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  1. There’s a lot of pretty girls
    But I donot think they can top Hanna’s personality
    The only thing that will prevent her from winning is if the fact that the Philippines has already had 6 crowns and the last 3 winners have been Asian
    Also I hope she does not gain weight during the competition

  2. Despite the lower than average contestants, there remains a good number of quality and worthy competitors to Hannah. Peru is a standout- she reminds me of the Romanina candidate that placed a few years ago. Dominican Republic could do well at Miss Universe as well. Gorgeous beauty.

    However, I’m still putting my confidence that Hannah will pull it off. She has IT and MIO would miss on a big opportunity to crown another Asian winner as the face of MIO as it works on its search for future host countries.

    If I were them, I would negotiate a 2-3-year term to bring stability in terms of hosting. I think that one-year stint is a lot of work.

    • Romania, of late, was none other than Bianca Tirsin. ❤

      (Ahtisa's batchmate & co-Runner-up back in 2018 is, last I heard, on her fourth international pageant with Charm, against our Annabelle McDonnell… Bata pa, 'yan! Kaya, siguro, ganado sumali. Nagmintis, lang, sa MU. Supra was her first, also RU finish.)

    • Honga, po. I saw a photo of Peru… Hawig nga. 🙂

      On foreign (country/venue) hosting, it’s only a periodic thing; Japan remains the base. Nataon, lang, na 60th edition, ‘ata, kaya nag-shop-around… But, yes. It’s practical to keep the pageant not too far from home, so it’s safe to assume it stays within our side of the Pacific Rim… Timezone, wise, pabor sa ‘tin. And in any case, sina Mr. Steven Diaz ang nag-ne-negotiate ng mga bagay na ‘yan. Part of his job as Marketing Head of MIO.

  3. Did you know that Miss Earth is the youngest of the 4 Alpha pageants but it is one of the most participated ALPHA pageants second only to Miss World? In pageantry, there is only the so-called Big Four as distinguished and ranked by legitimate international media companies and organizations and not by one delusional fan who thinks possessing the credibility and have the disgusting gut to rank beauty pageants as they wish.

    • I am sure, many of Filipino fans did not like the recent ME staging. And it is so shameful to include it in the BIG THREE pageants. MGI is miles ahead better than ME in terms of pageant staging. What makes ME better than MGI is its fair judging. Huwag mo ng ipagpilitan ang ME. Hindi talaga nakaka-proud. Bonggahan muna nila ang production, ‘yung tipong dumikit man lang sa production ng pageant ni angkol.

      That’s all.

      • Lol Ana,
        Hwag mo ng ipagpilitan ang iyong guni-guni dear.
        Di mo ba pansin na inuulan ang mga comments mo ng dislikes.
        Sa ayaw mo man o gusto, ME is up there along with MU and MW at kahit gawin pa ng iyong tiyo(a) na 48karat gold ang kanyang entablado ay waring hindi nya maaatim ang narating na ng Miss Earth. Tulad ng sinabi ni Scorg, ang patimpalak karikitan ay hindi lamang nagbabase sa isang magarbong kaganapan sa isang beses isang taon subalit ito ay tuloy tuloy base sa kanyang isinusulong na adbokasiya.

      • And oh by the way Ana, Elle has likewise featured Miss Earth at hanggang pangarap lang ng iyong tiyo(a) lol.

      • As if obsessed ako sa likes, dear. Lol. If you only read the sentiments of many pageant fans in different sites, they already admit that ME’s staging is but ugly. PANGEEET! 😂😂

        That’s all.

      • Ana dear puhleaze stoff.. you embarrass yourself.
        The staging was not perfect but it was far from being pangeeet.

      • Why do you think I embarrass myself out of a cheap pageant when everybody knows that Angkol’s MGI staging is way better than Mess Earth? Ambaba ng standard mo, veklaver.

        That’s all.

      • What makes a pageant cheap is the attitude of the owner and the lack ot credibility in judging not to mention the exxagerated movements of its participants that one begins to wonder if it is indeed a beauty pageant or a circus show.
        The fact that a candidate who was not even a part of the top 10 suddenly becomes a Runner-Up speaks volume that it is indeed a circus show. Anyone that supports MGI after this incident is as disgusting as the owner.
        Don’t you notice that MGI participants keep on dwindling every year despite the owner’s persistent begging from different international NDs.
        Glossy production and after that, WHAT?

    • There is yet no published scientific study that deals with clustering and ranking of pageant brands. In marketing such study is called Perceptual Mapping. The analytical tool used is typically Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS), used to visually display the perception of the consumer toward the brand or product features. MDS displays the position of each brand relative to another according to two dimensions. Perceptual mapping usually has two dimensions, but can also have multiple dimensions. In pageantry the dimensions could be entertainment value, relevance, social impact, number of followers, etc. It would be interesting to see where each pageant is positioned relative to others along a certain dimension, say measures of relevance or measures of entertainment value. After all, a pageant is not just a once-a-year show but a year-round business operation ideally centered in an advocacy.

