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  1. That LUMINOUS quality Ms. Hannah shares with Ms. Lucy, the translucent skin as though glowing from within…

    @ Cool Brew I’ve, also, seen the lady in the flesh. 🙂

    ‘Pag fair-skinned ka, ‘di babagay ang puti at pales~blushes… GO DARK, dense & deep!

    The semi-noir ensemble, above, is on track.

    Attention, A&Q. Know, in advance, the stage for the 13th. See if our bet can wear a black gossamer off-shoulder gown. NUDE LIPS. Maybe just a bit of color to make the EYES POP.

    • (Cont.)

      ‘Asa Osaka City pa ba siya?… Baka puwede’ng magpabili sa isa’ng store du’n. A&Q, abonohan niyo, muna, please. ❤

      – xoxo –

  2. Gone are the days when girls compete as themselves. Nowadays, they have to put on a different persona to suit the template. In a way, just like how you apply for a job which is to put your best foot forward.

    • @Cool Brew, it’s because of the overemphasis on winnability. Pageantry has become a veritable business where suppliers go to the extent of producing candidates that go through an assembly line operation, and at the end of the line package them according to the specs of the “trading post” under various branded and unbranded labels (MU, MW, ME, MI, etc, etc). Assembly line operation includes actual production of manufactured nose, lips, eyes, jawline, hips, hair, skin color/ tone, etc. The packaging section, euphemistically called “training” makes them walk like a duck, and talk like an intelligent duck. And of course the styling– making halfies look more Oriental, and the exotic look more cosmopolitan.

    • The major markets of this global industry are Third World countries, notably the Philippines, Latin America and Southeast Asia, where frenzied consumers literally fight online for supremacy. These are also the countries where local assembly line operations abound. Latest indication seems to point to Asia as the emerging hub of international “trading post” for this supply chain, with stakeholdings of big players going to Asian hands.

  3. Some commenters here react as if they know it all. Don’t lecture me about the difference between MU and MI. What I’m pointing out is she’s not standing out and it’s not about the strategy that her team is telling her to do. But @Scorg is right, we’re in for some surprises considering the shift in MIO’s search for its next titleholder.

    • @Cool Brew, whether Hannah’s demeanor and styling is her true self, or drawn from the branding playbook of her handlers, I think there is a serious misreading of the personality required of a spokesperson for “Beauties for UN SDGs”. MIO is in an “age of discontinuity”, from the trite “world peace” messaging to the more proactive “development” advocacy. The usual prim and proper imagery of its queen, I’m afraid, may shift to a dynamic, spirited, and driven persona. I hope Hannah’s handlers recalibrate their expectations and make immediate adjustments.

  4. Is Peru really her stiffest competition ? …or is it Costa Rica , Spain?
    Peru has not won MI yet but the other two countries won MI already

  5. For now, i am placing her at top 5. As I mentioned in the prior post, despite the smaller than usual number of competitors, there’s still a good amount crown contenders besides Hannah.

  6. Her clean beauty sweet personality and manner of speaking will set her apart from the rest

  7. Wala winning vibe kay Hannah, sa tinagal tagal ng preparation. O baka yun na nga yung nakapag pa umay, yung tagal ng preparation.

    Wala eh, natatabunan sya. Enjoy mo na lang Japan vacay.

    • @nica, i thought i was the only one who had the same observation. Pretty but very bland personality. Parang Lucy Torres na classically beautiful but zero sex appeal. I saw her in person and that’s the vibe she’s giving me. Prove me wrong Ms. Hannah

      • She is NOT competing for Miss Universe. She is competing for Miss International and she is so on track!

        So, there should be nothing to do to prove you wrong po.

      • Hannah’s styling and demeanor in this competition, as seen from press releases, seem to reflect the traditional template of an MI winner– demure, soft-spoken, laid-back, conservative. Fine. But I’m afraid the new MI brand messaging, “Beauties for
        SDGs”, may require an entirely different imagery for its spokesperson. I hope I’m wrong but I sense a beauty paradigm shift in this MI edition. What persona would effectively lead the global drive on “Beauties for SDGs”?

  8. Pang auntie get up nya tagal nagprepare pero kaedaran ni lucy torres na ang damit. She was even my mi ph since 2019

  9. Medco hindi consistent si mare . Minsan maganda minsan hindi. Plus sa dami dami ng magagandang outfit minsan baduy.

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