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  1. I agree with most of the comments here about the too provocative outfit of our rep. This is a teen pageant. If the Best in Resort Wear is one where a Band Aid may be an alternative cover for one’s private parts, and considering that the host venue is a conservative religious country, I begin to doubt about the credibility of this pageant. Maybe “eco” means “economy”, not “ecology”, as in “less is more”?

  2. I was looking all the pictures of Francesca Beatriz McLelland during the Best Resort Wear competition, all I can say is that she is wearing too provocative and it’s disgusting for the beach resort. Roberta Tamondong wear a descent and classy beach wear with sarong and she didn’t win during Best Resort Wear but she went home with the crown. Beatriz should learn something from the winner.

  3. Miss Eco Teen Philippines 2019 Mary Daena Zaide Resurrecion – Top 5 Finalist
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines 2020 Roberta Tamondong – Miss Eco Teen International 2020
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines 2021 Tatyana Alexi Austria – First Runner -up

    Looking at the previous title holder and the current title holder of Miss Teen Philippines. I don’t see it that she will duplicate the unforgettable winning performance of Roberta Angela Tamondong. My crystal ball says her best placement is Top 5 Finalist.

  4. Congratulations 🎉
    Thailand is very beautiful ❤️
    OOT: napanood nyo Po ba Yung MIQP 2023. Bongga Ang lavanan mga vavaeng ikogan nga gavasa diri. Hihihihihi 😊
    Betlog ko c Doc Barbie Ng Zamboanga City. I hope he/she’ll win🏆

    • Betlog ko si Maki Miss Mandaue, Super Sireyna Queen of the Sky a.k.a Jennelyn Mercado

  5. Congratulations!

    (Young lady has a killer Swim walk. Review the 2022 Nationals & be convinced.)

    Ano, nga, pala MINIMUM ages ng MWP titles? When will that day come when the Court will consist mostly of below-20’s? And elder Princesses…. 🙂

    MW – 18?
    MS – 17
    MEcoInt – 20+
    MEcoTInt – 15?
    RHA – ?

    (And with Veronica Pitteri’s win as 2022 WTM, isn’t it that 16 is currently the minimum age for modelling in Paris? So, do the figures reflect that shift towards the upper teens? Didn’t one of our Queens win when she was only 15? But, that was decades ago…)

    • (Cont.)

      In reference to one of the tagged articles (is it appropriate to say that?…), Missy Bea has a camp sister whom I would not mind seeing again on the pageant stage… ❤

      (Brown University is in Canada, isn't it?)

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