6 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2022: Official Headshots

  1. Great looking ladies. Maybe it’s the set up and format, but the style of the photos reminds me of a yearbook.
    Outdated for my liking.

  2. 1) Is that Michelle Okol in the middle of the 31~37 matrix? 🙂

    2) … Megan Campbell on the upper-right hand corner of 19~24?

    3) … Which ‘bottom, center’ photo is South Cotabato? In 1~6? Or, in 31~37?

    4) Which matrix, po, si Biliran Province?

    5) Our rep at Tourism International (previous post), what was her Mutya sash prior to appointment? She WAS appointed, wasn’t she? No hate, just curious.

    Oh, my gosh. I can’t recognize Katherine Topsnik. 😦

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