      • i hope someone conducts a scholarly study, or a Masteral Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation, on this. This will show the relative distance of each pageant brand along a certain dimension. Which pageant brands cluster along the high-entertainment-high-advocacy quadrant? What are their relative positioning vis-a-vis others? This will help potential corporate sponsors and institutional partners in deciding whether to collaborate with a pageant brand or not.

      • Until a scientific research is done on the relative placement of each pageant brand on a multi-dimensional grid, no one can definitively say one edges another. At this juncture in the life and dynamics of global pageant industry, this study will be helpful to everyone.
        Pageant organizations will be able to know their respective competitive positions for their planning and branding purposes. Prospective advertisers and corporate sponsors will be able to see the congruence of their own brand messages with the pageant brand essence. Finally, the general public will be able to confidently classify pageant brands.

  4. Some of the participants in Miss International 2022 are veterans in beauty pageants like Miss International Philippines Hannah Arnold participated and win in Miss Philippine Australia Charity Queen 2014. Miss International USA Corrin Stellakis who participated in Miss Earth 2016 where she ended up Top 8 Finalist but she assumed the title of Miss Earth – Fire 2016 when the original winner Bruna Zanardo of Brazil resigned. Miss International Venezuela Isbel Parra who also participated in Miss Earth Valenzuela 2017 but unplaced.
    Other participants that I would like to win aside from Philippines is Miss International South Africa Dr. Ferini Daya who is a surgeon and philanthropist in her country.

    • Sa madali’ng salita, your Top 5 has USA (Stellakis), Philippines (Arnold), South Africa (Dr. Daya), Parra (Venezuela), &…. 🙂

      (May I suggest you scrutinize the Europe delegates, para ‘continental’ ang sampling natin.)

  5. I wish to reiterate the ranking of the following pageants according to their significance, relevance, social impact, and standard:

    Alpha pageants in order:
    1. Miss Universe
    2. Miss World
    3. Miss International

    Beta pageants in order:
    1. Miss Earth
    2. Miss Supranational
    3. Miss Grand International

    Charlie pageants in order:
    1. Miss Intercontinental
    2. Miss Globe

    To MUPO, MWP, MEO, and BPCI: Yours are national pageants. To put a proper context, production wise, you should lord over local pageants. Pageant fans have levelled up their taste already. So, they are looking forward to witness a beautiful coronation night. Eh, mas magaganda pa ang staging ng Miss Sultan Kudarat, Miss Toledo, and Miss Oriental Mindoro kesa sa inyo, ah! Sa totoo lang.

    Neither are we satisfied to be behind Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia in terms of staging a beautiful coronation night. Tayo ang tinaguriang beauty pageant powerhouse and yet tinataob nila tayo sa pageant staging. Huwag n’yong sabihing it’s all about the winners. No! Pageant night is a show. ‘Yun ang pinnacle ng pageant process. So, hindi dapat puchu-puchu ang show.

    If I were you, you better seek the services of Ronald King. He is an event production stage genius. I am pretty sure, he won’t let you down.

    That’s all.

    • I’ve got so much useless time reading your useless self-imposed, self-serving post.
      And I wonder how much Ronald Queen, errrrr…Ronald King paid you to mention his relatively unknown name?

      • At sino ka namang poops ka? Hindi ka kilala dito. Layaaaaas!

        That’s all.

  6. There’s a lot of them Worthy of the crown 👑
    Good luck Hanna. I just hope you’ll bring home our 7th MI crown 👑

  7. Miss International beauty pageant is a class of its own. It has never bragged about its status: that it is supreme over Miss World or Miss Universe. Its consistency has catapulted its prestige as Alpha pageant.

    As regards Hannah Arnold, she looks calm, composed and possesses the qualities of a Miss International. But, I don’t solely focus on her. There are bunch of equally gorgeous ladies in the competition that also have bigger chances for the crown.

    I just wish that Hannah’s styling is not hit or miss. I just noticed that sometimes she looks old in her make up, not fresh, and then bounce back to a gorgeous her.

    All the best, Hannah. Make our country proud.

    That’s all.

  8. Yung make up ni Mare eh oily. Ilang taong nag aral ng pag make up failed parin.😂

    • ‘Di, po, ‘yan ‘greasy’. ‘Dewy’. 🙂

      (Kaysa, naman, nu’ng kay Atty. HEAVY eye shadow at that daytime baking/cooking activity.)

      Cute ni Costa Rica… ❤

      (My Choicely app continental selection includes Italy, Canada, & India. Who's yours?)

      • Costa Rica is definitely a strong competitor to Hannah Arnold and she can lose the crown to her. Costa Rica has won MI at least a couple of times previously

        Also watch out for Spain

      • Costa Rica is that Teutonic Latina some of us, here, in the blog yearn~pine for! ❤

        If Spain is also that (blond beauty, like Mirreia Llalaguna, Harriote Lane, or Sheridan Mortlock ), 🙂

      • Yes Costa Rica is in the pic above next to Philippines

        Spain is not in the picture above but I saw some pics and videos of hers and she seems to be good friends with Hannah already

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