isa pa’ng Prinsesa’ng inuudyok mag-MUP, ingat lang, po. If they could do it to Justine, there’s no reason they wouldn’t do it to you, too…)


      • @edible flower

        Honga sana palaging maaraw dito sa blog ni Tito Norman para manigas na ng tuluyan ang feeling relevant as if naman mukhang tao na mga trolls na yan. 🤨

  11. She’s got beautiful body, but horrendous face. Hipon 2.0 si Justine, pero malay natin patok sa ibang bansa ang ganda n’ya. Sa mga girls na nagpapagawa sa doctor, dapat piliin nila ‘yung mga expert sa retoke. If Justine had money, she’d opt to go to Korea for the aesthetic job.

    That’s all.

  12. As a poster girl for tourism, Justine is more than just a beautiful body. She’s got a very beautiful mind. I hope the latter is highlighted more. Tourism after all is about promoting the spirit and essence of a people and a place, the inner beauty of humanity.

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