17 comments on “Andre Cue arrives in Venezuela for Caballero Universal 2022

  1. As a Psychologist commenting here ,choz, Insecure yung candidate kasi lahat na yata ng jewelry nya sinuot . Wala bang mag turo sa mga hombre na jewelry dapat less

    • (Baka, po, may jewelry sponsor…)

      It doesn’t look too bad altogether, imHo.

      ‘Asa nagdadala din.

      And even if all pieces were personal, he may have decided it was the opportunity to finally wear them… It’s just a sashing, the beginning of the contest. Surely as it progresses, we should see a young man distilled to his barest essentials; that’s when~where a winner can be determined.

      (Nothing malicious intended. Uunahan ko na!)

      • Again as a Psychologist ,choz, ka cheapan ang tawag dyan. Dalawang kwentas,relo,Singsang, wrist band ewan. Cheap tignan. Sana naintindihan nya yung kanta sa tiktok

  2. Napaka fresh nya. Very sexy talaga ang guy na “shorter” ang torso and long limbs. resulting into a higher crotch. I think Andrew will do well.

  3. Andre John Cue is a very lucky man, he placed 4th Runner-up at Mister International Philippines 2022 and he was appointed as the Philippine representative in two seperate international male pageants. Caballero Universal 2022 in Caracas, Venezuela and Mister Teen International 2023 in Laos. Let us wait and see what this young 18 years old will bring to the pageant.

  4. He’s lost his sex appeal from that Jose Rizal haircut
    He should look at John Rapado Jonjep and the policeman for inspiration

    • I know the feeling, po. 🙂

      Nu’ng Baccalaureate Mass, namin, everyone clearly looked brand-new, as in LAHAT bago’ng top, halata’ng hindi pa nasusuot before (sa school). So, as I make my way back to my seat after the formalities, I run into a batch mate (iba’ng section) wearing the EXACT SAME… TAWANAN LAHAT. ❤

      (Are we all in the mood for a 3rd king by the 26th of a month of the first quarter of 2023?)


  5. … Vice Minister of International Tourism. Kung sa atin, Tourism Undersecretary sa DOT pero hiwalay, ba, functions/scope ng Local at Foreign markets?… Isn’t that interesting?

    Naalala ko, tuloy, noon’g around 2016, we sent female & male reps to a small pageant in BRAZIL, as in sa ilog, talaga, venue! The lady won; the ‘Philippines’ sash was licensed to a group of Italy-based Filipinos, the same one that sent (if you guys recall) Andrea Biondo to the country. The guy, I don’t know who sent him, pero from our end. Na-mention ko lang, kasi now we have these smaller-scale contests in South America na tangi’ng Asyano ay ‘Filipinas’ – RH in Bolivia, Reinado Cafe in Colombia, & now CU (here/this).

    (‘Cavalli’, in Italian)

    Cacao, ‘yun’g kay Jerelleen Rodriguez, was saan?

    UC is Ecuador; Camelle Mercado & Jeslyn Santos! But this is ‘Mittel Amerika’. ❤

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