12 comments on ““Empyreal Glamour” – the EmpirePh Digital Media Launch

  1. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is almost entirely dark and without running water tonight after Russia launched an air strike so massive it surpassed everything so far to date … I HOPE Miss Ukraine will still be able to join and compete at MU this January , she is still the global sentimental favorite , and my personal favorite to win … and I hope Putin is severely punished for this , … I feel sorry for Miss Russia , she might not be allowed to travel to the US ….

      • Megaworld. Sponsored MWP’s hotel accommodations this year, right? The Swim Prelims that met with rain? It was at that new luxury hotel development in a secluded corner of the island, where in the distance one had a view of a rock formation like a ‘keyhole’. Like that one at Etretat (France).

        We should give business to our favorite pageants’ sponsors~partners~advertisers! To do so is to help ensure the longevity of pageantry in the country.

  2. Celeste’s styling reminds of another Miss Universe or runner up and I am forgetting her country….

    It feels like Lola Jonas is trying these “old” hairstyle with her failed experiment on Rabiya… hihihihi Now, let’s see if this will pay off.

    I think Celeste can pull off any hairstyle. That cocktail dress really shows her physical figure and toned legs. She looked like a living mannequin on a pedestal. Sobrang gondooooo ni girl. We just need to make sure Anne JK is ready to cook some more adobo…. hihihih

    • Ma. Katrina for Bb ! for sure she will win the top prize BbP International & will win MI !

      The new MUorg owner should like this digitization effort. It is one of the pillars of the purchase of the pageant. So, I hope that any bias against or jealousy of Pinas at MU by the new owner has now started to disappear …

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