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  1. ‘Visayas’ is now ripe for appointment! Puhon…

    Stints in Binibini’ng Cebu, MWP, Hiyas ng Pilipinas, now finally cracking a Top placement.

    May she not end up like that teacher from Pasig City who joined all three BIG Philippines Nationals, semi-finalizing twice, & in all probability now over-aged for another try but like this one at least has a Runner-up ‘coronita’ to show for her persistence. ❤

    (And, another one from the Visayas, hope she gives Mutya ng Pilipinas a try. A two-time Binibini… An Ilongga, to be exact. The one the TV talk show host from 2 derailed with that oddball question on Finale night.)

    • Oh you are referring to Karen Laurrie Mendoza. I think she should try other pageants as well besides BP. Now there is MUP, MWP, MEP, MNP, HNP (Hiyas ng Pilipinas by Eva Patalinjug), and others I don’t want to mention…..

      • She could represent the Philippines at Miss Earth in Vietnam next year kaso parang mahina ang kokote eh di pede sa Miss Earth

    • (Cont.)

      Judging from the extensive discussion on the apparently Runner-up titles (below), & the behavior of the audience as the names are titled off (parang lupain, lolz), you sense as though the ‘LuzViMin’ sashes are more coveted… For some reason. In any case,…

      … ‘Visayas’, here, I’ve not seen more lovely! No wonder she bagged a crown. 🙂

      (Hawig, niya, ‘yun’g mabait na roommate ni Cat sa Thailand back in 2018.)

      (As for the Ilongga, I’m optimistic. Time will work its magic.)

  2. Kawawa si Iona. Parang hindi mkaka compete. Sana siya nlang sa Tourism International.

    • To answer your query:

      “On July 27th 2022, a press conference was held in BGC (Bonifacio Global City), Taguig with the organization reverting back to its former honored and dignified name of Mutya ng Pilipinas. In its 52nd year, with the collaboration of the dynamic-duo of Cory Quirino and Fred Yuson, a newly-conceptualized international pageant is to emerge later this year titled Miss Mutya International. This pageant will objectify the vast culture and heritage of the Philippines which will be conveyed to the rest of the world in its inauguration and in its ensuing years. Furthermore, the Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization and its global pageant elaborated its core principles and mantra of inclusivity and sustainability.”
      “This will be the launching of the newest international pageant christened as Miss Mutya International with its concept analogous to the likes of Reina Hispanoamericana (held in Bolivia), Miss Continentes Unidos (held in Ecuador) and the erstwhile Miss Maja International (held in Spain), for which later became Miss Maja del Mundo (translated as Miss Maja of the World which was moved to South America) until its final stages in 1995. Miss Mutya International will showcase the Philippines’ tourism, costumes, customs, culture, and traditions to the rest of the world.”

      Iona won Mutya ng Pilipinas for Miss Mutya International 2023.

      • I checked the MNP website and they officially translated “MUTYA” as “JEWEL” instead of PEARL. Mutya (noun) in actuality can be referred to as JEWEL, PEARL, DARLING, or CHARM. Back in the 70s, there was an international pageant Miss Darling International as well as Miss Charm. Now, Vietnam has opened a new pageant commencing next year as Miss Charm. Our first delegate will be Annabelle Mae McDonnell who is preparing extensively with CHELESTE as shown on YT.

      • I double checked and it was actually titled Miss Charming International (not Miss Charm Int’l) which was only active from 1971 and 1972. BP 1971 1st runner-up, Milagros Dorado Gutierrez (acquired the first Miss Charming Pilipinas title) and Miss Charming Pilipinas 1972 was Maria Isabel Dacanay Seva.

      • How about Miss Asia Pacific International? Mutya ng Pilipinas was the owner of Miss Asia Pacific International too but why don’t Mutya ng Pilipinas winner go to Miss Asia Pacific International

      • Miss Asia Pacific International is owned separately now. The Mutya ng Pilipinas winner will go to the first ever Miss Mutya International (think Maja Internacional) in 2023.

      • Miss Asia Pacific International has been postponed/cancelled/discontinued temporarily for three yrs now. Don’t count on that. NEW pageants has been spurting here and there and it is about time for Cory and Fred with Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization to have there own that will be a counterpart to the TOP TIER (the Big 4) and 2nd TIER pageants. In fact, I overheard Fred Yuson during the launching back in July this year that he will try to ELEVATE his pageant to the likes of the BIG FOUR (MU, MW, ME, and MI) or perhaps incrementally or gradually.

    • @ Gabriela (below) has the answer, po.

      (Pakisabihin na, rin, sina @ Globeguy85 at @ AnaWL, above & below, respectively.)


