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  1. OFF TOPIC: Fox is out and NBC & Telemundo is in for MU2022 television broadcast

    Harvey is out as host. I hope hope hope they bring back Thomas Roberts from NBC to host MU 2022 with Jeannie Mai who is also from NBC !

  2. Miss Supranational is still on a brand-building mode, with its “Inspirational. Aspirational” messaging launched in only a little over a year. From this context, the stand-alone staging of MS Philippines is part of the brand integrity management of the MS franchisor. Brand integrity is a measure of the crucial perception people has of an organization. A brand with integrity is one that’s aligned across the board: everything from messaging to the product is designed with a specific purpose in mind-– and that should resonate with the right people. The focus has to be on a consistent, consumer-driven experience for brand message to reach target audiences. Keeping that integrity and cohesive message on all-fronts turns audiences into into brand advocates. Every time the organization misses the mark on a brand promise, it risks losing some of that precious integrity it has built up in one image-damaging swoop.

    • There’s so much choice out there these days—MU, MW, ME, MI. Fans usually aren’t confined to one pageant brand. It’s essential then, that there’s something differentiating one from another-– and the weight that integrity brings does just that. Being a brand with integrity uniquely positions the brand within the market. The combined oomph of being a trustworthy brand, with a powerful purpose and plenty of advocates in the market, is a kind of brand strength that gives a pageant its differential advantage. Given ALV’s track record, is MSP up to the mark in building and maintaining the brand integrity of MS organization? Fans are cynical. Having a stand-alone pageant with a heavily edited branding message just won’t cut it anymore. It has to be seen as a brand with integrity, to be seen as authentic, and has to be at some perceptual distance from the other branded and non-branded pageants in ALV’s portfolio.

  3. I like Alison Black dahil graceful at smart pero sana next year graceful at smart at ganda na walang away padala natin .Tingnan nyo na lang gang katanga si Praew yun runner up fr Thailand.
    Competition kasi yan dapat laban na laban sa lahat ng aspeto

  4. With too many pageants ongoing, am afraid fans will lose interest, and focus on the big pageants. I think pageant organizers should think about it too. Also sponsors…..sponsor will just select pageant that is of value to them

  5. Bakit ang dami pa ring bitter at hindi makamove on na ang Binibining Pilipinas ay nilayasan na ng lahat ng alpha pageants except 1 (MIP) at MINOR but buzz creating pageants (MGI and Ms Supra.) Training ground na lang talaga ng mga future alpha pageant queens ang BPCI at kalevel na nya ang Mutya ng Pilipinas or maybe even Miss Earth Philippines. Yung Ms. Charm International nga sa MUP pa napunta. This should be the expected outcome after being considered the most prestigious local pageant for 50 years at least, but the most archaic. Binibini’s BEST years are a thing of the PAST now, and life must find a way to change and evolve. This is the Hard truth, DEAL WITH IT! PEACE!

    • Baks, walang bitter sa paglipat ng Miss Supra from BPCI…sinasampal lang tayo ng realidad na ayaw nating tanggapin na sa ngayon BPCI lang ang pwede nilang kapitan para umingay sa buong mundo kaya ipayapa mo yang isip mo na may bitter unless kaya mong lokohin ang sarili mo.

    • Try nilang ibalik ang Miss Supra sa BPCI para sa BBP2023, ewan ko na lang kung hindi umingay ang Miss Supra sa mainstream media at multimedia platforms…jan magkakasubukan.

    • Anne Nawat,
      Change is good if it’s for the better pero base sa nangyari sa MWPh parang nawala ang prestige na pati Miss Environment eh pinatulan. Kung ako si Julia Morley, di ko na irerenew ang franchise. Biro ang isang Alpha pageant tulad ng Miss World eh nakasabay sa mga 4th tier pageants pero ang 2nd tier pageants tulad ng MGI at Supra ay may stand alone pageant?

  6. Sa umpisa, stand alone pageant si Supra PH, pero a year after, may idadagdag na naman na ibang titles si 🤡 at magiging smorgasbord na naman ang coronation night that will have a 10-hour airtime in which the contestants will faint out of fatigue and shiver out of hunger 😅

  7. Papalo lang naman ang Supra kapag binalik na sa BPCI…simpleng sagot at totoo para umingay ang Miss Supranational sa buong galaxy.

  8. Notes:

    1) And yet another stand-alone pageant. Fatigue will not only be felt by fans but by the girls too. The tendency is that losing girls from the earliest stand-alone pageant will join the next pageant, and the next pageant, and the next pageant, all in one year. So the last stand-alone pageant, mga latak na yan.

