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  1. I think Arnold is tarnishing the value of Miss World Philippines with the amount of titles available.
    It looks ridiculous at the crowning moment and c.25% of the 40 candidates are crowned.
    Just looks like a crowd and don’t know who look at.
    I would suggest they move some of those crowns into Miss Grand Philippines, and Miss World Philippines is standalone (or with Supra).

    • I agree. If there is one franchise that deserves to have a stand alone search/pageant, it’s Miss World. I wonder why Julia Morley is allowing ALV to mortify her brand which is as old and prestigious as Miss Universe.
      Let Supra, MGI and all those copy cats nuisance pageants under one roof.

  2. What a desperate user old fag!

    Anyways, my top 5 for Miss Earth 2022 are:

    The Netherlands (my favorite)
    Zimbabwe (another fave)

  3. sinuka ko n mgi, nka flush n sa inodoro… nawala n rin gana ko kay tamondong… nagpagamit eh

  4. WOW! Roberta Tamondong looks ravishing with that pricey Tom Ford t-shirt. I am hoping she will join Miss World Philippines after MGI.

    • That will be interesting.

      She was appointed by Mr. ALV to Eco Teen-International. Now that she’s 20 (celebrated her birthday while competing at MGI), CLEARLY pa’ng senior title na siya, if ever.

      Show business prospects seem to be a driving force in choosing between MWP & the-other-Nationals-that-recently-hosted-a-launch-at-a-mall-in-Pasig-City. The former has given its queens work on TV (Thomalla, Senoron, Teresita Ssen, to name a few), while the latter will now mean we can again hear from Gomez, Abalos, Supsup-Lee, & Schmidt.

  5. Nawat is starting to seek more publicity here in the Philippines to further promote MGP

  6. Bumabawi talaga ang Miss Earth Organization, ‘no? Andaming ganap ng mga Miss Earth candidates. Travel dito, travel doon. Kaya makikita mo sa mga candidates na happy talaga sila, lalo na’t marami ding locals ang sumasalubong at nagche-cheer sa kanila. Traveling in different destinations talaga ang isa sa mga habol ng candidates sa pagsali sa international pageants. Tapos nagkakaroon pa sila ng opportunity to learn our culture. D’yan pa lang, winner na sila.

    Anyway, here are my Top contenders in Miss Earth:
    1. Colombia
    2. Cuba
    3. Netherlands
    4. Australia
    5. Nigeria
    6. South Korea
    7. Belarus

    That’s all.

    • The Elemental Court, the Eco-tourism (5th) sash, plus 2 Runners-up… Tama, po, ba?

      4 + 1 + 2 = 7

      I like how the Elemental queens from previous editions host the online challenges. ❤

      • Pwede. But, for me, they are the frontrunners in descending order. Colombia has the crown to lose. Cuba is her serious competition.

        That’s all.

      • Agree with you, Anna. Cuba, even Australia, are getting serious inroads into the competition at this point. Why even Korea is a dark horse.

      • Cuba is a good speaker. She can be a mouthpiece of Miss Earth. She has a good backstory, particularly her journey seeking refuge to America from her native land, Cuba. Korea is charming. Ah, this year’s edition of Miss Earth is a congregation of finest beauties. Nai-excite na akong panoorin ang finals.

        That’s all.

      • The Elemental queens – Air, Water, & Fire – should be able to deftly host the online events & challenges for next year (Vietnam hosting). I noticed the difficulty with varying time zones, so your diverse continental selection will be a great help! 🙂

        Yup! Looks good. I have to agree.

        Mr. Blogger, did Mexico arrive? I recall that past post, na 87 arrivals + 2 on the way to make 89. Was Mexico one of the two? Curious lang, po.

  7. One thing for sure is that Nawat was in Manila to give thanks to his millions MGI loyal supporters. I was wondering why Nawat and his team didn’t go to Vietnam first, the venue of MGI 2023. I believe Nawat knows that MGI will not survive without the support of the Filipinos.

    • He was in Vietnam to (also) launch his stand-alone Nationals there, before proceeding to Bali for this year’s MGI . And indeed, considering our neighbor just across the SCS got the Golden Crown last year.

      Their NatCos was WOW. ‘Ao dai’ extreme visions… ❤

      Mr. Blogger said this promotional blitz will last a week. I wonder if this will include the Screening; one of us said earlier that applicants are 'in the thousands'. Well, Mr. Nawatt can now see for himself & cherry-pick. I have my own wish list. 🙂

  8. normally Thai faces are so pleasant to look at … but the face of this MGI owner, to look at his face is like looking at the face of the Penny clown in the ‘IT’ movies …

  9. Regardless of how expensive her whole ensemble is… Roberta was obviously forced to wear that oversized shirt and wear flats… Same as when Nicole Cordoves was the only one forced to wear flats in the VTRs of MGI’s Circle of Winners Promo for the following year after she won 1st RUp..

    Gusto gawin tayong inferior ni Nawat…
    I know bayaran lang yung mga sumisigaw na pilipino para dun sa winner… Style nyo bulok!

    Mukhang kailangan na talaga Kulamin at barangin tong si Nawat ng magtanda… tsk tsk

  10. A 2021 Princess of MWP said she was gunning for another Nationals but declined to reveal which it was.

    THAT might just be her in the last/bottom photo! ❤

    (Or, hawig lang?…)

  11. Parang katulong. Si Roberta ng mga winners
    It makes sense why the winners won and not Roberta

    • True. Why is she wearing an oversized T shirt on her trip to the Philippines. She knows that the media is going to be showing up.

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