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  1. The winner of Miss Tourism International 2022 Marima Suphatra Kliangprom was 4th Runner-up at Miss Grand Thailand 2022.

  2. so , is this another pageant held in Thailand ? … it’s a shame the two most populous countries , China and India , are not that much into pageants , just imagine if pageants became very very popular in those two markets …

    • Kucing, the capital of Sarawak. The pageant is Malaysia-based.

      India, not into pageants? Here’s the thing. Mas malaki pa, ‘ata, prize package sa Nationals nila kaysa sa makukuha nila in the international… So, hindi na, lang, sila maingay.

      China. Nothing ‘national~international’ happens without the blessings of the Party. That being said, once that is given, PRACTICALLY LIMITLESS.


      • Compared to Latin America and SE Asia fanatics, India & China are tiny. Miss World was kind of smart in courting China and having the pageant held there several times and crowning a couple of Miss China winners, so I guess Miss Universe is much much less popular in China compared to Miss World. The new MUorg owner will have a lot of work to do to upsize and upscale the MU pageant market

        India is quite different, though they have been successful in both MU and MW, it has not served as host for neither of the pageants. The fan base in India is very tricky because of the multi-religious mix of the country, you have several hundred million Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Christians who will always have different views about beauty pageants and women in society in general, will be difficult even for the new MUO owner

      • I get this feeling the two big countries refuse to engage MU as it is now. Maybe, they have very high expectations, kasi iisipin, “kung ganyan rin lang, mas matino, pa, pageant ko”.

        Did you see that India -based news channel on YouTube? Nanalo na, nga, sila (c/o Haarnaz),… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        Same news channel gave perspective on their SARS-CoV2 national vaccination efforts. Quite quickly, they jabbed 100m people. You’d think, wow! Then they reveal that with a population of 1+B, that’s only 10% of the populace, certainly nothing near herd immunity. But, just for the sake of argument if MUO’s Indian licensee just focuses on, say, Hindus & Christians, ta’s sa mga relatively secular areas like Mumbai (or, what MUP would designate as HUCC’s to target for licensing/partner accreditation), how hard could it be?

        But, yes. SCOPE & SCALE ang kailangan’g maipakita ng bago’ng May-ari para mahikayat ang dalawa na sumali sa paligsahan… ๐Ÿ™‚

        (Of course, it may have simply been that both countries’ leaders in politics & the economy didn’t want to have any dealings with the former owners of MU. ‘Eh, ‘pag ganu’n wala na tayo’ng magagawa.)

  3. Congratulations! An EYE-PLEASING Court (1st photo) in red, green, blue, gold, & silver.

    (The winner looks mixed-race, no? I was, in the last few days, thinking of MUT’s Eurasian Runners-up like Kim Docekalova & the Vonzurmuelen-I-forgot-her-first-name-sorry.)

    Honga, pala. Sa Kucing ang venue, kaya ‘Best in Cat’s Portrait’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mr. Blogger, good day! The other Tourism – World – kailan, po, ang Finale (Felizarta)?

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