      Teka nga, muna… Mr. Blogger, why do we have two readers asking whether or not the top winner will have an international assignment when the organization already launched their new contest to the Press some posts back? May issue~problem ba?… 😦

  3. Nagtagumpay halos lahat ang mga kalahok na banyaga sa patimpalak, sa susunod alam na ninyo. Harinaway magtagumpay kayong lahat.

    • I think they’re runners-up. Those titles don’t mean you should be from the the particular island/groups of island. It’s not the first time those titles were used for runners-up.

    • Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization have used their RUNNERS-UP as Mutya ng Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (as 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners-up respectively) since its inception in 1968 until 1977. They even included Mutya ng Manila as the 4th runner-up in 1968 only.
      Miss Republic of the Philippines on the other hand used the same titles from 1969 until 1976, then Mutya ng Pilipinas Inc took over the Miss World franchise in 1977.
      Like what Globeguy indicated, you don’t have to be from that geographical area or region to win those specific titles. It still in the Philippines anyways.

      • Is that similar in nature du’n sa pag-sash sa Miss Venezuela’ng ‘Delta Amacuro’, ‘Falcon’, ‘Bolivar’, ‘Leon’, ‘Amazonas’, ‘Distrito Central’, ‘Distrito Capital’, etc…? Meaning, NOT geographical per se but to denote attributes, like ‘Ganda’, ‘Talino’, ‘Tapang’, ‘Tibay’, etc…?

    • Prior to Bb Pilipinas, Miss Philippines for Miss International utilized the Miss Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runners-up from 1960 until 1963.
      Meanwhile, Miss Philippines for Miss Universe used the same with the addition of Miss Manila as 4th runner-up or 5th place in 1963 only. Then in 1964, they had 1st and 2nd runners-up as Bb. Waling-Waling and Bb. Ilang-Ilang respectively.

  4. I am just wondering who among them are the lucky one to bring home the crown from their respective competitions. Mutya should never send any representative to World Top Model, this is a very obvious cooking show like MGI. I am wondering if Cyrille Payumo went to Hungary for competition , fashion show, shopping or what.?
    I heard that Mutya will organize a new international beauty pageant Miss Mutya International which will promote the Philippines’ tourism, costumes, customs, culture, and traditions to the rest of the world. Let us wait and see if the new international beauty pageant will be.succesful.

    • The wine of Tokaj! ❤

      That, alone, is enough reason. Too bad, nga, late na nang pumunta. Nakaabot, sana, sa harvesting ng ubas… 😦

  5. Knock, knock!

    Who’s there?

    Ionna Gibbs.

    Ionna Gibbs who?

    (Perry Como enters the room):

    “I onna Gibbs, Ionna Gibbs my Love to you completely. I beg of you…I beg of you to listen to my heart”. Lol.

    World Peace.

  6. Can anyone tell me what was happening with Iona’s gown and why she obviously kept covering her coochie? Did the gown rip in the front exposing more of what was planned? It was pretty obvious, especially during the crowning, that she kept covering up her crotch area with one hand that she cannot even hold her flowers.

  7. I don’t know why they have to crown seven ladies when the ultimate winner does not know if she can represent the country on an international stage or not.

    Anyway, kudos to Ms. Cory Quirino for the successful run of the show. I loved the pageant stage, except that the production itself was quite distorted. Nakikita ang cameraman sa stage (very 90’s) at ‘yung mga host biglang hinahatak para pumasok sa frame. Kakalokah!

    That’s all.

  8. Ionna doesn’t wear venneerrs and look at that teeth! Long time investment in teeth is the key. She wore braces for the longest time.

  9. Shannon Robinson’s title of Mutya ng Pilipinas-Luzon is equivalent to her mom’s MNP 1st runner-up placement back at Mutya ng Pilipinas 1989 (batch of Estrella ‘Star’ Querubin and Lorna Legaspi). Her mom also won Best in Swimsuit and Miss Lovable awards. Shannon on the other hand won Miss CWC.

  10. Gibbs, Padrid and Robinson must catch the attention of scouts for MUP and BbP …

    • Baka puwede, na’ng, mauna si Klyzza Castro… Anyway, outgoing na siya & for that matter ‘di, ‘ata, nakapag-MAPI; I hope I am mistaken on that. In any case, she’s a ‘Davao’ sash! ❤

      (Hope Padrid is young-ish; seems WTMO prefers not in the '20's. But, will MUPO require residency? Arianna is from San Francisco, right?… BBP, yes they are strict in this regard. )

      Congratulations to the L-O-V-E-L-Y Court. 🙂

  11. The one on the far right wearing a khaki gown
    She seems to be the prettiest
    So they changed back to Mutya ng Pilipinas ? It makes sense

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