9 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2022 Press Presentation

  1. After dissecting each candidate, me whispering… “Are we running out of beautiful pageant girls?”

    That’s all.

    • I feel wala lang talagang mga malalakas ang sumasali dito since wala naman silang hawak na prestigious title for intl pageants

  2. Questions :
    1. World Top Model will still impose the 175 cm. minimum height requirement, as with April May Short?
    2. Mutya 5 – Albay? – has the cropped/short hair?
    3. Bottom (3rd) photo, who is the one in the middle with chestnut-color frizzy/curly hair? 🙂

    Mutya’s 19 & 23 – Biliran Province & Tantangan, South Cotabato, respectively? – are ❤

    Mutya 24 – Surigao del Norte – pa-lock-in, lang, sa Winners' Court PLEASE.

      • Good morning, Sir, & joyous Thanksgiving weekend in advance!

        Speaking of Biliran Province, naalala ko, po, si Skelly. Puhon, MUP 2020 wasn’t the one & only time we will hear from her. ❤

        Tama, lang, talaga ang tatlo'ng (3) license/competition titles.

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