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  1. The next Miss Universe is going to be a spokesperson and an image model for a pageant organization in transition. This role is significant and strategic in what is expected to be a revitalized Miss Universe under a new ownership. She has to be inspirational to the Latinos, Asians, Africans and Europeans, as well as aspirational to the Millennials and GenZs. She has to be an empowered woman with sterling academic and leadership credentials to jumpstart the upward trajectory of the MU business. I believe this year’s crown will be fought more in the arena of intellect and core values than in the area of physique. Who can this power woman be among the country reps that have so far come forward?

    • The global pageantry industry is in a state of flux and guarded optimism. MI is on a paradigm shift from “world peace” messaging to “sustainable development”. MW, reportedly in co-ownership talks with a wealthy multinational business conglomerate, is expected to rejuvenate its brand. MU’s new governing board is expected to give the brand a much-needed “shot in the arm”. The chosen spokesperson and image model of each one of these pageantry giants is going to play a significant pivotal role.

  2. USA is a sure fire entry into the semifinalists roster on Finale night , BUT , the MU crown will not be hers to get , just because MUorg , especially now with a new owner , would not want to be anywhere near the controversy and scandal from the MUSAorg which will surely follow her all throughout her reign and perhaps even beyond …

    another delegate that will not get the MU crown this year is India , …and Russia for sure

    • I believe in you @jaretwrightlover. The best thing the new owner of MU can do to dodge the controversy is to give the crown to someone else other than USA!

      • Russia, for obvious reason…

        India, encircle the letter of the BEST answer :

        a. Haarnaz’s victory did not bring in business from her country.
        b. Her country wasn’t receptive to hosting the 2023 edition but to be fair to them, the SARS-CoV2 situation may still require more work.
        c. When a country wins, if I’m right, the following year’s participation is FOC. In a situation like that, the org may not be receptive to a back2back.
        d. When a country wins, if I’m right, there’s an implied understanding of a franchise rate upgrade. Maybe India put its foot down?
        e. MUIndia 2022 isn’t too impressive; I’ve heard/read something along these lines. Was it deliberate, considering c & d above? So, the org deliberately diverted the best girl to another pageant?

  3. Exxxagerated naman ang mga Accla akala mo naman si Celeste lang ang may pinakamagandang mukha, dami kaya nila ! Its just a shame na may sash sash factor kasi, hoping Anne will break this norm

  4. It seems Miss Philipppines didn’t get the memo of Anne Jakrajutatip. The reason behind of taking over the ownership of Miss Universe is to have a platform for women empowerment. Celeste failed in that department and she have only few days to prove the she did her assignment. No doubt that she has the beautiful face and amazing body but that is not what Anne looking for. She wants to see a Miss Universe, a strong woman to become a leader and mouthpiece of certain causes that is relevant today. Common guys let us move quickly if you want the Miss Universe crown. Mabuhay Philippines

    • Unfortunately, advocacy is not something that one can just pick up off the supermarket shelf. Advocacy is not driven by the desire to win an MU crown; it is driven by the desire to serve others. Genuine advocacy stems out of one’s core values; it is an engagement that starts long before any thought of joining a pageant is conceived. Leadership in an advocacy indeed is the barometer of an empowered woman. It is the outward manifestation of one’s inner beauty.

      • @Gabriela and Scorg. As I understand, the MUP Org, Lia Ramos in particular, who is the head of woman empowerment and charity, is the one who prepares the activities related to woman people empowerment for the titleholder.When Celeste applied for the job/signed up for MUP, she had to agree to the terms and conditions set by the organization. As titleholder, she has to implement the projects prepared and provided by the organization. The moment Celeste was crowned/accepted for the job, she had to forego her personal advocacy in favor of the advocacy of the organization.

  5. When it comes down to a choice between two Filipino halfies at MU, I go for who is more Filipino at heart, who is more authentic, and who has since been genuinely engaged in an advocacy. The latter criteria depicts a very Filipino core value– caring, “a brother’s keeper”, damayan, bayanihan, etc.

  6. If it comes down to a choice between two Filipino halfies at MU finals, I go for who is more Filipino at heart, who is more authentic, and who has since been genuinely engaged in an advocacy. The latter criteria depicts a very Filipino core value– kapatiran, damayan, bayanihan and a host of other similar terms.

    • (No wonder, as Boy Abunda said in his interview serie with the then-Presidential candidates, that Philippines is 3rd in the world on _ornhu_ usage!)

      Folks like you. 😦

      Yes, it’s a some-things-are-free world. But it’s also ‘what happens there, stays there’.

    • I mean what’s wrong with that? Kahit naman sexworker mga nadun doesn’t mean na hindi na sila dapat respetuhin

  7. Take note: Ann/JNK is shouting “no more Philippines. Thailand, Thailand, Thailand” while watching MU2020.
    Miss USA is my MU2022. Pangdisplay lang c Celeste. She should work harder, tulog lang Ang pahinga by training at maging busy personally(by heart) sa kanyang mga advocacy.
    Number 1 pa Rin c USA in terms of being the spokesperson of MU2022😊

  8. Beautiful.

    If these official photos of Celeste won’t make the other candidates shake in fear and ask for the help of Baby Jesus, I don’t know what will. Lol.

