12 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2022 Final Screening

      • (Good morning, Mr. Blogger. The Miss & Mister Beaute International is on! Any chance of a post on the identity of our queen? And, FOUR pageants are happening atm? Beaute in Vietnam, Felizarta’s also in Vietnam, Tourism International in Kucing, & Earth here. Why aren’t you stressing us out, po? Ms. Hannah, when is she departing?…)

      • Mr. Blogger, ‘yun po’ng former Mutya na napag-usapan natin dito sa blog na interesado’ng mag-MWP by ~2023, 🙂

  1. I am happy that finally after the 2-yr hiatus due to pandemic, MnP is resuming the search.

  2. So, now they are launching Mutya ng Pilipinas International (tama ba ‘yun?), with the aim of celebrating Philippines culture. Parang Lat-Am based na ‘concurzo’ where our bets bone up on basic Spanish phrases & expressions to aid in navigating the landscape (isn’t this, ALSO, a pageant?), will their candidates need to imbibe “Mabuhay,… Mahal kita,… Ang bata’ng masigla, may g(h)ana”…?


    But, what becomes of MAPI?

    What else? The Malaysia-based MTI, kanila pa rin. Our rep is from Cebu, right? Come stai?

    And the ‘top model’ titles? Invariably, somewhere along the Mediterranean. ❤

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