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  1. Bakit pa kasi sinasalo tong pageant na to dito. Looks like the government have to intervene para tuluyan na yan maban dito for good which is impossible to happen

  2. Sinong Baklita ang sumalo ng basurang pagean na ito.? Dapat Bigyan yan ng lalaki para hindi kung Ano Ano ang ginagawa.😂

  3. Marami pa rin sasali diyan kasi marami pa rin mga Pinay pageant girls who will forego their sense of self worth and morals in their lust to have a crown.
    Pipitsuging pageant nga kinagat ng isang z-list celeb recently, MGI pa kaya na ubod ng ingay? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • i hope no spin doctor will come up with the slogan “Beauties for UN World Toilet Day”. And I hope no one copies Iloilo Province’s unique label for this year’s celebration “Zero Open Defecation Celebration” (that appears in Google images)

  4. let’s be real, the Philippines still has plenty of shallow fans who will appreciate a good and shallow production over substance. this is why variety shows remain popular because there are people who still want to be entertained than be educated.

    So, MGIPh will have a fanbase who really just want pure entertainment to watch.

    No defending MGI here but they do some charitable work though so I give them that. Whether it’s just for show or now, at least they are doing something.

    That’s the unfortunate reality we live in.

    • Agree on this 100%. May mga beauty queen wannabees in the past talaga na target talaga ang MGI- for its entertainment value and the desire to be the “First” title holder of any international beaucon.

      Good or bad, MGI is MGI, just like what Venezuela, Philippines, Colombia, Puerto Rico, USA, India is in Miss World & Miss Universe.

      Teka may maugong na ba na nag aaspire maging Miss Globe, Intercontinental, or even Miss International for next year? None that most of us know of, mas pinaguusapan pa nga ata si Budol at Miss Planet International, hahahaha!!!!! Sa mga hindi pa nakakamoveon dyan, DEAL WITH IT! BABU!

      • (Re MPI & Ms. Herlene-&-her-team, I suppose the former is urging the latter to come back for the Finale reset to Cambodia… ‘Withdrawn’ was the word used on the TV news report; that’s a strong statement! Looks like neither side is budging, so if ‘Philippines’ is to appear onstage come January, this Ms. Amin will have to look for another local partner, which shouldn’t be too difficult even at such short notice. As mentioned in this post, the chance to represent the country internationally in any capacity is seen as laudable. Who do you have in mind to appoint?)

    • Hahaha! The announcement came at the day the universe is observing the
      World Toilet Day. Toilet humor? Whatever, what an odious backdrop for a blabber about “empower[ing] aspiring Filipina queens to embrace this new platform for global dominion”. Well, a toilet is a place where we literally “toil”.

      They should have chosen another date for the press release. Nov 20 is World Children’s Day. But wait– it is also the National Absurdity Day in the USA, the day when you do crazy, zany, absurd things.

  5. I am sure those loyal pageant supporters of Nawat will be happy to hear that Arnold will taking over MGPh from BPCI. I heard the rumors from the grapevine there are in thousands now are eager to join the pageant. Good luck ladies!

  6. With a grand production, this will be one of the most anticipated pageants in the country

  7. Whoever wins the inaugural MGIP crown will place high if not win the whole shebang if only to spite Pinoy pageant fans. Let’s see how this will play out

  8. MGI is the nemesis of beauty pageants. Parang nagmukha ng desperate na ang mga candidates and beauty pageant holders para lang may masalihan. It is a grand freak show.

  9. Ayusin mo muna ang MWP pageant mong napaka-chaka, ALV. Si bekle kadiri talaga. Walang delicadez. Accept ng award kay Julia at nag-judge pa nung 2018. Ngayon, open arms kay Nawat na harap-harapang nambabastos ng Pinoys. EWWW.

  10. Why is the Philippine pageant community giving the the evil Mr. Nawat the time or day? He needs the Filipino fans more than they need him, that’s for cotton picking sure! Let him sink or swim without the Philippines.

  11. What a coincidence for this announcement! Today, Nov 19th, is World Toilet Day. Are we to roar laughing at this toilet humor?

    • World Toilet Day is …?

      … I, assume, a day to remind all that not everyone has access to hygiene & sanitation utilities & services. Sounds quite serious, not at all humorous. If these pageant bosses are smart, they should be able to pick up the scent of opportunity. 🙂

      (Let’s see!)

      • @Edible Flor, World Toilet Day aims to tackle the global sanitation crisis and draw attention to those without sanitation. The serious intent of the day is no laughing matter. But when it becomes the juxtaposition of an announcement that “today we make pageant history once again”, the “scent of opportunity” you are talking about easily turns into “odor of opportunity”.

      • (Cont.)

        “… A grand week-long salvo of activities headlined by MGI queens”. Obviously, this will include Roan; by virtue, alone, of being fielded by Mr. ALV to MEco Teen Intl. means she has every right to be visible in his sphere… Would, also, love to see Engfa & Luiseth. ❤

        I, also, wouldn't mind Lala Guedes, Aurra Karishma, & Mariana Beckova (Czecha, 4th RU).

  12. Who will be in the right mind to join in a pageant where there is no sincerity of advocacy? Enough of this foolishness Stop the War promise of Nawat. I am hoping that Nawat will go to Russia and tell Putin to stop the war. Millions of Ukrainians were displaced, lost their lives, their treasure were stolen, and their future is uncertainty. I never see Nawat and his entire team went and visit those people who were displaced. Common people let us stop supporting this lunatic.

    • @Gabriela, @Diana Hayden: It’s a delusion of grandeur. “Stop[ing] the war” does not attain peace; “sustainable development” does.

  13. Bat ba ang kati2 nito ni nawat na magkaroon ng separate pageants pageant nya? Jusko mw nga ang tagal2 pa bago magdemand ng ganyan. Halos naman candidates nya appointed. Kakaloka

  14. Good or bad, publicity is publicity. This will generate more buzz than the pageant of the abaniko beauty organization based somewhere near the Farmers’ Market. The first MGIP will be the Philippines’ first MGI winner! Sa mga hindi maka move on, deal with it!

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