    Even for the re-joining girls, it will be more costly. They can not repeat a gown, a national costume.

    Ideally, there is only ONE pageant and all the best girls will slug it out for ALL the titles. Oh well.

    2) Some questions : photo above:

    A) First photo: Is our candidate for Supra the charming lady in black? Sana naman, para ma-iba iba.

    B) Ano kaya ang pinag chi chismisan ng dalawang mag kumare sa upper left, at dalawang mag kumare upper center?

    C) Second photo: Who is the tall AFAM (A Foreigner Assigned in Manila) na ang posing is right foot forward? Jowa ba nya yung ka -akbay nya na bitin ang maong pants?

    D) Bakit parang nag Re reklamo ang mga shirt buttons ni Arnold at Gherard? Parang gustong pumiglas. Lol.

    E) Lastly, what is Edible Flower doing and commenting sa “RD Dantes, Hot Men in the Philippines” site?

    World Peace.

  9. I agree with 4M, having national pageantries left and right make fans pageant fatigue, especially if pageant orgs do not make the coronation as refreshing or glossy as it gets.

    I don’t know why Arnold Vegafria has to dwell with three nationals in his helm when we all saw in prior years how lowly he came up with pageant finals. If I were him, I should focus on managing talents. There are a lot of gay people who can run pageants according to their course with whole lot of creatives and flamboyance.

    That’s all.

    • It’s obvious he is using pageantry to launch & manage new celebrity blood. Given na ‘yun. And show business is the logical next-step after beauty contests in most folk’s minds.

      The separation of the three is probably seen as a hopeful gesture. Let’s give it a see!

      But, yes. Para hindi ma-burn out ang followers, i-stagger niya. Huwag overlapping. He has, now, a mechanism in place wherein Handlers/Managers can come to him in advance to negotiate which ‘package/bundle’ they want for their wards. It’s an altogether different business model, indeed!

      (If, as a result of this partitioning of resources we begin to see marked improvement in our placements in the respective international pageants, he will be vindicated & we will all eat humble pie.)

  10. At some point, people will start having a case of pageant fatigue unless the team comes up with unique ways to make them different from each other while keeping the fans entertained without sacrificing the prestige.

  11. It seems Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski is desperately needing some help from the Philippines. I am sure Lipinski knew that without the crazy support of the Filipinos his Miss Supranational will not going to survive. March is fast approaching and I am pretty sure Arnold Vegafria is busy looking somebody to appoint as a representative of the Philippines to Miss Supranational 2023.

    • Serves him right fir msking the decision to drop BPCI as its Philippine franchise holder. I give them the benefit of a doubt that they ate going to stage a grand salvo first pageant.

  12. 🙂

    So, the ALV Pageant Circle NOW consists of THREE (3) stand-alone contests – MWP (with Eco-International & ReinaHispanoAmerica), MSP, & MGP.

    ‘Eto, na! Laglagan na. Jinx, na, kung jinx… ❤

    MWP – (fill in the blank, pero sige, 'yun'g request ni @ Fabian Reyes na classy-alta buena famille manor-born)
    MSP – Tyra Goldman
    MGP – Chella Falconer
    MEcoPhilippines – Lakrini-Valencia
    ReinaHispanoAmericaFilipinas – MUPDavaodeOro 2021, that lovely dusky-Kayumanggi discovery by Mercator.

    Ta's, sina Angela Teng AGAIN at 'yun'g pinagkaguluhan last year na 'fresh na fresh', #38 sa Callback, another dusky-Kayumanggi sight-for-sore-eyes. So 'devastating', I forgot her name. 😦

    (Guys, you want Jasmine Omay & Yllana Aduana to try?)

    • (Cont.)

      So, March 2023 ang MSP, “… by mid-year” ang MGP, which means MWP ang climax contest!… Sounds consistent with the current schedule/calendar, with Poland in the Boreal Summer (~August), Mr. I’s by ‘ber’ months (Boreal Fall, or has host Vietnam provided another date?), then Ms. Morley’s by year-end towards 1st Quarter of the following year.

      At least our bets will have at least a month or so of preparation. Also, like what happened with Sgt. Pajares, it’s sensible to prioritize candidates with existing passport credentials. Otherwise, the lead time is crucial for the processing of the Schengen visa!

      To @ THOMAS,

      C. AFAM-type is the Creative Director of MSO. Whoever that guy is in ‘bitin’ denim, we can be sure he is as important for this endeavor as the lady in black is. ❤

      E. May VIP reader sa blog na 'yun. May kapangyarihan'g magpanalo! 🙂

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