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  1. If Rabiya Mateo decides to join Supra , she will definitely have almost certain bid to bring home the crown back to Pinas !

    • Guy lacks jawline… 😦

      Usually, appointed naman ‘to, no? You like Kapuso hunk with pageant experience not necessarily Alden?… Watch ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’. 🙂

      Tall, RIPPED, & with pedigree.

      Rob Gomez is tall (enough)? He looks like an Asian version of the Baldwin show business brothers of America! If he hits gym now, he should be ready by 2025, no?

      • Alec Baldwin.

        Also, that Kapuso hunk with pageant experience knows basketball. In case may Sports & Fitness challenge, ulit, ang SupraMan at least, kahit paano, hindi tayo mapag-iiwanan. He took part in that NCAA-Celebity ‘friendly’… ‘Yun’g celebrity chef nila, puwede rin! ❤

  2. This is a welcome development. Today’s technology makes age as simply a number. People, especially women, can be in her 30’s but looking like in her teens. Anyway, being inspirational and aspirational has nothing to do with age.

  3. These changes by the org can totally make things challenging for organizers of pageants with multiple titles at stake. Do you raise your ceiling as well?

    Nevertheless, it is a move in the right direction as some women find stability – mentally and emotionally at later stages in life.

  4. Steffi A. wala p mn cguro k nagminyo… angayan kaayo ka koronahan ms supra… ayaw n paglangan… naa sa kasabihan “you’ll never know the answer if you dont try” para nako YES ang answer if you try..

  5. There’s another international pageant with an age ceiling in the 30’s. I don’t know how successful they were in attracting hopefuls in that end of the age bracket.

    I have a few names in mind who while now probably in that ‘zone’ may still hold promise.

    That’s all. ❤

  6. Vicky Belo and Mystica must be holding their breath for the future uppings. Be it upping the age, upping the weight, or just simply Upping Daldal! Lol.

    There are so many moving parts happening now in the pageant world. Makes one really conclude that this cottage industry has become so competitive that the respective organizers are making so much efforts to cast a wider net to get participants and audience. Kanya kanyang gimik. From age, to height, to status, to gender.

    Serious question Norman (and all others), qualified na ba ang may dentures (not bridge, not implants, not the horrendous chicklet veneers, but the removable dentures type) to join? The logic being, if they had gone far to accept those with fake nose and fake breasts and at the extreme, fake genitalia (lol), is there still a rule about fake teeth?

    World Peace.

    • That’s an interesting question… A young woman, I imagine, that for some birth defect had no teeth but thanks to technology nagawan ng paraan. Yeah! If she’s beautiful & sweet, join!

      The physicality may now be ever more the least of our concerns. I could cite a few more examples but you seem very (Internet) connected, we’re sure you can dig them out. 🙂

    • Please further clarify Jaret. What are you assuming ba? Who has more edge for placing well, the 32 or the 17?

      World Peace.

      • I am not assuming anything … I am asking a question that should come naturally to the minds of those who came up with this idea ….

      • I think all of these are all gimmicky mishmash of pageant orgs to attract more attention, & hence followers … first MU allowed married moms , now Supra increases age , what is next ? maybe MW will now accept ladies over 250lbs and under 5ft tall …

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