12 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2022 Final Screening

      • (Good morning, Mr. Blogger. The Miss & Mister Beaute International is on! Any chance of a post on the identity of our queen? And, FOUR pageants are happening atm? Beaute in Vietnam, Felizarta’s also in Vietnam, Tourism International in Kucing, & Earth here. Why aren’t you stressing us out, po? Ms. Hannah, when is she departing?…)

      • Mr. Blogger, ‘yun po’ng former Mutya na napag-usapan natin dito sa blog na interesado’ng mag-MWP by ~2023, 🙂

  1. So, now they are launching Mutya ng Pilipinas International (tama ba ‘yun?), with the aim of celebrating Philippines culture. Parang Lat-Am based na ‘concurzo’ where our bets bone up on basic Spanish phrases & expressions to aid in navigating the landscape (isn’t this, ALSO, a pageant?), will their candidates need to imbibe “Mabuhay,… Mahal kita,… Ang bata’ng masigla, may g(h)ana”…?


    But, what becomes of MAPI?

    What else? The Malaysia-based MTI, kanila pa rin. Our rep is from Cebu, right? Come stai?

    And the ‘top model’ titles? Invariably, somewhere along the Mediterranean. ❤

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