    However, if Voltaire was the brains behind the composition of the write-up about Celeste, then Voltaire’s head should be rolling by now. What a hackneyed, contrived, trying-hard, amateurish blurb about our queen.

    “ a transformative journey to self discovery?” (Groundbreaking!)
    “ an organization that provides talks??” (Provides talks talaga?)
    “ her BIGGEST dream is to move her mom back to the Philippines?” (While the dream is noble, parang ang babaw and near sighted naman ng dream nya, and even today, she can actually move her mom back to the Philippines..)
    “ to pursue a career in the FIELA”. (FIELA talaga? Lol).

    Yes, I am nitpicking, but I have always believed that god is in the details. There are only few opportunities to showcase Celeste (be it official photos, or official write-ups) in a sea of beauties. Might as well make excel in everything di ba?

    World Peace.

    • this is typical Filipina sob-story chuchu like Pia’s. But then really, what has Celeste achieved prior to joining MUPH?

      I dont mind the moving her mom back, I think it’s a noble thing to do but the Save the Children advocacy seems rushed. Ngaun lang nagtravel ang veks, tapos linked agad to advocacy… Parang nagrurush na naman ang MUPH in deciding her plan 2 months before the pageant….hihihihih HOY JONAS and VEKS, where have you been all along????

  9. May chicka ako talaga lug in ko nalang. Yung isang candidate na half kuno eh ayaw syang tawagin na Filam according sa schoolmate nya noon.

    Sinech etech ? Pero nung alam nyang may hatak yung half mananggal Medyo nag kambyo sya.

    • Malakas yung chance ni Celeste sana hindi sya kabahan sa q and a . What i like about her she answer question based on her inner feelings hindi memorize like yung mga baklush na memorize yung mga anecdotes.

      • (Nothing wrong with having something in mind beforehand as an insurance. We are different people. Some can think on their feet faster than most, the ‘impromptu-sharp’… Pero kung may isasaulo rin lang, tumulad kay Miss Intercontinental 2021. MAKE IT FOOD FOR THOUGHT. )

        Her take? “… Comfort the afflicted, & afflict the comfortable”. ❤

    • Eh ikaw ba naman lumaki sa RED REPUBLICAN TEXAS rural area pa yun. Mga trumpist na racists classmates gusto mo yon? Ha? As a kid gusto mo ba mabully? Shunga ka ba?

  10. are they planning to tan her for a more filipina look? I think she should embrace her natural color since Anne JK might like that glowing white skin….

  11. Undoubtedly, Celeste is the face of the Universe. If facial beauty is the sole criterion in choosing the winner in the most prestigious beauty pageant on Earth, Celeste would be walking away with the crown bitchily laughing. Lol.

    But Miss Universe is Miss Universe. It chooses the winner who can best represent the organization. Hence, the birth of Confidently Beautiful (added Pia’s) with a Heart.

    I am now drawn adoring two Filipinas competing in Miss Universe… Celeste and R’bonney. If they become the last women standing on the finals, then we Filipinos should celebrate.

    Best of luck, Celeste.

    That’s all.

    • Ana 😂 there are a lot of European and African girls na mas maganda NATURALLY. wala lang sash factor.

      • I have already checked some European MU delegates’ profiles, but they are lacking “it” factor. As pageant vlogger The Sovereign has put it, there is none thus far that comes close to Celeste. That is, perhaps, on the basis of the face value category. But, whole package wise, Miss USA is a serious threat to Celeste.

        That’s all.

    • R’Bonney’s personality is more apt with the current Miss Universe prototype.
      Celeste is more of the Trump era winners; manufactured and calculated while R’Bonney is carefree, raw, smart, confident and beautiful.

      • Great observation, JPB. That’s how I also thought. But, we have yet to see if the new org adopts the IMG’s or Trump’s criteria. Nonetheless, I have gut-feel that Celeste and R’bonney are both Top 5 material.

        That’s all.

    • Would be nice either Celeste or R’boney win MU this yr .. before Thailand takes over

      • (Comment would have made more traction in the earlier post on Mdme. Anne. Imagine the traffic it would earn you. 🙂 )

      • I still feel Ukraine is the global sentimental favorite , but just based on pictures alone on the MU website , there are a lot of beautiful faces & Ukraine is one of them, though a lot look like they were photoshopped like Russia but she is beautiful ; Aruba surprising !

        I do not like the pose of Puerto Rico , fierce beauty pose , not becoming of a MU queen

    • (Speaking of Puerto Rico, there’s, still, that issue – if it can be called that – of essentially USA Mainland girls going on to represent the island at MU. As though their qualification to represent Puerto Rico is being questioned, probably neither having been born nor raised there… I recall Pornthip in that Casual Interview Round back in the 1980’s; she was careful to stress that though she was a USA resident she had the Thai upbringing & spoke fluently the language. I, now, sense what some of us said of our concerns for our bet this year, that the Judges might be judicious in this regard. But, that was ~40 years ago; maybe they’ll be open-minded to the fact that nowadays there are ever more people like Celeste. In any case, The Camp has achieved their immediate goal – send a ward to MU! Let’s see…)

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