11 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2022 Victory Party

    • … She already goes down in pageant history as the inaugural host delegate of MPI!

      This is exciting, as :

      1. Here’s an opportunity to see a new brand take its maiden voyage! More importantly, it will be, as though, a proverbial ‘Phoenix-from-the-ashes’ as we anticipate a revitalized national organization reconfigure its global contest.

      2. We, finally, have a beauty contest SPECIFICALLY with the Philippines as the advocacy. Needless to say, local fashion designers will have a field day… Recall that fashion design student from Isabela who did NatCos for some African delegates at MU recently? Has he finished his studies? I, for myself, would appreciate an exploration of CULINARY TRADITIONS. Will they have a ‘sinigang’ challenge? If so, who among us here will serve on the Board of Judges? 🙂

      3. Since Ms. Gibbs won, hopefully her province can host at least some pre-pageant activities. No, I don’t think it’s necessary to turn it into yet another tourism blitz, pero sana well thought out ang mga engagements so that everything will look seamless~harmonious. Huwag, po, ‘yun’g laktaw-laktaw…

      4. One of us (I think it was @ Ana-WL) said the stage looked ‘nice” (my apologies, Ms. Ana, if I misquoted) & I agree. Kahit ganu’n lang – classy. In that regard, they’re on track!

      5. Obviously, MPIO (Mdme. Cory & Mr. Yuson) are offering franchise. Imagine if on their first year they can (already) match, if not exceed, another home-grown international pageant attendance-wise, that will speak highly of the duo. But that’s ‘putting the horse before the cart’ (tama, ba, @ Scorg?); tumulong tayo para maging matagumpay ‘to.

      PS. Mentioned by Mr. Blogger that the MAPI is now owned by someone else… Abangan!

  1. I was expecting Japor to make the semifinals , but instead Okoi made it … not knowing anything about their speaking skills, I say Japor is ahead in regards to physical beauty

    • Both are MUP alumnae. 🙂

      One made it as far as the poll-driven Top 50, I think. It was at that juncture when the Org sat down & made the Final 30~…

      (Thus, was she booted out, & we never heard her in the preliminary Question Round.)

      Speaking of speaking skills, last year (Bea Luigi Gomez’s batch) was a MUP candidate who works at a wind farm & went to her college graduation by motorcycle (pressed for time). I wonder if Mdme. Cory & Mr. Fred Yuson like backstories like that.

      Also, JEDIDAH! ❤

    • Siya, po, ba ‘yun’g naka-beige gown sa Finale?

      Rightmost in that Coronation line-up shot (earlier post on Mutya ng Pilipinas 2022 winners)? 🙂

      (Mutya Mindanao is a Leren Mae lookalike! At least here.)

    • I agree with this … about Robinson

      middle three above on couch, the best three , the future for MUP and BbP

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